Broncos CEO Joe Ellis “just tired” of losing seasons

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The Broncos didn’t wait long after Saturday’s loss to the Chiefs to make a decision about head coach Vic Fangio’s future with the team.

Fangio was fired on Sunday morning after turning in the franchise’s fifth straight losing season. The move came a year after the Broncos hired General Manager George Paton and Paton will now make a hire that CEO Joe Ellis hopes will finally stop the bleeding in Denver.

“I’m one of the hundreds of thousands or millions of citizens in Broncos Country who are just tired of it,” Ellis said on Sunday, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post. “I’ve been standing up here for three, four, five years and saying the same thing. It’s got to stop. . . . A lot of us here are responsible and we share in that accountability over what has happened here. There are a lot of fingerprints on this throughout our entire operation and they include my fingerprints. George is going to lead this coaching search and get us the right guy to turn this around.”

If the next coach is able to turn things around, Ellis won’t have a front row seat to see it. He’s set to leave the organization once the team is sold to a new owner and perhaps the change at the top will be what the team needs to change their results on the field.

24 responses to “Broncos CEO Joe Ellis “just tired” of losing seasons

  1. Yep. Joe’s fingerprints are all over the organization. You took Elway out of the line of fire and that leaves you.

  2. Does anyone want that job considering the ownership uncertainty? I know I wouldn’t if I had options.

  3. This team needs an owner. All the uncertainty and instability starts at the top with the lack of owner for the past 5 or so years now. Sell the team already – the spoiled Bolden children don’t deserve to inherit it.

  4. Losing is more of an indictment of your inability to find a long term answer at QB. Denver got lucky when they won the peyton manning sweepstakes. Can they do it again? Maybe. Building the rest of the team and getting established QBs could become their thing.

  5. John Elway GREAT QB…….John Elway lousy GM ..and even worse evaluation of young players ,especially QBS.

  6. If they go out and hire a stiff like Dan Quinn, expect the losing to continue for the foreseeable future.

  7. Joe Ellis tired of losing? Joe someone has to lose. Did the other NFL owners promise you a problem free monarchy in Denver? Time for you to hire someone with head coaching background like Dan Quinn.

  8. Stop the bleeding? They just started it again.

    This is the team whose management thought a CB was a good enough first-round pick in a division with Mahomes, Herbert, and Carr. With Fields and Jones sitting there on the board for the taking.

    In fairness to Surtain, who’s been excellent, this team wasn’t a CB away from contending, it was a QB away. Now it’s a QB and coach away.

  9. Weird how Tebow didn’t know what he was doing but got the 2nd worst team (w/the 24th defense) to the 2nd round of the playoffs in 16 career starts. Weird how they gave up on that for a SB win with Manning with a worse passer rating, & total junk since. Maybe try that QB who got you to the playoffs & train him up.

  10. Everyone talks about ownership being the issue or a least one of the issues. Green Bay has a whole city of owners that seem to be doing OK.
    I’m not aware of a billionaire that is football guru that is going to bring this club to a new level. Enzo’s is a retail genius not a football whisper
    The one thing he may do is fire everyone and bring in the best of the best no matter the cost.
    The decision makers just said they are aware of the years of losing and now are going to do something? WOW just now got that Joe?
    Now we are getting to the brass tacks.

  11. “It’s all about the QB situation with that team.”

    Unfortunately, it’s deeper than that. That’s certainly a big chunk of it but their offensive play calling has been ultra-predictable predating even Fangio. They’ve had decent skill players dating back several years but defenses never struggle to figure out what the Broncos are doing. They just never seem to be better than the sum of their individual parts.

  12. A coach can only do so much with the lousy talent procured by the GM. He may be a legendary QB but he’s not a very good GM.

  13. It is amazing to me how many people are still mentioning Elway (granted he did whiff on a few picks), yes he WAS the GM, but he is not any longer, the decision to draft a CB this year was made by the NEW GM George Paton (I preferred Parsons myself as I am not sold on Jones or Fields), the HC search will also be on him.

    So, basically you cannot fire John Elway from a GM position he no longer has.

  14. deathspiralx says:
    January 10, 2022 at 1:05 pm
    Yet Elway still has a job.


    Elway is no longer the GM, try to keep up with recent events please.

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