Broncos request interview with Patriots LBs coach Jerod Mayo

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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After firing Vic Fangio, the Broncos have started to line up candidates for their head coaching vacancy.

According to multiple reports, Denver has requested to interview New England linebackers coach Jerod Mayo.

Mayo, 35, is in his third year as a coach for the Patriots after playing for the club from 2008-2015. He was a first-round pick in 2008 and spent his entire career with New England, appearing in 103 games with 93 starts.

The Patriots finished the 2021 season ranked No. 2 in points allowed and No. 4 in yards allowed.

If Denver were to hire Mayo, it wouldn’t be the first time the organization has pulled from Bill Belichick’s New England staff. Josh McDaniels coached the Broncos in 2009 and through 12 games of the 2010 season.

With the Patriots slated to take on the Bills on Saturday night, the interview cannot take place until after that game.

13 responses to “Broncos request interview with Patriots LBs coach Jerod Mayo

  1. our offense stinks, our d-first coach has created a good defence but no offense. i know, lets go get an untested d guy!!

    rinse and repeat.

  2. Jerod Mayo is a great dude, and a smart coach, but I don’t know if he’s ready to be a head coach already.

  3. Years later I’m still shocked at how young he retired. I’m not surprised he turned out to be a great coach though; he was the signal caller on defense and a great leader for the Pats. All the best to him.

  4. Because the last Patriots assistant Denver hired worked out so well for them. When are teams going to learn that the Belichick coaching tree sucks

  5. I like Mayo, but ever since he and Steve Belichick took over the defensive playcalling, the defense has constantly failed in situations where they either need a stop to win the game, or to get the ball back for the offense.

  6. Bill Belichick’s assistants have a long and glorious history of success as NFL head coaches.

  7. Not to diminish Mayo’s accomplishments, but this feels like a Rooney Rule interview. If Denver doesn’t want to sink big bucks into the position, they could go with Doug Pederson. Pederson is good with QBs which seems to be a big part of Denver’s problem the last few years. They could do no worse since the guy is a SB winner. I think he got caught up in a toxic situation in Philly where Howie Roseman was in the middle of a constant power grab. If not Pederson, I’d seriously look at Jim Harbaugh though that one is going to cost you along with ceding almost all control to him.

  8. Are you kidding me? BB runs the defence by himself…100%, ex players always say it in interviews. Say it ain’t so.

  9. mrbumpntickle says:
    January 10, 2022 at 2:39 pm
    Not to diminish Mayo’s accomplishments, but this feels like a Rooney Rule interview.
    Good point and I was surprised before your comment but now it makes sense. Mayo is an up and comer but him being interviewed as a HC at this time is premature so your point makes sense. Interview a minority as part of the process but discard him as he is too inexperienced. If it were for a DC position it would make more sense. It’s affirmative action all over again but it only flies in governmental service where the product is not so under scrutiny. Folks can blame the murder rate going up in Memphis and hide behind other issues but when you go 2-15 in the NFL and the billion dollar bottom line is affected it is plain to see.

    I think Mayo deserves some mild consideration for a DC position. But HC is well beyond what he has demonstrated to this point.

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