Cam Newton wants to keep playing, but only in the right situation

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Cam Newton had an unusual 2021 season, with the Patriots surprisingly cutting him before the season, the Panthers surprisingly picking him up in the middle of the season, and sitting on the bench at the end of the season. If he’s going to be back for the 2022 season, he wants a better situation.

Newton said today that he still believes he can play and wants to keep playing, but he added that he would only do so in the right situation. He said he’d like to play for a team he thinks can win, and a team that can use him the right way. Newton believes he’s still a starter, but is willing to come back as a backup if it’s for the right team.

The 32-year-old Newton becomes a free agent in March, so he can shop himself around to every team, although given how long it took him to find another job after the Patriots cut him, it’s an open question whether there’s much interest in him around the NFL.

Newton may not be good enough anymore to be a starter, and he may not be the right fit to be any team’s backup. It’s possible that he won’t find the right situation, and that he has played his last game in the NFL.

29 responses to “Cam Newton wants to keep playing, but only in the right situation

  1. That situation being that someone will want to pay him to be the starter. He’s running out of teams willing to make that mistake. Was there a worst QB trainwreck signing (outside of the Giants signing Glennon) than the Panthers backing up the truck to Cam to have him save their season and then choosing him over the OC only see to go winless.

  2. Bill Belichick should have started Cam and let Mac Jones be his backup — said no one ever.

  3. At your age you should set your goals to be the MOST experienced BACKUP at veterans min.

  4. The right situation….. that would be designer input on cheerleading uniforms…. Beyond that, HE’S TOAST!!!

  5. All the brand new starting up mini leagues should do the trick as they need some brand names to go along with all the retreads and the never heard ofs who where just not good enough to make an NFL roster …. as for the CFL sadly his passing skills are not good enough to make the roster here as well … so maybe one more season or two then off to retirement or open your own fashion store online or in your fav city !!.

  6. What ever team wants to tank to get that coveted number 1 pick to draft a QB is about the only remaining option.

  7. “He said he’d like to play for a team he thinks can win, and a team that can use him the right way”

    But the key to winning if Cam is on your team in 2022 is by keeping him off the field

  8. “Cam Newton knows that bringing in a Cam Newton type figure is an immediate energizer. Cam Newton brings Cam Newton energy to any organization. Cam Newton is a starter, but he’s willing to take any position that will be a good fit for Cam Newton.”

    – Cam Newton

  9. If you look at his QBR he only has 71 players that had a better QBR this year so all he needs is the starter and backup for every team to get injured and he will be ready….or just wait for the panthers to hand him a ton more money to be terrible again.

  10. One problem is he’s shot–he’s a back up at this point who can win you some games, but the second problem is he has the attitude of a starter and is all amount me, me, me, me LOOK AT ME! His personality makes him incredibly un-attractive.

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