Christian McCaffrey to take more “tempered” approach to offseason work

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
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Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey has missed most of the last two seasons with injuries and he told reporters on Monday that his experiences will lead to a change in how he approaches his offseason work.

McCaffrey missed five games with a hamstring injury early in the season and returned for four games before suffering a season-ending ankle injury. On Monday, he said he will take a more “tempered” approach to the first three months of the offseason as he works to spend more time on the field in the years to come.

McCaffrey added that he “can honestly look at myself and say I’ve tried everything” when it comes to preparing his body for football seasons, but noted the ankle injury happened when Dolphins players fell on him so “you can’t prevent everything.”

Anything McCaffrey can do to be more available will be welcomed by the Panthers as they try for better results next season.

8 responses to “Christian McCaffrey to take more “tempered” approach to offseason work

  1. Well the Panthers can help this by changing how they use him. Instead of pounding him between the tackles, use him in space and as a receiver and check-down option (like Brady used Edleman and Wes Welker). That should limit the abuse on his body in camp, practices and games.

  2. Not sure anything matters other than not making McCaffrey the focal point of their offense. His body just can’t take the pounding. Of course if you aren’t running your offense through McCaffrey then they are wildly overpaying him.

  3. Wishing and hoping will not get the job done. The Carolina Panthers are a train wreck and keeping Matt Rhule on board is the wrong thing to do. David Tepper owns this turkey of a football team and its going to get worse before it ever gets better and the Panthers fan base has had enough of the clown act in Charlotte.

  4. Anyone who has been around this game long enough whether watching it or working it knows that when the injury bug bites a franchise player,it signals the beginning of the decline of that talent because
    The bug keeps biting until the player is forced to a secondary role or even retirement.

  5. Personally, I would line him up in the slot. He is not built to withstand the type of punishment that a RB in the NFL endures.

  6. Work out naturally and don’t juice up then maybe your body wouldn’t have given up on you last couple years. Always amused me how muscular he got in the span of a couple few months.

  7. Makes you wonder. Is there a reason teams don’t give RB’s long term contracts? Hm….

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