Dave Gettleman announces retirement as Giants GM

Washington Football Team v New York Giants
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Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman is calling it a career.

Gettleman, who had a largely unsuccessful four-season tenure running the Giants, announced his retirement today.

“It was a privilege to serve as the general manager of the New York Giants the last four years and to have spent so many years of my career with this franchise,” Gettleman said in a statement. “We obviously have not had the on-the-field success I expected, and that is disappointing. However, I have many fond memories here, including two Super Bowl victories, and I wish the team and organization only the best moving forward. There are many good people here who pour their souls into this organization. I am proud to have worked alongside them.”

Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch released a statement thanking Gettleman and noting that in his previous tenure with the Giants from 1998 to 2012, he played a part in putting together the personnel that helped the team win two Super Bowls.

But there’s little doubt that Gettleman failed as GM. Using the second overall pick in the draft on a running back, Saquon Barkley, was a bad move, and Gettleman’s chosen franchise quarterback, Daniel Jones, has not delivered. The Giants do have two first-round picks this year, their own and the Bears, which is one nice gift Gettleman is leaving his successor. But the next GM has a mess to clean up.

66 responses to “Dave Gettleman announces retirement as Giants GM

  1. could have had Nelson and Chubb, instead you got Saquon and Hernandez. Thanks for nothing Dan

  2. Wow, what an odd coincidence…. considering he was caught by the Fox cameras looking at his phone during the game. I don’t think that was a good look for the organization.

  3. “retired” has a nice ring to it. Led out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered is more like it. They need an o line. They need a run game. They need a QB, or at least give Jones a helluva lot more help. Traditional Giants O, smash mouth, control the clock, make a couple big plays, tighten up the D and think they’ve got a shot.

  4. You got FIRED! Good riddance. Worst GM in Giants history. Set the franchise back 10 years. And was a jerk while doing it. Go back to Cape Cod and never come back.

  5. If the Raiders don’t take away the interum from coach Bisaccia, Giants should sign him long term now

  6. Saying the Barkley pick was a poor one is the benefit of hindsight. He was the best football player coming out in that draft that year. The D. Jones pick, like most 1st round QB picks that high, make or break you.

  7. For all those questioning the term “retirement,” perhaps it’s time we invent a new word to defne this kind of obvious circumstance.
    How about “re-fired-ment.”

  8. Oh no. Now who will Colin Cowherd refer to when he says I have an inside source who’s a GM in the league?

  9. Belichick is still pining to take over the Giants. Too bad for him he is locked into New England. All he can do is watch as his true love marries another coach and GM.

  10. I dont believe people should practice revisionist history on the Barkley pick. The debate was Barkley or a QB with numerous sure fire QB’s to pick from. But the leaning was Darnold. The other reasoning for going QB was with 5 great options, the odds of having any decent options in 2019 was slim. If you are going to bash the Barkley pick and were honestly against it then. You wanted Darnold.
    When Jones was the pick, the argument was the Redskins got a steal getting Haskins in the teens because the Giants let the better QB go past them.

  11. I think it is classy move for Giants to let him “retire” as we know this is really more of a forced retirement.

  12. Nothing like going out on top, I guess.

    At least the placed in the top 5 in the NFC East every year during his tenure.

  13. He had a great career, but this last post for him was a big fail. It will be interesting to see if the new GM can hire a coach, or if Giants fans will be made to endure another year of great mantras and poor performances out of the HC role.

  14. Mara will promote Kevin Abrams. He will force Abrams to keep Judge. Nothing changes for Giants fans in 2022.

  15. As long as it’s not followed up with: “all GM duties will be handled by Joe Judge.”
    recent Houston Texans situation part 2 in several ways.

  16. May have been a privilege for Gettleman but it was an absolute disaster for the Giants and the fans. Judge must retire, get fired or whatever because he is the head clown in what charitably can be called a clown show.

  17. LOL, i hope for Giants fans Judge is next to go by the end of the day. Terrible coach by far. Blow it all up and start over again, NEVER pick a running back @ #2

  18. One of the Giants beat reporters stated both Gettleman and Judge felt Glennon was an upgrade over McCoy. That type of player evaluation is a scary proposition to think of going into this off-season. I can’t stand to go through another throw-away year. Absolutely nothing was accomplished this past season.

  19. Bring in John Dorsey, He won’t stay long but he has a knack of righting a team via the draft and free agency.

  20. Don’t want to beat a man when he’s down but good riddance! Tied with the Jets for the worst franchise record since 2017 … what did us Giants’ fans do to deserve that??? And as for Judge, well, his fate should have been sealed immediately after consecutive QB sneaks deep in their own zone yesterday. Can’t blame him or Kitchens for lacking faith in their own offense, but fans deserve to see nothing less than their team fight hard no matter the score, no matter their record. The bad part of all this is there is no hope in sight … this club is going to need a few seasons to turn this mess around.

  21. The people have been heard, but the job is not complete until Joe “clown show” and his staff go, too. Yesterday should have been the last straw.

  22. harrytootsie says:
    January 10, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    Please hire Louis Riddick


    Yes, please do this. Signed, the rest of the NFC East.

  23. “largely unsuccessful”? That’s like saying the maiden voyage of the Titanic was “largely unsuccessful”.

  24. tj12205 says:
    January 10, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    Bring in John Dorsey, He won’t stay long but he has a knack of righting a team via the draft and free agency.


    Yah, doing a bang up job with the Lions!

  25. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Barkley and Jones picks. The problem was sending them out there for 4 years behind a bottom of the league line. No other running back or quarterback would have been successful getting hit in the back field repeatedly… fix the line before redrafting those positions and find out what you got in those 2. Drafting new guys to ruin behind the same horrible blocking isn’t going to help the team.

  26. Awww, Man!!

    They were so close to multiple years of having the first pick overall. Let’s hope they keep Judge in place for a Marvin Lewis length tenure. FLY!

  27. Honestly, if the next GM hits on those picks or turns them into Wilson or Watson, this team could turn around in a hurry. Defense plays well and hard, and there are pieces in place on offense.

  28. Good career! He won a Super Bowl with the giants and turned the panthers into a 15-1 super bowl team out of no where.

  29. Nice of him to mention the super bowls he wasn’t a GM for and didn’t pick the players of.

  30. Giants told Joe Judge his job was safe. Now the GM “retires”. How do they recruit a new GM with the “but you can’t fire the head coach” caveat?

    They have to backtrack on the promise to Judge, right???

    Nice spot for an aspiring GM with two top 7 picks in next year’s draft.

  31. When the Jets fired their GM but kept Rex Ryan, they told candidates they had to agree not to fire Rex for at least one year and many of them said forget it. Two years later Rex and John Idzik were fired together.

  32. At least he got rid of Odell Beckham Jr, the most over rated WR in the league, and got 3 players in return. Cleveland got nothing for him (just a headache – and I can say the same for the Rams).

  33. feetballs711 says:

    Nice of him to mention the super bowls he wasn’t a GM for and didn’t pick the players of.


    This made me laugh but i googled it and he actually was a personnel executive with the team since 98 so i think he could fairly take credit for even if his reunion tour with the team was not so hot.

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