David Culley: As far as I know, I’m the head coach of the Texans moving forward

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Texans head coach David Culley was reportedly on the hot seat after going 4-13 in his first season leading the team, but if his job is in jeopardy no one has told him that.

Culley told reporters this afternoon that his understanding is he is remaining the Texans’ head coach, and he doesn’t have any meetings scheduled to discuss his job status.

“As far as I know I’m the head coach of the Texans and I’m moving forward with that,” Culley said.

Although 4-13 is not a good record, Culley took over a team that was 4-12 last year — and that was with Deshaun Watson leading the offense and J.J. Watt leading the defense, and Culley didn’t have either of those players playing for him this season. Given the circumstances Culley inherited, he did a solid job.

16 responses to “David Culley: As far as I know, I’m the head coach of the Texans moving forward

  1. Given all the mishegas surrounding this team, Culley should be Coach of the Year for somehow coaxing four wins out of them

  2. Played hard in last game of year, but will take years to recover from Watson and bad trades by BOB (drafting)

  3. Honestly, they did better than I expected considering the hot mess they started the season with.

  4. As a browns fan he had the Texans playing us hard. I was worried we would blow it. I like Culley..def had them playing hard

  5. He is a rookie HC that made mistakes during the game but so was his QB: DM. Both exceeded expectations and the players follow them and play hard so the Texans should keep them next season. No need for a revolving door in Kirby Dr. Focus on the draft, free agency, and trading DW (to the Giants).

  6. Not sure why this guy would be on hot seat. Didn’t have a QB to start the year. Literally a JV NFL roster. Cut arguably their best defensive player mid season. Lost their franchise QB. Then started a rookie QB drafted in the mid rounds, which was their 3rd QB in depth chart. And they won 4 games, were competitive in more, and played hard til the end. Why on earth would you fire this guy?

  7. Definitely earned at least another year. They had the worst roster in the NFL. The DW situation is insane. Four wins is pretty darn good for this year.

  8. Houston is the last successful NFL franchise in the Super Bowl era, haven’t even been to a conference title game since 1979 season (16 teams per conf, 51 yrs…not good!). Yet the run the most successful coach in their history, BOB, out of town based on the intellect of Twitter-talk.
    Was not a fan of the Culley hire. And he was awful early on. But by the end of the season, very impressed. He absolutely deserves another year or two. Very tough situation, he did well.
    And the Texans have found their QB. Only 11 starts in college. Thrown into game 2 of the season, etc, by the last 5 games of the season, very impressive. Led ALL of NFL with QB completion % in first half of games (75%) and threw for five 300+ yd games…on the Texans, whom set an NFL record for most starters ever in a season (around 90). He’s got all the talent, and a quick learner…put some talent around him, he’ll be very good.

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