Dolphins fire Brian Flores

Miami Dolphins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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After three seasons, Brian Flores is out as head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Flores was fired this morning.

The move comes as a surprise, as Flores appeared to have righted the ship after a shaky start. But Dolphins owner Stephen Ross apparently felt that the team’s step backward this season was unacceptable.

Now big questions are looming about the future of the franchise and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and whether the next coach’s job will be to get Tagovailoa playing better — or to move on from him. The Dolphins have shown interest in trading for Deshaun Watson, when and if the lawsuits that many female massage therapists have brought against Watson are resolved in a way that makes acquiring him feasible.

We don’t know who the Dolphins’ quarterback of the future is, but we do know that Flores is no longer their coach.

189 responses to “Dolphins fire Brian Flores

  1. Wow. As a Saints fan who saw firsthand how Miami manhandled my (shorthanded) team (something TB couldn’t do), I have to say I’m surprised

  2. Wow that is stupid. That team played hard. They were coached up. Not like they have real talent they have some yes but my god the QB is super limited.

  3. That’s a surprise and a mistake, IMO. What do I know but I thought he had that team going in the right direction.

  4. This is so dumb it hurts. Deshaun Watson and whatever big name has been coach available incoming

  5. The only way you fire Flores is is you know Harbaugh will take the job. Ross has been pursuing him forever.

  6. This is idiotic. The issue with the Dolphins is their below average QB. I hope the other teams who just fired their head coach snap FLores up.

  7. Good. I was worrying the Dolphins would let a head coach stay long enough to fix the issues in Miami…

  8. This is surprising and very knee jerk. They had traded away a lot of good talent in the rebuild and seem to have a promising young team. Perhaps this is a clearing of the decks to go get Watson.

  9. WOW!!!! was it Flores who pushed for Tua over Herbert? Or Ross wants Jim Harbough really bad.

  10. Ross doesn’t like Flores and he HATES Tua. This gives him a chance to do a total reset.

  11. Stupid franchises make stupid decisions. If Mara had an ounce of a brain, he would have fired Judge and hired him 10 minutes ago. But stupid franchises make stupid decisions.

  12. A surprising and dumb move, in my opinion. They must think they have some big named replacement lined up. Either that or they blame Flores for not developing Tua.

  13. Woah… well this is what happens when you are not able to get top tier coordinators and other coaches to work for you. Nobody will work for Flores. I am not sure I agree with this move quite yet but WOW

  14. I KNOW you’ve got that Joe Judge header and article ready to go. Can’t believe he’s already made it past 9:30am. Tick…tick…tick…

  15. Incredible! How was he supposed to compete for the playoffs with an unstable QB situation? Considering what went on during the season, the Dolphins overachieved!

  16. Dolphins had a good second half of the season and blasted the Pats yesterday. They have good building blocks to grow with. Not sure if firing Flores was the best move.

  17. I’m surprised by this move but not shocked. The Dolphins’ offense was awful this year and it’s not all down to Tua. The bizarre two offensive coordinator approach has been a failure and maybe Flores was reluctant to make the necessary changes? Presumably Ross is trying to hire Harbaugh.

    Grier should be next though. He clearly can’t identify good OL talent and the successes of Herbert and, to a lesser degree, Pitts and Chase this year, raise serious questions about Grier’s ability to acquire talent.

  18. These teams that turn their coaching staffs over every few years create their own self-perpetuating failure by not allowing continuity and cohesion to develop. Solid, long-term foundations take time to build.

  19. Ross is getting in the bidding for Harbaugh. That’s why this happened. He’s been chasing him since before he went to the 49ers.

  20. Wow, this one came from out of nowhere.

    He got them playing well after the horrible start.

    Did the GM do this to save his job or did they ask Flores to make staff changes that he didn’t want to make?

  21. As a Dolphins fan for 56 years this is extra embarrassing for me. I feel that Flo as the right guy for the job, he just needed more time to build the team around his philosophy. Yeah he was naïve when it came to OC’s and should have used a more conventional system there. But I look at him as a younger version of Mike Tomlin, he will be a successful coach in the NFL and it’s going to bite the Phins in the backside in a big way.

  22. Ridiculous. Flores seemed to be on the right track. I bet it’s because he made it plain he didn’t want Watson. The Dolphins deserve every bit of bad luck coming their way if they follow through and trade for Watson…

  23. This makes zero sense. Flores had back to back winning seasons. This year they started 1-7 but finished 8-1. Swept NE. He was turning this team around going 5-11, 10-6, 9-8 despite issues/injuries at QB this and last season. Flores was one of the more successful Belichick coaches too.

  24. Ok, this was the one firing I did not see coming. He went 5-11, 10-6, and 9-8 in his first 3 season on the job. The Dolphins finished the season winning something like 8 out their last nine games. The 7 game losing streak ruined the season, but the fact that they still finished the season above .500 is remarkable.

  25. Wow, Flores always seemed to be a high-character guy. He will definitely get another HC position. As a Patriots fan I’m pleased there is disfunction in Miami.

  26. I’m sure its Jim Harbaugh. That being said, Flores is an outstanding coach. If Jerrod Mayo leaves NE for a HC job, I hope Flores comes back to NE.

  27. Flores seemed to be able to motivate his players and give the team a bit of a scrappy identity, which is more than first-time NFL coaches are able to say.

    Ross probably just wants some lackey to serve him the “We can make Watson work here!” spiel because he can’t help himself and covets the shiny object.

  28. That’s crazy. He’s clearly a very good coach who has gotten the absolute most out of the rosters he was working with.

    This is how bad franchises stay bad.

  29. Surprising !! Shocking !!

    Brian brought a culture of competitiveness and they seemed headed in right direction… I believe the firing was done too soon and premature… If owner thinks they took a step backward this year to warrant a firing, he might regret it as they may go back to years of losing culture that they endured prior to Brian’s hiring….

  30. This is why the Dolphins have sucked since Marino retired. There was absolutely no reason to fire Flores. This is just my opinion, but I think Flores was fired because he wanted to stick with Tua, and Ross wants to make a move for Watson. Keeping Flores means keeping Tua. Like I said, thats just my opinion, Flores certainly didnt get fired because he lacks coaching ability. He should follow the McDaniels and Patricia pathway back to New England. Pats fans LOVE Flo.

  31. That’s a dumb move. This is exactly how a franchise stay mediocre to awful. You hire a new coach and gM that completely gut the roster, rebuild it, then when there isn’t immediate success with a second year qb, whom you showed zero faith in by repeatedly trying to replace, you fire the coach. Now the next coach will need to bring in his guys and his system and promise he love the qb she inherited only to have middling success his first two years then blame the qb and that they need to move on from them. Then they can draft one and then get let go. The Dolphin fans deserve better.

  32. The only way Ross fires Flores after back to back winning seasons for the first time in 20 years, is if he has had a conversation with Harbaugh and Harbaugh has agreed to leave Michigan and come to Miami.

  33. what a dumpster fire move. I was worried that the Dolphins would be a force in coming year, this just sets them back to zero.

  34. I get the fish have missed the playoffs again but getting fired after back to back winning seasons when your starting QB misses 1/4 of the season? That’s cold. The last Miami coach to have back to back winning seasons was Dave Wannstedt in 2002.

  35. This is a surprise. I thought the second half performance was enough to keep Flores. But Jim Harbaugh, welcome to Miami!

  36. Ross was the problem not Flores….. fired wrong guy..signed Bills fan..!!!..Coach sabotaged by GM !!!!

  37. Wrong move … GM should have been replaced if anyone.

    Flores did a fine job … 8-1 after the horrible start is commendable.

    Back on the merry-go-round again …

  38. I don’t know why everyone is saying this is a surprise. He traded Tannehill away and has not been fully committed with Tua during his tenure there. The Titans earned a first round bye and the Dolphins are on the outside looking in yet again. No surprise there.

  39. Say what??? Flores is a solid…did not deserve this. I hope he returns to New England.

  40. This is just silly… He righted the ship after a horrible start. Ross will continue to own a cellar dweller in AFC East. Feel bad for the Dolfans…

  41. That’s disappointing. This was a team that was still in the playoff mix with two games left, and even yesterday you could see he had the Dolphins playing hard. Any word on the GM Grier? Unless Flores was fully responsible for putting a roster together with a below average o-line and a running shaky running game, it seems to me the GM needs to go to. Now the question becomes who are they going to bring in? A retread? A first-time HC (like Flores) who they get tired of in a couple of years? Looks like the Dolphins are back to square one.

  42. A shame that this team has such a pathetic recent history considering how they were one of the League’s great franchises for about 30 years. They actually hire a good coach and they fire him. Another disgrace.

  43. Wow!
    This’ll set the Dolphins back 4 years!
    Flores just got into the groove there, he was definitely headed in the right direction.
    Tua seemed to have settled down after Ross’s infatuation with Deshaun Watson and actually looked pretty good during the last half of the year.
    Now Ross wants to start the Watson nonsense again, and with a new coach?
    Let’s go!! Another decade of belly-up Dolphins is on the way!
    Come on back to NE, Flores!
    Great news!

  44. didn’t see that one coming. They seem to have front office issues more than coaching issues, but that’s not always the change the owners want to make I guess

  45. After all that crap that ownership put on him about Watson, he deserved much better than this. He will be a head coach in the nfl by the end of the week. Shame on you Miami.

  46. I think Tua got Flores fired. I think Flores could have been a good coach, but they whiffed on Tua and in the modern NFL, you can’t whiff on a franchise QB.

  47. Damn. I’m not a Dolphins fan, but this actually comes as a real surprise to me. I thought Flores had done enough to keep the job. If anything, the GM should have been the one to go.

  48. This was a shocker. The dude was able to wash the dysfunction out of the Dolphins, got them playing well for the first time in a long time. Had momentum going into the 2022 season (finishing 8-1 over the last 9 games).

    This is the exact reason why the Dolphins are consistent bottom feeders in their division. The wash, rinse, repeat carrousel of coaches within the franchise has to stop. This was a bad move by ownership/GM.

  49. Poor decision. Flores is a good coach. Now they have to start the process all over again.

  50. Wow. Flo didn’t exactly set the world on fire down there, but the players always played hard for him and they were really figuring it out in the 2nd half of the year with good momentum heading into 22′-23′. Ross just wants to keep hitting the reset button over and over with the belief that somehow it will eventually come up aces? What moronic ownership lol.

  51. Terrible decision, now the owner brings in Jim Harbaugh, which is in even more terrible decision.

  52. This is insane! I don’t know who could have done a better job with the cards he was dealt! And that defense was one of the top 5 in the league!

    Huge mistake! I’m not even a Miami fan and this perplexes and upsets me!

  53. Jacksonville lucked up. A good coach dropped right in your hands, better snatch Brian Flores uo. Al he needed was a true QB1 to win games consistently and JVille has a true QB1.

  54. Perhaps the dumbest move in the NFL this season. Brian Flores would be a head coach upgrade for about 25 teams. Expect him to be unemployed for about an hour.

  55. This is a huge surprise. I didn’t see this coming.

    I hope Flores get another head coaching job and really succeeds.

  56. What is Stephen Ross thinking? Flores has done a pretty good job rebuilding this team and getting solid results out of them. Is this because Flores doesn’t Watson and Ross does?

  57. If you fire a guy and he’s a top tier candidate, something ain’t right. Ok get moving, Chargers Jags Jets Bears Giants etc etc etc.

  58. Has Ross finally scratched his itch for Harbaugh?

    If not, this was a terrible move.

  59. Pats fan here – this is a HUGE mistake by the Dolphins. Good for my team but what the heck are the Dolphins thinking? There has to be a rift between coach and GM when it comes to the Tua/Watson debacle. It’s the only explanation.

  60. Ross screwed up. I can’t think of anyone better on the candidate market and Don Shula isn’t walking through the door anytime soon.

  61. First, The owner of Miami RUINS the 1st part of the season with all of the WATSON trade rumors…. then after the trade deadline the Dolphins win like 8 of 9 games when his starting quarterback is finally mentally and physically healthy…..what a JOKE

  62. I feel bad for him. The offensive inconsistency and mismanagement (what was it, 3 OC’s in the last 3 years?) probably did him in, along with missing the playoffs again. The team responded well to him though.

    As a Patriots fan, though I would love to see him get another head coaching job, if that doesn’t happen right now, I’d certainly want the Patriots to bring him back as the DC. He was certainly much better in that role than Belichick’s son and Jerod Mayo.

  63. Delusional ownership, frosty coach, winning season, sad fans. Just dumb. Hopefully flores works on his people skills at his next job.

    Per ESPN:
    “ Flores was just the fourth coach in franchise history to record two winning seasons in his first three years with the team, going 24-25 in his tenure and 4-2 against his former boss, Bill Belichick — the best mark of any coach against Belichick while at the Patriots’ helm “

  64. 3-1 vs Belichick

    8-1 in second half of the year

    Constant growth

    So let’s fire him. Lol

  65. I suspect he’ll be one of the guys who is instantly hired elsewhere. Every year there is at least one surprise firing and this appears to be the one this year.

  66. I don’t see the Dolphins much, but based on the available evidence Flores is a good coach. Do not understand this move at all.

  67. A surprising and silly move, in my opinion. They must think they have some big named replacement lined up. Either that or they blame Flores for not developing Tua.

  68. Flores deserved to go. He had three years to build a competent coaching staff and he failed miserably. Putting together a staff is one of, if not the most important responsibilities of the HC. At the end of the day the offense was a hot mess. O Line and play calling was complete garbage all year — he had no prospect of fixing that for next year. Keeping him would have resulted in another .500 year. Time to go…it’s unfortunate but it was the only move.

  69. Crazy bad move by the Dolphins. I wish he’d come back to the Pats. He’s a much more aggressive defensive coach than Mayo/SteveB and Patricia before he took the Lions job. He’ll likely get snapped right up for a HC position though.

  70. The NFL teams that perpetually struggle are the teams where the Owner Meddles with the GM’s decisions.
    A smart owner hires the best personnel available,…. and then leaves them alone to do the job they’re paid to do.

  71. He seems like a pretty good coach, so maybe this is what’s best for him in the long run. Get away from a dysfunctional organization.

  72. I’m a chiefs fan so no vested interest. But Flores seemed to be a good coach who never lost control of his team. They proceeded to get better every year. That’s what you get with impatient ownership. Hell someone fired Bill Belicheck, Andy Reed , mike McCarthy,, and a bunch of other coaches whose teams are still playing

  73. Is this serious? How was he supposed to compete for the playoffs with an unstable QB situation? Considering what went on during the season, the Dolphins overachieved. He did a good job preparing the meal with the groceries he was provided!

  74. Horrible mistake! He was the best coach they’ve had since Shula in the glory years! The Phins just went backwards and will live to regret this move.

  75. He’s being fired for taking a dumpster fire roster to 5 wins, taking a Fitzpatrick/Tua roster to 10 wins, then a Tua(terrible pick) team to 9 wins. Unless he banged the table for Tua in the draft, this is an absolute disgrace.

  76. He lost his job being unable to develop a decent oline after 3 seasons. He and Grier sent 2 serviceable players out only 1 yr into their contracts and convertered 2 tackles to guards.

    Then there is the problem of 4 OCs over 3 years. The worst being last year bringing in a OC for Fitzpatrick, which led to another season of no continuity.

    You understanding the slow offensive starts yet?

    And last but not least. Harbaugh is Ross long held dream in Davie.

    Coach Flores gets alot of excuse making done in his defense, because of his defense prowess. But his inability to produce on offense and implementation of a foundational offensive identity, was his downfall.

  77. Wow. Huge mistake. Flores is a good coach. As a Pats fan, this is great news. I was not looking forward to dealing with Flores in the future. What is Ross thinking?

  78. As a Patriots fan I loudly applaud the stupidity of Dolphins ownership.
    I think next logical step is to hire somebody with NFL head coaching experience, a winning record, and that has a connection to Florida.
    Urban Meyer: keep your cellphone charged!

  79. Idiocy. I’ve been a diehard Dolphins fan for 49 years and I’m done with them.

    Firing Grier, sure, I would have no problem with that. He misses on too many high picks.

    What are they blaming Flores for, winning five games with the worst roster in NFL history in 2019 when he was supposed to tank for Burrow?

  80. Idiotic. Just when we have hope that the AFC East will be a competitive (at least 3 teams) division, the Dolphins take 10 steps backward. Stupid move. Who are they going to get?

  81. This is really great news, really great news, for the Texans.

    Flores did not want Watson, which is one of the reasons he was fired. Culley and OC Tim Kelley need to be fired. Hire Flores, who has ties with the Texans GM, Caserio via NE.

    Watson will not want to go to Miami any longer if it is true the Dolphins are going to hire Harbaugh. Watson’s agent has said he is open to a trade to the Giants, pe 610 sports radio, who have Barkley and Galloway in place. The Giants have the 5th and 7th picks in the 1st round in this year’s draft to offer the Texans, who could get at least a couple more 2nd round picks for Watson from the Giants. The Giants would have Watson for the next decade, so 4 or 5 picks for Watson is not too much of a price to pay.

    The Texans would have the 3rd, 5th, & 7th picks in the first round, + 2 – 2nd round picks, one for the Giants and their own, in this year’s draft. Drafting Edge, OL, OL, WR, and RB in the first 2 rounds and then getting 2 – 3rd picks, one from the Saints and their own the Texans can reload DB’s.

  82. You dont make this move unless you have someone specifically in mind, and its probably Harbaugh. Just makes no sense to fire Flores and start over going through the regular hiring process competing against several other teams and you dont have a franchise QB already in place. No, Ross has already chosen his new coach but will this coach choose the Dolphins.

  83. Harbaugh to Miami must already be done. Ross has made very generous donations to UofM over the years and probably knows Harbaugh very well. Flores did a good job I thought.

  84. edelmanfanclub says:
    January 10, 2022 at 10:34 am
    3-1 vs Belichick

    8-1 in second half of the year

    Constant growth

    So let’s fire him. Lol

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    Give me a break. The Pats keep handing over games to Miami in their Super Bowl.

    He’s a sub .500 coach who has a big head. He got what he deserved after pulling a Mangini.

  85. redshoes says:
    January 10, 2022 at 10:53 am
    I’m a chiefs fan so no vested interest. But Flores seemed to be a good coach who never lost control of his team. They proceeded to get better every year. That’s what you get with impatient ownership. Hell someone fired Bill Belicheck, Andy Reed , mike McCarthy,, and a bunch of other coaches whose teams are still playing

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    They started off 0-7!

  86. Stephen Ross is a Newyorker, lives and makes money there. He took up FL residency for tax saving reason. He really does not give a damn to the football team. Besides value of a NFL team never go down.

  87. Gotta get rid of Chris Grier too. He’s the one that’s put together this roster. Granted we had a good draft this last year but that’s pretty much all he’s done in his time here. He gave up a 2nd & 5th for a practice squad QB (Rosen). Flores did pretty well with what he had but the 7 game losing streak is what got him. Can’t do that in the NFL and expect to keep your job. On top of that him not having any experience as a coordinator was concerning. Sure he called defensive plays in NE but he wasn’t the one putting the gameplan together. His lack of offensive acumen was concerning as well. He had no idea so he kept hiring and firing OCs.

  88. As a Bills fan – I’m happy about this. He had that team headed in the right direction. Tua blows. If he had a decent QB, he’d have them in the playoffs.

  89. I’m sorry for your loss Dolphins. I think he was a great coach and your upper level management is dumb. They forget that progress is progress and Tua might or might not be the solution. I honestly thought Fitzmagic was amazing for “y’all” last year and letting him go was not the best pick (even with Tua looking like he has potential last year). Coming from a bears fan- I wish you better luck than we’ve had.

  90. The defense is good, but the handling of the offense is what got him canned. Four offensive coordinators in three years? How does that happen. Did ANYONE think going into this year with two offensive coordinators at the same time would work? Who does this? They spent a lot of draft capital on the offensive line, yet couldn’t run the ball at all and couldn’t protect Tua. They paid 10 million for a free agent WR with an injury history, and he missed almost the entire season being injured. They undermined Tua with all the Watson crap. Flores did a great job with the defense, but the offensive clown show was enough to get him fired.
    No idea why anyone wants Harbaugh who ruined the 49ers when he promoted Kapernick over Alex Smith and then lost 10 years in a row to Ohio State.



    feadshipman says:
    January 10, 2022 at 9:48 am

    As a Dolphins fan for 56 years this is extra embarrassing for me. I feel that Flo as the right guy for the job, he just needed more time to build the team around his philosophy. Yeah he was naïve when it came to OC’s and should have used a more conventional system there. But I look at him as a younger version of Mike Tomlin, he will be a successful coach in the NFL and it’s going to bite the Phins in the backside in a big way.

  92. Good move. Who wants a coach that has a team playing hard for him and winning games when they are the underdog.

  93. Flores will be a head coach somewhere. This one is a head scratcher. GM should look at himself in the mirror if they should fire someone. It’s not like your a perennial Super Bowl contender. Your team just went 8-1 down the stretch.

  94. If the Jags hire Flo, it’ll be my new favorite team. The Phins have been too disappointing for too long. This is a ridiculous move by Ross!

  95. The fact that (at least at this moment in time) Joe Judge still has a job and Brian Flores does not boggles my mind.

  96. This one is completely undeserved. Flores turned the Dolphins around this year in the second half of the season.

  97. Grier is the person that should have been fired. Flores is a good coach but he worked for Stephen Ross, a nice guy and successful developer but he’s also a ‘bull in a china closet’ regarding his NFL ownership of the Miami Dolphins. Perhaps Brian Flores did not support some of the owners direction for Deshaun Watson. Well after watching Tua this season he’s not a franchise QB and will be replaced very soon.

  98. Dumb move, Flores should land a head coaching job somewhere. As for Patriots fans who want him back as DC, you are forgetting about a little roadblock, Steve “Spaulding Smails” Belichick.

  99. Jags should call him. He’s a D coach, would help their ailing Defense to help their new QB.
    As posted above, 3-1 vs NE, 8-1 to end the season. though, they did only beat the Jets (2), the Texans and LOST to the Jags and were crushed by the Bills and Titans – tough AFC teams. Got to win the hard ones.
    Even the latest NE win was after the Pick six, and NE fumble while driving.

  100. Jason Harshman says:
    January 10, 2022 at 9:50 am
    This makes zero sense. Flores had back to back winning seasons. This year they started 1-7 but finished 8-1. Swept NE. He was turning this team around going 5-11, 10-6, 9-8 despite issues/injuries at QB this and last season. Flores was one of the more successful Belichick coaches too.
    3-6 against teams that finished this season with a winning record. Finished 8-1…some of those opponents… Jets x2, Giants, Panthers. Not to take away from some of their quality wins. I’ll give them that, but they also lost to the worst team in the NFL, the Jags. Imagine their record had they not overachieved. Mediocre QB, or hurt QB? Tell me again who drafted him then.

  101. That was a dumb. Flores did a good job with what he had to work with. Dumb dumb dumb. The front office just got rid of a good coach. Flores likely won’t be unemployed for long. I suspect he may even get a chance at some of positions that just became available. For his sake I hope he takes a job that has a competent GM in place. But then again, if a team had a good front office and a good GM they wouldn’t be firing their coaches. When a GM does a terrible job they just fire the coach.

    Given the quality of teams with open coaching positions Flores might be smart to just go back to being a DC for a while until a decent opportunity opens up.

    The Dolphins had a respectable year considering where they were before Flores got there. Now they can look forward to having a top-5 pick in 2023.

  102. In his much vaunted seven game winning streak, they beat Houston, the Jets, Carolina, the Giants, and New Orleans who started Ian book at quarterback. Before that they had lost seven games in a row. I don’t know if they should’ve fired this guy, but let’s not pretend he’s the next coming of Bill Bellichek

  103. This might be the move that broke the camel’s back. After 52 years of being a Phins fan, this may have broke me. Ross just made a huge mistake firing Brian Flores and I don’t know that I can continue supporting this wreck of an organization.

    Phormer Phins Phan!

    Go Jags and Bucs!

  104. This owner is a hot mess and a train wreck! Flores did a solid job with very limited talent! This is complete BS!

  105. Flores is paying the price b/c Grier and others chose Tagovailoa over Herbert. Perhaps Flores wasn’t in favor of trading five draft picks for Watson either. Flores will eventually be a very successful HC elsewhere.

  106. Just curious: why not call and offer him a special consultant role for the rest of the season? Probably not the best move for Flores, but what team wouldn’t want the added experience in the room for the playoffs? I imagine his phone is ringing unless there is some unwritten rule against this idea.

  107. I wonder if the Dolphins’ messy loss to Jags in London during the Jags’ troubled Meyer Dynasty might have stuck a thorn in Steven Ross’ fragile billionaire’s ego?

    I agree with the commenting jury today – This was a horrible, very bad firing!

  108. The only reason I can come up for firing him is if he was the one who chose Tua ahead of Herbert. But if the Tua pick was made by the GM then he is the one who deserved the boot.

  109. As a Dolphins fan of 33 years, this breaks my heart. I’m used to the pain of missing the playoffs, but to know that we finally had a completely capable head coach and we were on the verge of FINALLY having consistency at the helm for the first time since Don Shula- I’m absolutely heartbroken. I don’t know if I can continue to back this dysfunctional organization.

  110. Maybe Brian Flores was a little too intense for the owner’s tastes. It’s a shame for Flores because with the cap space and the draft picks that Miami has, there will be a lot more talent coming their way. It will be a sweet deal for whoever gets the job.

  111. This is possibly the dumbest move I’ve seen. Miami won something like 8 of their last 9 games. Clearly this Coach had the team on the rise.

  112. Only way you let Flores go is if the owner is convinced they have the “perfect coach” landed. Flores was on a definitive upward trajectory – had things figured out and his players were obviously responding well – sooooooo, let’s just reset all that with a new coach.

    Ready for a little schadenfreude here personally. Grass is ALSO greener over the septic tank. Flores won’t be unemployed long – he’s shown he knows what he is doing.

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