G.M. Ryan Pace out in Chicago as well

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The Bears are clearing house after a 6-11 season.

Shortly after word of head coach Matt Nagy’s firing broke on Monday morning, it was reported that General Manager Ryan Pace has also been let go in Chicago. The Bears confirmed both moves later in the day.

Pace was hired by the Bears in 2015 and hired John Fox as the team’s head coach that year. Fox went 14-34 over three seasons and Nagy was hired in 2018. Nagy went 34-31 and made the playoffs twice before being relieved of duty on Monday.

Pace made two trades up the draft board to select quarterbacks during his time in Chicago. The first was for Mitchell Trubisky, who is now the backup to Josh Allen in Buffalo, and the second sent the team’s 2022 first-round pick to the Giants in order to get in position to select Justin Fields.

The next Bears G.M. will inherit Fields, but their overall bid to improve the roster will be hindered by that missing draft pick.

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  1. The 2022 draft class is not supposed to be a good QB class.
    It won’t be until 2023 that the team can address this problem.

    The Bears should NOT sign a QB to give them an extra win or two, they may as well stink and get a highly regarded QB with a very high pick.

    This rebuild will take a few years, don’t take short cuts, do it properly.
    Don’t “get an extra meaningless win or two” for a year that accomplishes nothing and hurts your drafting a QB.

    It will be hard to get a GM in this situation, they will need a 6 year contract. Its also a bad spot for a HC.

  2. There we go. Keep going up… Ted Phillips next. And no more “consultants” to hire their replacements, George. Find the best football people in the business who have proven records of turning dumpster fires into Superbowl contenders, give them blank checks and stay out of their way.

  3. Ownership to Ryan Pace: “You have to fire Coach Nagy.”

    “OK, I fired Coach Nagy.”

    Ownership to Ryan Pace: “You’re fired.”

  4. Rebuild that offensive line and maybe copy the Eagles offensive game plan from the second half of the year. Don’t expect Fields to be Aaron Rodgers in his second year. Focus on a strong ground game, some RPOs, and easy defined reads. Fields has talent but is still raw.

    Having a competent play caller will probably be a welcome change.

  5. It’s not enough. This team needs new ownership. The Halas family will always be a part of the team’s legacy, but it’s time to get a new owner, new management, and a new legacy. Please sell the team.

  6. I should be excited, but the Bears will only screw up the next Head Coach/GM hiring. I’m entitled to feel this way until proven wrong by this clown show of a franchise.

  7. Thank God! Hopefully they make a squeal to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off so he can get a new job quickly.

  8. Hooray! I was starting to think they were going to keep Pace. Now can Ted Phillips too please.

  9. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. George, are you finally understanding this dude didn’t know what the hell he was doing.

  10. Simple rule for the next GM: You cannot use 1st round Bear draft positions for anything other than drafting.

  11. This should have been done last year, or at least some sort of additional oversight in the draft to ensure a guy who knows he’s on real thin ice can’t mortgage the future since he wouldn’t be there anyway. I would guess this decision (to fire Pace and Nagy) was made mid-season though not formalized, obviously.

    There’s barely anything promising on the Bears roster and barely any picks left to restock the cupboard.

  12. Still doesn’t fix the fundamental flaw of the Bears which is ownership, they should also can the President and find a different Halas/McCaskey to at least run the team, can’t do any worse then the current one.

  13. It’s a shame. Pace made some good moves for Quarterbacks, a Bears tradition in which I remember going all the way back to Bobby Douglas. Pace has an excellent draft record since coming onboard- rarely traded away any picks for mediocre talent. Has Aaron Rodgers made a statement on why he chose to fire both Pace and Nagy at the same time?

  14. “Still doesn’t fix the fundamental flaw of the Bears which is ownership, they should also can the President ….”

    Yes! Get rid of Ted Phillips!! Sell the team to Mark Cuban or someone that knows football!

  15. The team had THREE viable starting QBs on the roster this season, including a Super Bowl MVP and first-round rookie, yet ended the year worse off than if they had just stayed the course and kept Trubisky. You can’t say coach & GM didn’t get a fair a chance.

    I think every first-round QB except for Jones is at high risk of being ruined by their new teams, but hopefully Fields will stand a chance if they hit a home run on the new hires.

  16. Finally it’ll take years to fix his mistakes terrible drafts and money spent on worthless free agents ,other gym’s played him glad he’s out

  17. Thats good he needed to go along with Nagy. The bad thing with the Bears job is if they feel they already have their franchise QB in Fields. Hopefully ownership is open on that so the next coaching regime isnt tied to that. Field should certainly go into next year as the guy, but truthfully the jury is still out on him.

  18. bassplucker is right on the money with his consultant comment. I remember when they hired Pace and immediately announced that he would have consulting help for hiring a coach, Ernie Acorsi I believe. It struck me as odd at the time, if you didn’t think he was qualified to pick a coach on his own, why did you hire him as your GM? ( I’m sure we’ll see several $15 a hour responses to this).

  19. Winning in the NFL requires a comprehensive effort top to bottom, not just a flashy head coach. It starts with scouting. Packers GMs, since Ron Wolf, have essentially been scouts, and they have built impressive scouting teams and built the team through the draft. That gives the coaching staff the tools it needs to win. Look at the results in Green Bay — Mike Holmgren, Mike McCarthy, now Matt LaFleur, even Mike Sherman, all young talent, not big names. But each did great up in Green Bay because it all starts with scouting to assemble a roster. Sherman went off track — but only after Ron Wolf retired and he was given the personnel job as well. The Bears need to find a super scout for a GM — my recommendation is Eliot Wolf, and build from there.

  20. The only worrysome thing is that the previous clowns who hired this group of clowns may just be hiring the new group of clowns….

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