Jim Irsay met with Frank Reich, Chris Ballard for a couple of hours after loss to Jaguars

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
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The Colts’ stunning loss to the Jaguars on Sunday prompted a long meeting between the team’s top decision-makers. But so far, there haven’t been any larger consequences.

In his Monday press conference, head coach Frank Reich told reporters that he, team owner Jim Irsay, and General Manager Chris Ballard had a talk that lasted a couple of hours following the season finale.

“It was a good conversation, a supporting conversation, but also demanding and wanting answers, [with Irsay] wanting to hold us accountable,” Reich said, via Joel A. Erickson of the Indianapolis Star.

Reich added that he and Ballard left the conversation “with the resolve: ‘We’re going to get better.’ … We walked out of there saying, ‘We’ve got a lot of the right pieces in place.’”

Still, the Colts were 9-6 after defeating the Cardinals on Christmas Day and proceeded to lose their last two games to the Raiders and Jaguars to fall out of the postseason.

“It was hard to imagine after the Arizona game, we get to 9-6, we feel like we’re one of the two or three teams to beat, a team everybody’s talking about,” Reich said. “When you think about how all this was going to end, certainly, no one including myself, really, ever thought it would end like it did the last two weeks. That’s something that can’t be undone. It’s part of our record. It’s part of my record. … It’s a scar.”

Indianapolis will now have a long offseason to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it heading into 2022.

22 responses to “Jim Irsay met with Frank Reich, Chris Ballard for a couple of hours after loss to Jaguars

  1. I really wanted to see them in the playoffs because of Hard Knocks.

    Carson Wentz will never be ousted from Indy while Frank Reich is still there.

  2. It was a shocking loss, but this team has some significant holes beyond their quarterback.
    The offensive line didn’t play as consistently well as previous years, injury induced or otherwise. The receiving corps is weak, and their defence is overrated.
    There are some decent pieces here, good enough to beat four flawed playoff teams, but they aren’t a talented enough roster to overcome their glaring weaknesses week to week.

  3. They traded good picks for Wentz, then couldn’t win with him. In a stroke of genius they started feeding Taylor, their stud RB, and they started winning. Wentz is a .500 QB. If they move on they need a good replacement that can win them games. Defense is solid, offense should be above average. This offseason is all about Wentz.

  4. GM Chris Ballard has done a great job rebuilding this roster from where it was when he took over, but it’s not there yet. They have great players in JT, Quentin Nelson, Darius Leonard and a nice player in Michael Pittman Jr. They finally found a steady kicker in Badgley and the Defense overall is solid (even though they play way too much soft zone for my liking) They need to rebuild this WR corp. If they are going to stay with Wentz, ( and I believe they will and should) then you are gonna have to realize that he is a high ball thrower and needs big Wr’s with large catch radiuses. Pittman is a nice #2 WR, he is not a #1. T.Y Hilton has been a great Colt, it’s time to say “Thank You” T.Y for everything, but it’s time move on. Zac Pascal ? Please, there is at least 1 Zac Pascal on every roster in the league, and time to give up waiting on perpetually injured players like Parris Campbell.
    They need at least 2 big wideouts or 1 WR and a top TE that can run (Boyle and Allie-Cox can’t run) and 1 of those Wr’s must be an alpha that demands coverage and can win contested catches. Someone who can pull that extra man out of the box to free J.T more often. If the Colts don’t address this or bring in another smallish WR, the same issues will exist for their offense next season.

  5. The NFL is designed to be a 500 league and most of the teams this season were exactly that with win loss records of 9-8 or worse. The teams with the better or best records have found their QB. The sad part is that there are not enough quality QB’s to go around. Good luck

  6. It’s easy. Trading for Wentz was dumb. He’s playing scared. The only thing he can do right is hand the ball off to Taylor.

  7. Need to find a franchise QB. Wentz isn’t the guy and if it’s not obvious by now, Reich is oblivious. You cannot turn Wentz into the guy. He’s simply not dependable medically or in his ability to lead a franchise.

  8. Wentz plays great…..except when you really need him….

    If Irsay was sober he should have demanded the team move on and find a new QB

  9. I cannot imagine what a long meeting with Irsay must be like, but I’m sure it’s calm and rational.

  10. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    January 10, 2022 at 6:24 pm
    But Carson Wentz beat Josh Allen and the Bills.

    …and so did the Jags.

  11. This franchise has been cursed since that infamous AFC Championship game in Foxboro 7 years ago.

  12. Thank god my Eagles got rid of Wentz. To get a first for him this coming year, plus 3rd that they used to trade up to get DeVonta. Don’t know if Hurts is “the guy” long term, but he played well enough to deserve a shot for ’22-23. If anyone can get the most out of Wentz, it’s Reich. So the fact that he couldn’t – tells me a lot.

  13. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    January 10, 2022 at 6:24 pm
    But Carson Wentz beat Josh Allen and the Bills.

    And Heinicke beat Brady. So what does that mean?

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