Lamar Jackson hasn’t talked to Ravens about extension

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is heading into the final year of his rookie deal, but he didn’t put a contract extension on the top of his list of offseason thoughts during a Monday press conference.

Jackson said that he has not had any conversations with the team about his contract at this point. The quarterback missed the final four games of the season with an ankle injury and said he was prioritizing continued recovery from that injury now that the Ravens are done playing.

“I have to worry about getting back right and getting ready for this offseason,” Jackson said, via Jeff Zrebiec of

The Ravens dropped from seventh to 17th in scoring this season despite going from 19th to sixth in offensive yards, which wasn’t the kind of change the Ravens were hoping to see from their offense. They’ll try to push things back in the other direction before next season and the urgency to sign Jackson to a long-term deal will hint at their confidence in the quarterback’s ability to take them where they want to go.

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  1. I don’t see how they can NOT extend him. They’re at their best with him and a consistent threat to beat every other team in the league when he’s healthy.

    But it’s been a real mess of a year, from injuries to his COVID idiocy to up and down play. Pretty much the opposite of what you would want in a “prove it” year. Add Huntley’s good play and it just doesn’t look like a setup for breaking the bank.

    For the Ravens, it seems like an easy call: offer him a modest big contract, smaller than what other leading QBs have gotten but still large. If he’s smart, he’ll take it, because one more season like this one and he may be out of a job with a permanently diminished contract ceiling.

  2. They will pick up his 5th year option. Then it will be up to him to prove he deserves the mega contract. Going to be an interesting season. He will have his rnning backs back for his RPOs. We’ll see!

  3. Ravens need to pay him top dollar for a running back cause he isnt any where near being a top tier quarterback.

  4. romeo41 says:
    January 10, 2022 at 11:30 am
    They will pick up his 5th year option. Then it will be up to him to prove he deserves the mega contract. Going to be an interesting season. He will have his rnning backs back for his RPOs. We’ll see!


    He is the Ravens version of Christian McCaffrey. If they give him the megacontract the Ravens will regret it. If he’s 100% healthy he terrorizes opposing defenses with his legs but how often is he really healthy anymore?

  5. Agree with the first two paragraphs above by KEVPFT, but not the third. Jackson is the face of the franchise and will be backing up up the Brinks truck. Except for negotiating himself, he will likely become a top 5 paid QB in the league.

  6. Anyone who represents himself in negotiations with NFL ownership has a fool for a client. Lamar Jackson is a textbook example. The time to get this locked up was before this season. The Ravens now have a cheaper version of Jackson who played the same way as Jackson does against the Steelers this past Sunday. They will pick up his fifth year option and move on after next season

  7. Ravens fans told us how much Lamar had improved as a passer, and all he needed was weapons. Well, he had plenty of offensive weapons this year and congratulations, you are the #13 team in passing in the league! How amazing! But how about these other offensive stats for your star QB? #23 in QBR. #22 in completion %. Led the league in interceptions per games played as well as interception rate. 4th worst in the league for TDs per game. 2nd worst in the league in sacks per game. Tell me again why you want him as your starting QB? He was objectively terrible this year.

  8. Better go get that extension before another injury happens and Huntley has your job. That dude can throw the ball and run.

  9. Pick up his option. If he’s healthy and plays better, groom Huntley and move on. Threaten to tag him and then trade him.

  10. Jackson has already proven that he is an MVP QB in this league… The Raven’s front office made a huge mistake by not locking Jackson up before Josh Allen got a huge contract. We forget that Jackson was carrying the hurt Ravens team before some bad decisions by their HC that cost them at least two games. Huntley is no Jackson! His ability to throw the football is way below that of Jackson. My hope is that the GM doesn’t think that Huntley is close to being Jackson.

  11. Please sign Lamar to the longest richest contract with the most guaranteed money ever.


    The rest of the AFC North

  12. I hope the Ravens learnt their lesson after giving Flacco all that money up front. If Lamar wants big bucks then they should wrap it up in incentives. If he can’t stay healthy or get them to the playoffs then his pay should be less. Run-first QBs are a ticking time bomb.

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