Next move for Jim Harbaugh could be an extension at Michigan

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 04 Big Ten Championship Game - Michigan v Iowa
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Stephen Ross has indeed been talking to Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh in recent days, per sources. But not to coach the Dolphins.

Ross, a major Michigan benefactor, wants Harbaugh to stay in Ann Arbor. And Harbaugh is actively talking to the powers-that-be about a new contract.

It makes sense. A year after he took a haircut from his current employer, Harbaugh has leverage. And he’s using it, openly toying with a return to the NFL and potentially getting a big raise to remain where he is.

It’s smart for Harbaugh. On the heels of his best year at Michigan, why not cash in? Especially if he can convince the school that he’s willing to cash out.

Besides, his most viable NFL option — the Raiders — may end up sticking with the guy they have.

11 responses to “Next move for Jim Harbaugh could be an extension at Michigan

  1. Who has the bigger truckload of cash?
    After watching last night’s game I think you are right Florio about the
    Raiders staying pat on their coaching dilemma.

  2. One good season out of 7. Boy the standards are rock bottom at Michigan and with the bulk of the talent leaving this offseason it may be another 7. Better give him a 10 year contract just so he might possibly have one more good year.

  3. Unless Bisaccia wins the SB, there’s no way Davis keeps him. From what I’ve seen and heard, Davis and Harbaugh are both interested in uniting. It’s most likely already a done deal, but for obvious reasons can’t be announced. Just like with Gruden when Del Rio was still on staff. Harbaugh will be the next coach of the Raiders and it’s a HUGE get for them.

  4. That would be a dumb move by Harbs. He’s already alienated any prospective Wolverine players by suggested he might not be there, while causing existing talent to seriously consider transferring out to another program. He may get a big raise, but it will take years to rebuild the program to its present state.

  5. As he should. I completely respect that he took a pay cut after he underachieved and when he made back the bonuses, donated it to the Michigan athletic staff that took pay hits during Covid… I will always respect the guy who bets on himself.

    Now pay the man.

  6. It’s bad enough this owner doesn’t pay enough attention to his team, now we find out he’s splitting time being the shadow owner of Michigan too? Just stop.

  7. If the Raiders have ANY shot at Harbaugh, they should do whatever it takes to close. He simply wins wherever he coaches. Still in awe of what he did with the niners down to the wire in the SB with pathetic Kaepernick!!! Took Stanford to the top. Took a weak Michigan program to the top with pure coaching….taking the crumbs of recruits after Bama, OSU, Georgia etc. had their share every year. Amazing coach.

  8. A guy leveraging his position to make more money… The audacity…Welcome to business 101 or things that go without saying…

  9. This is silly. Harbaugh cannot take Michigan to AL-like heights. He has a much better chance of winning a SB than a nat. championship. Come to Chicago, Jim. Come home.

  10. Ross does strange things as NFL owner and Michigan booster, where does he want Harbaugh coaching?

  11. I look at the cost of college tuition and what college athletic coaches get paid. People will argue that the athletic programs make enough money to cover the coach’s salary. When I was in college, my tuition increased to pay for stadium renovations, which would not be completed until a few years after I graduated.

    If the justification for paying college coaches $XX,XXX,XXX dollars is that program makes a profit, then turn the program into a for-profit business. The coaches should not make more than professors. Players need to get real degrees that will enrich their lives long after they stop playing sports. When a player’s stats are shown on tv, their GPA should be displayed too.

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