Report: Dolphins, Bears seek to interview Brian Daboll

Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills
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Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll had several interviews for head coaching jobs in the last hiring cycle. He interviewed with the Chargers and Jets a year ago.

Daboll will get other opportunities this offseason.

The Dolphins and Bears have requested permission from the Bills to interview Daboll, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

Daboll, the team’s offensive coordinator since 2018, won assistant coach of the year in 2020 for his work with Josh Allen and the team’s offense. He previously served as offensive coordinator of the Browns, Dolphins, Chiefs and at the University of Alabama.

The Bears also have Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier on their list.

Daboll is the first known candidate for the Dolphins’ vacancy.

16 responses to “Report: Dolphins, Bears seek to interview Brian Daboll

  1. A cold weather team that hasn’t been able to establish the run. Sounds like the perfect candidate for both of these teams.

  2. Leslie Frazier will be perfect! Hire him. Keep it going, last I checked they have no GM. You going to hire the coach before him. Great Bears move.

  3. Fins need an offensive minded coach that can put a decent staff together and be part of the offensive gameplan. I realize people are up in arms that Flores got fired but I think that was because of how putrid the offense has been since he’s been there. They were a sub .500 team under his watch and the offense failed to find any identity. The Dolphins ended their season on a high note (just like last season) but yet it didn’t translate to anything worth noting. The 7 game win streak was nice but yet there’s the stain of the 7 game losing streak to beatable teams. That was why he was fired. Can’t lose 7 in a row and expect to stay employed. He would’ve fired the OCs and it would be rinse and repeat for next season. We have to get rid of Grier next.

  4. As would be expected of my Bears, they want to interview the OC from the team that wanted their rejected QB as a backup.

  5. As a lifelong Bills fan, I say: “Please! Please, oh please! Let one of these teams hire Daboll, so we can get a decent OC in there.

  6. Sometimes we love Daboll and his playcalling… other times we can’t wait for him to leave! When you’re on the opponent’s 1 yard line, you don’t call 3 straight pass plays!

  7. If he can develop Justin Fields the way he developed Josh Allen, the Bears can be a contender.

  8. Awful. That’s who you fire Flores for? Joke of a franchise, just a joke. Truly embarrassing at this point…

  9. So both of the coordinators of the Bills are distracted going into the playoffs. Sounds like a recipe for a one and done. Buffalo is no stranger to playoff collapse so its all good.

  10. Bears fan irony: they want to interview the OC from the Bills who decided the best available QB to back up Josh Allen was the very guy they rejected in Trubisky.

  11. Once again Flores got fired for not kissing Grier and Ross butt not for what happened on the field.I hope he goes somewhere and win a super bowl

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