Report: Joe Judge’s future remains uncertain

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While Joe Judge talked about focusing on next season during his final news conference of the 2021 season, it is not a given he will remain with the Giants next season.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports Judge met with team ownership Monday afternoon and came away with no clarity regarding his future.

Discussions will continue as the Giants seek to replace General Manager Dave Gettleman, who retired Monday. Ownership is concerned whether the new G.M. and Judge will have “the same vision for the franchise,” according to Garafolo.

It is unknown how long it will take for the organization to find a new G.M., but Judge’s future could hang in the balance until then.

The Giants have requested permission to interview Cardinals vice present of pro personnel Adrian Wilson, Titans vice president of player personnel Ryan Cowden and director of player personnel Monti Ossenfort, 49ers assistant G.M. Adam Peters, 49ers director of player personnel Ran Carthon, Bills assistant G.M. Joe Schoen and Chiefs executive director of player personnel Ryan Poles. The Giants also are expected to interview their assistant G.M., Kevin Abrams.

Judge, 40, met with the players Monday and spoke as if he will return next season, Garafolo adds.

He is 10-23 in two seasons with the team.

54 responses to “Report: Joe Judge’s future remains uncertain

  1. Me: Magic 8 ball, will Joe Judge be fired before the start of the next NFL season? Magic 8 ball: It is certain

  2. It’s ridiculous that both Judge and Rhule remain employed. There’s no hope for either franchise while they are head coaches. I legitimately feel sorry for Giants and Panthers fans.

  3. The NFC East prays that the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate is supportive of Judge and retains him. This guy is clueless and his team is getting worse every game.

  4. Judge was a terrible coach. I saw Fran Tarkenton and Parkway Joe Pisarcik play for the Gmen. I never saw the surrender formation. I never saw the Gmen pass for negative ten yards in a game ( vs. Bears). Please let the GM pick his own coach.

  5. Here’s the difference between the winning Giants and the losing Giants… and it fits with all the “10 year challenge” stuff too…

    2011 season – 3rd and 10 on their own 1 yard line against the Jets. Eli Manning throws a 10-yard out to Victor Cruz, who plants his foot, makes a vicious cut, and runs down the sideline until he does the salsa in the end zone. Even if tackled right away, Cruz would have had the first down. The Giants ride the momentum of that play all the way to a Super Bowl 46 win over the Patriots.

    2021 season – 3rd and 9 on their own 4 yard line against WFT. Jake Fromm lines the team in a weird blend of victory formation and compressed wishbone, and runs a QB sneak for 1 yard. We’re told after the game it was to ensure punter Riley Dixon would have his full 15 yards to kick on 4th down.

    Mild irony: Moose Johnston was in the Fox TV booth for both plays. He couldn’t believe either one… positively for the 2011 play, negatively for 2021 (2022).

  6. When does keeping the coach and hiring a new GM ever work? Time to send Joe Judge to the cornfield.

  7. Probably need to let this guy go. I was all for keeping him a month ago. But he is a clown.

  8. Keep him around one more year. If it doesn’t work, you have the number 1 pick and a new coach anyways.

  9. The team hasn’t been improving in his two years. In fact, you could argue that this season was worst than last even considering the injury situation. Ownership does not want to admit that they selected the wrong coach for the third time since the Coughlin era.

  10. His future remains “uncertain?”

    Ask any Giants fan and you’d find them pretty certain about dumping Judge.

  11. The more I saw of Joe Judge, the more I liked him. He’s a lot better coach today than he was two years ago, and that’s normal. Normal for any position. But it’s a player’s game. Mostly a QB league. I see some of the best coaches of all time recently lose their HOF QB’s, and they couldn’t win. I wouldn’t make a change just to make a change, and I wouldn’t replace a guy unless I had someone better. Bill Belichick can’t win without a QB, and he is among the greatest to ever coach.

  12. After watching the last 5 games; I believe Joe is begging to be fired. Please put him out of his miserere Mr. Mara, and find an NFL coach and staff.

  13. what a gutless organization. he’s either your coach going forward or he’s not. way to keep him twisting in the wind.

  14. If any prospective GM says he has the same vision as Joe Judge, he should be immediately disqualified from the process.

  15. Injuries and a bad GM are no excuse for this guy’s horrendous play calling and the team’s lack of effort down the stretch.

  16. Please. Let the clown show continue. Mara deserves this dumpster fire he created.

  17. You don’t say? What worth while GM candidate is walking into that interview telling the powers that be, “let’s keep Joe as our head coach.”

  18. Come on, any GM of quality willing to take that job is going to want to hire his own coach as part of the deal. The only thing uncertain about Judge’s future is what he does next, after the Giants cut him loose.

  19. Wow, the G men are a hot mess. Bust first round qb, GM fired, HC soon the same, total lack of relevance in a bad division….. What happened to this once prestigious east coast team that always received special treatmnt from the NFL? Somewhere Eli is laughing.

  20. His future isn’t unclear, it’s just the Giant organization is such a clown show they can’t see it. Judge is a loser as a head coach. If you listened to him open his mouth the past two weeks, he sure sounded like a loser coach.

  21. If you don’t have a clear idea now and the season is over that just demonstrates the incompetence above the position of Head Coach.

  22. He didn’t get much help from Gettleman, who was terrible and has left the Giants in a lurch with the salary cap going forward. He also didn’t do much with what he had, and did not have the luxury Dan Campbell had in Detroit of acknowledging that the team stinks but tries hard. That wouldn’t be acceptable in New York.

  23. How is this even a question? Do they really believe that a brand new GM might want to keep Joe Judge? You don’t bring in a GM, attach an anchor to his ankles and throw him into the water. At least give him a chance to win by allowing him to hire someone with a chance to win. Don’t put all this effort into finding a great GM and hand him the unfixable problem that is Joe Judge

  24. In a letter to season ticket holders, the owners said the new GM would be responsible for hiring the head coach.

  25. Joe Judge needs to go Alright, he is annoying Alright, he is no HC material Alright

    One of the worst HC hires ever

  26. Bill Bellichek coaching tree:

    Jim Bates – 3-4
    Romeo Crennel – 32-63
    Rod Dowhower – 5-24
    Brian Flores – 24-25
    Al Groh – 9-7
    Hal Hunter – 0-1
    Joe Judge – 10-23
    Eric Mangini – 33-47
    Josh McDaniels – 11-17
    Bill O’Brien – 52-48
    Matt Patricia – 13-29
    Nick Saban – 15-17
    Jim Schwartz – 29-51
    Rick Venturi – 2-17

    Total – 238-373 39%

  27. A month ago he was a lock to stay but man the wheels fell off this crap wagon. Between losing by double digits each game, the crazy rambling in the press conference, and then two qb sneaks in a close game, I can’t see why or how they would keep him.

  28. Say goodbye to Judge and Daniel Jones. Hire Flores. Trade your two #1s for Watson, who wants to play for Flores.

  29. Lifelong Giant fan. This is all Gentlemen and whoever hired him. Pride goes before a fall and Gettlemen is very prideful. One of Gettlemen’ s first move was to throw 62 million at Nate Solder. I test my case. The key to any team is have a good o and d line. Eli could still be playing if the Giants o line was any good. Daniel Jones can play. Give him an offensive line and watch. Gettlemen could have gotten Jones in mid first round also. Could have used 6th pick for an edge rusher. Another stupid move!
    I am so glad he got fired! Oh wait he retired. Do you think if Giants made the playoffs this year, he would have “retired?” Hardly.

    Joe Judge had no back up quarterback this year. Mike Glennon was not good and Jake, sadly, worse. It is not Coach Judge’s fault here. Been dealt a terrible hand to play with.

    Invest picks 5 and 7 in two Lineman that can start and you will be on the road back.

  30. koq11357 says:
    January 10, 2022 at 9:54 pm
    When does keeping the coach and hiring a new GM ever work? Time to send Joe Judge to the cornfield.

    If this is a reference to the “Twilight Zone” episode, you are the hero of the day.

  31. The new Gold standard in coaching with the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate – 4 wins BABY!

  32. aaronrodgers618 says:
    January 11, 2022 at 11:12 am
    koq11357 says:
    January 10, 2022 at 9:54 pm
    When does keeping the coach and hiring a new GM ever work? Time to send Joe Judge to the cornfield.

    If this is a reference to the “Twilight Zone” episode, you are the hero of the day.


    Not hard to picture Joe Judge as a Jack in the Box 😀

  33. As someone else said, the three most important positions for an NFL team are GM, HC, and QB. And for the Giants arguably Daniel Jones was the best of the three.

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