Rich Bisaccia has earned the coaching job in Las Vegas

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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It can’t be official until the playoff run ends and an appropriate search occurs. Once that happens, the right answer for the Raiders has become obvious.

Rich Bisaccia should be the team’s next head coach.

The 61-year-old has stabilized a franchise rocked by controversy and tragedy, from the Jon Gruden resignation to the Henry Ruggs situation. Bisaccia has, through the adversity, kept a steady hand and nudged the Raiders to the postseason with four straight wins.

Also on his permanent record? A win in a regular-season game that will be permanently remembered by anyone who witnessed it.

As Mike Golic said on Monday’s PFT Live, sometimes the right answer is staring you in the face. Despite a suggestion that the Raiders may pursue a “rock star” via trade with another team, Bisaccia is the obvious choice. And it won’t take draft picks to keep him.

If it doesn’t work in 2022 or 2023, a change can be made then. For now, he has done too much to not get a chance to show when he can do with a whole year to prepare for and execute the job. The locker room surely wants it. The fans will want it, too. No matter what happens in Cincinnati on Saturday.

71 responses to “Rich Bisaccia has earned the coaching job in Las Vegas

  1. If i was Mr.Davis i would atleast roll with the current staff one more year. Ive yet to hear a player ever speak ill of Bisaccia and it seems like the players are playing hard for him. Id hate for someone like Harbaugh come in and dismantle whats been built this year.

  2. He has earned consideration but if Harbaugh is available, you can’t pass on that opportunity.

    Last few games have been not awful but the offensive play calling and performance has been abysmal since Gruden left. Quite frankly, since Ruggs was cut.

    Let’s not forget the absolute embarrassing losses that Rich presided over. He, and consequently the team, looked absolutely lost too many times.

    Lastly, he doesn’t bring a significant enough advantage to the table. He’s not an defensive or offensive innovator and doesn’t set the tone as to what the Raiders identity is.

    I’m having flashbacks of giving Tom Cable the full time job.

    Harbaugh is the guy. Pay him whatever he wants and either retain Gus Bradley or hire Vic Fangio as the DC.

  3. Hopefully he would do better than Freddie Kitchens after a similar situation with the Browns.

  4. I hate the raiders, but I must agree, if anyone has earned a HC job, this guy is it. Total respect for him

  5. They should check all their options. They have a new stadium and a top 10 QB that most coaches would be happy to work with. I can see a few coaches being interested in this job over others out there.

  6. He definitely earned it. They could have easily folded and no one would be all over them about it. They had some big mishaps happen to them but they rallied after the Chiefs game and just seemed to want it more than all the teams they beat during this run.

  7. I’m ok with Bisaccia keeping the job but I would like to see Olson 86’d. I guess I’m old school, running the ball out of Shotgun makes me want to vomit., as does most of his play calling.

  8. MortimerInMiami says:
    January 10, 2022 at 8:59 pm
    Also hats off to OC Olsen!


    Olsen has me baffled with his play calling, not unlike the last time around as OC. The seeming “throw away” possessions where it looks like he just gives up after missing on first down, the extra point attempt and his use of Mariota last night was head scratching.

  9. The anti-Joe Judge. Would have been easy and understandable to be conservative and pack it in, even going for a TIE, but he was playing to win. Also seems like-able unlike the NY clown captain.

  10. Although potentially getting Harbaugh is tempting, I do agree Bisaccia has earned a shot at the full-time job. If they can bring o-line reinforcements and draft another deep threat, not to mention get more creative with the offensive play-calling, I think they’ll be fine.

  11. Gus Bradley is the best coach on that staff. He’s made that defense not awful, which is a friggin miracle compared to where it was a year ago.

  12. mookie34 says:
    January 10, 2022 at 8:45 pm
    He’s fine until the next player eruption takes place.

    Um, he’s already coached through a head coach being forced to resign, one player driving drunk resulting in the death of a person, and another player on video making threats with a gun. Considering all that, he’s done very well.

  13. He’s done incredibly well with a tough hand… he’s earned a 1-2 year deal.
    – Viking Fan

  14. Looking at the playoff schedule got me thinking Bisacchia should be in the conversation for coach of the year. Names like Kingsbury and Frank Reich have been thrown out there. I guess LaFluer is the favorite with Belechick, Andy Reid,Vrabel, McCarthy close behind.

  15. More player friendly than Gruden. This guy gets it on how to interact with peeps. Good luck to the Raiders in the playoffs.

  16. He’s earned it. It would be very hard to sell letting him go at this point. Especially if they win a playoff game.

  17. This happens all the time. Guy takes over midway, gets a little momentum, and the team wastes the next few years by giving a guy the job who really was never meant to be a head coach, and was never the answer. See Mike Singletary

  18. I agree completely, but I would like to see a change at OC. I have no clue why Bryan Edwards isn’t part of the game plan more. He’s incredible. And I still can call at least 30% of the plays….

  19. If owner Mark Davis truly believed in what Jon Gruden was building in Vegas then he should keep the current administration. I believe Rich Bisaccia has done an admirable job commandeering this Raider team after all the trauma they endured early in the season. It would be wise to let Mike Mayock have another opportunity to work the draft board without the overriding influence of Gruden. It’s no secret that Jon was not the best evaluator of talent. Jon had a bad habit of over reaching for players based off of need instead of taking the best player on the board. I.e. DE Clelin Ferrell with #4 overall pick, instead of taking MLB Devon White who was taken with the very next pick by Tampa Bay and ended up being a key piece on the Bucs SB winning team.

  20. Bisaccia has posted a 7-5 record. A lot of these games have occurred without Henry Ruggs (5-5 without him), they were 4-2 without Waller, and they were 4-1 without Kenyon Drake. He’s been fine in managing games. As an interim HC he’s limited in what he can do but has provided continuity. He’s very experienced and he seems capable.

  21. He certainly earned a serious interview. He would still need to present his plan going forward & convince me he had one that was worthy. Sure, he did a great job holding the team together and getting into the playoffs. However, the game planning, the scheme, the identity for the future all needs to be reviewed. Good luck to him.

  22. Outside rockstar coach or the roadie who won over the band called the players ?? … the room says the roadie with a rejig at receiver after well the dumbest rookie mistake ever as jeez bet that kid wants fifteen seconds of that fateful night back over and over again huh ?? … but win or lose in the w/c give coach B a full year and see wot happens.

  23. I agree 100%

    And there are no “rock stars” available anyway.

    If there were, they would be already winning instead of available. Or they would have never left The NFL for the NCAA to start with.

    This ain’t rocket science

  24. Oh hell no. While Rich is a nice guy, and the players have rallied around him, he should not be the Raider head coach to start the 2022 season. Thank him for the great job he did in holding the team together and then move on. We need a proven head coach who will bring in an actual OC (that sure as heck isn’t Olson), and also an upgrade to the front office (sorry Mike). I’d like the new coach to be willing to keep Bradley as DC if he is willing to stay.

  25. Management’s worst nightmare. You bring in a 61 year old special teams lifer whose never even been remotely considered as a head coach by anybody as a safe interim guy to get you through the rest of the season, and catches a little lightning in a bottle.

    Now you’re stuck with him. Why? Do you honestly think if Gruden was still the coach, ANY team in the NFL would be asking Rich Bisaccia for an interview?

    And let’s look at that record. Combined score of 89-23 in two ugly losses to the Chiefs. Lost the Giants. Lost to the WFT. Run over by the Bengals.

    7-5. The exact mediocrity that got Zimmer fired, got Nagy fired, got Flores fired.

    No, The Raiders do NOT have to give Bisaccia this job.

  26. some guys are great interim guys.

    fortunately, the Raiders know they are in a new stadium and this is a for the future hire

    no way he gets the job

  27. The opposing team getting 6-7 4th downs and the one they didn’t get was a bonehead call by their bonehead coach who also called a time out to hand the raiders a win.

    Well, it’s Raiders as usual – so I guess with that..give him the job and send Staley a fruit basket for his work helping da raidas win

  28. Rich Bisaccia Did a great job under difficult conditions when he was unexpectedly made the boss. Right now he has more respect from the players and fans than any big name coach that Davis could get. Also he is not overly full of himself.

  29. I think the whole team would be crushed if they blow up the coaching staff after everything they have been through together this season. I think it would be a big misstep for Davis not to keep Coach B.

  30. Have to disagree. If he wins in Cincy Mark Davis will probably be compelled to give him the job but if he loses I think Davis looks elsewhere and that would be the right move. Bisaccia is a good guy, it’s been a nice story but the team hasn’t played that well overall during his time as interim HC and and other than the win against the Chargers none of the teams in this 4 game win streak were playing very well and/or were missing key players when the Raiders played them. I remember getting blasted twice by KC, losing to the Bengals and Washington in back to back home games where the offense looked like it was on life support. Even last night we saw the defense give up 15 points in the final 6 minutes and multiple 4th down coversions including a few for huge yardage. This isn’t something to carry on with into the future. They need a great HC and new GM and personnel staff. They are sliding by against some mediocre teams because they signed a bunch of FA’s on defense but the overall health of this team isn’t good and is going to go completely into the gutter if they don’t make some big changes this offseason.

  31. The Raiders win the Superbowl then we give Rich a nice compensation package, and then they hire Jim harbaugh as the next head coach!

  32. Keep him as HC if and only if we can have some off the best X’s and O’s guys surrounding him.

    Some of those games he presided over were a complete shambles.

    The D needs to get better and we need better play calling.

    Rich is highly regarded and can get it done with the RIGHT PEOPLE around him.

  33. Harbaugh is not going to the Raiders… why would leave his dream job to go there? Nothing but off the field distractions in LV. Lets face it LV is a party town and half the coaches time will need to be spent preventing Ruggs 2.0. Not to mention they have a decent core but only decent. Good enough to keep around and stay competitive but not good enough to win anything.

  34. this team needs a bruising back up to jacobs. barber don’t cut it, the great raider teams had van eeghan and hubbard and wheatley and Crockett…when we get into the redzone carr is lost and marrioti is our best option.. this gotta change.

  35. No. Nice guy and good special teams coach but there are better alternatives. If he stays he needs a real OC. The play calling is way too predictable. Olsen is a glorified QB coach.

  36. I don’t know who the respected veterans/leaders are on this team. But ownership better talk to them. If they want it and buy in, you have to give him a year. But, only if they upgrade coordinators.
    Preferably with an older mentor type with head coach experience.
    This guy apparently has the leadership qualities that inspire NFL players. You can’t teach that – see Urban Meyer – he can learn the rest. Clock management. Challenges. With the right assistants, it’s possible he could lead this team to consistent success. Or,he could be Marc Tressman.
    Either way, he has earned the opportunity to be seriously considered.
    Harbaugh should use this leverage to get a huge payday from Michigan. Then again, he might just get the Bears to give him absolute control ala BB…

  37. Totally agree, if there is a petition sign me up! Bisaccia has earned it more than most recent coaches…

  38. I was not sold on him as the “had coach” after this season however now I agree. The players seem to love him and are willing to play hard for him. I also think he should be at the head of the running fire coach of the year. What other coach has had to lead a team through a much adversity and still made it to the playoffs? There is no need to bring in a ‘name’ for the sake of having a name?

  39. Bisaccia seems like a low-drama guy who has the respect of his players. That’s exactly what the Raiders need right now. Mike Mayock (if he’s still the GM) has to step up his performance as well for them to improve — no more Clelin Ferrell mistakes.

  40. I am not sold on Bisaccia, but the offensive side of the ball needs help. We were lucky to be in the playoffs as we won 6 games on the last play of the game. Carr is afraid to make throws until it is do or die at the end of the game and Olsen is just not a great play caller. We fired him once before and I’m not sure what Gruden saw in him to bring him back for a second try.

  41. Bisaccia did a nice job. But it doesn’t matter if its him or anyone else, Raiders might tease with a modestly successful season (9-7) but they’re going nowhere of true interest with Derek Carr. Good guy, tough competitor, but not a championship level QB.

  42. He definitely deserves the job. He seems to have stabilized this team that has had more adversity in one season than any other. The players seem to like and respect him. That’s a great foundation.

  43. Rich Bisaccia is a nice guy, tough to say this, but IMO he is not the long term answer, I dont think he is a good Xs and Os guy.

  44. If Mark does keep Bisaccia he needs to let him pick his own coordinators. Unlike Gruden he is not the play caller and they need a better OC than Olsen. Calling the same exact RPO play with Mariota twice in a row should’ve earned him his walking papers had they lost. He reminds me a lot of Greg Knapp, excellent QB coach but average at best coordinator.

  45. The red zone offense is still bad – but I don’t know if Davis has an idea of what direction he wants to take the team. What will they do with the GM job? Do you keep all of the Gruden hires throughout the football side of the building? Are the Raiders a year or two away from being a Super Bowl contender (when Carr’s contract is up?).
    Are you prepared to set the course of the franchise for the next two or three years based on a couple of results in the last month? Didn’t work for USC when they kept Helton after an emotional win. Their scouting/drafting is still bad, the defense improved (mostly the D-line) but I still don’t think they are on the upswing. They seem like a team that can take advantage of another teams injured starters and a favorable schedule and go 10-7 in a good year.

  46. The question to be answered when hiring to replace someone on your staff is “Who out there available is better?”

    I’m just not seeing anyone with a PROVEN track record out there. Harbaugh is the next Gruden (even if he is less annoying) who COULDN’T get done what he was hired by Michigan to do – consistently beat Ohio St. And there is no way you can say Michigan doesn’t have access to top level talent (having access and convincing them to come play for you are 2 different things). So what’s the draw? A SB win with a gimmick QB? Is that virtually identical to what Gruden accomplished (winning the SB against his old team who didn’t even bother to change their signals and system)?

    A retread NFL HC? Well they are a retread for a reason and some of them had had more than one chance.

    An unproven coordinator? An unproven college coach?

    Or a guy who pulled together a team that faced a lot of adversity, that people were saying was out of the playoffs and who oh by the way had these guys playing their hearts out?

    Sure have some interviews, any smart manager will do that, but you have your standard right int he job right now.

    One immense thing in his favor is being a ST coach. He works with the whole team and has to put an effective unit together WITHOUT access to the team superstars. the best longest service head coaches in the NFL are guys are not specialists. They are guys who hire and manage the best specialists (your coordinators).

  47. Bottom line Harbaugh / Fangio would be a dynamic duo…they could keep Bisaccia on as Asst Coach/ special teams coach. Pay them all- Davis now has a goose in Las Vegas that lays golden eggs.

  48. nhpats2011 says:
    January 11, 2022 at 10:56 am
    Let’s see what they think when the Raiders get bounced from the playoffs this weekend
    – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – –

    So says the guy whose team has dropped 3 of their last 4 games. While at that same time during that span the raiders have never lost a game. Carry on.

  49. Bisaccia has earned consideration, but Davis needs to consider all of his options. A young coach with HC experience like Flores, or a brilliant kid like Kellen Moore, or even a retread like Dennis Allen should get a look.

  50. He may have earned it but he still shouldn’t get it. If he stays they need a new OL coach (Cable is brutal) and a new OC. I doubt Ollie goes but Cable has no business coaching in this league.

  51. Are you kidding me? Considering the circumstances, Coach Bisaccia has done an incredible job. I read “ bring in a rock star or someone with experience”. Harbugh isn’t coming unless the GM goes and blows up the staff. There are no other mentions besides the two-bit loser retreads or still relatively new guys like Flores. It is always said, they are out there if they get the chance and this is his chance. Plus, his beard matches the colors of the team.

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