Tom Brady stayed in game late to help Rob Gronkowski earn $500,000 bonus

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With the Buccaneers having a victory over the Panthers in hand in the fourth quarter on Sunday, quarterback Tom Brady appeared to disregard coach Bruce Arians’ desire for him to exit the game, in order to help Rob Gronkowski get enough catches to reach a contract incentive.

Gronkowski’s contract called for a $500,000 bonus if he caught 55 passes this season. He was at 54 catches late in the fourth quarter when Brady appeared to tell Blaine Gabbert to stay on the sideline when Gabbert was under the impression that he was going in. Tony Romo, calling the game on CBS, said that Brady was making it clear to Arians that he was staying in the game.

“You’re not taking me out. Let’s see who has more power, Brady or Arians,” Romo said.

Sure enough, Brady and Gronkowski both went back on the field for long enough to Brady to complete one more pass to Gronk. Gronkowski said after the game that he appreciated it, while joking that he wouldn’t be sharing any of that bonus money with Brady.

“It was really nice to get it,” Gronkowski said. “Hitting incentives is cool. The Buccaneers are a great organization, putting me in a position where I can hit those incentives, which is awesome. I love playing here. I love playing for this organization. It’s cool to hit those. I’m going to have to bring out all the tight ends to dinner. A couple of the quarterbacks — I don’t bring Tom out, I’ll bring the backups out to dinner.”

Brady did the same thing last year for Antonio Brown, a favor Brady may now be second-guessing after Brown went scorched-earth on Brady, his longtime trainer Alex Guerrero, and the Buccaneers last week. But Brady and Gronkowski have a much longer and closer relationship than Brady and Brown, and Gronkowski will appreciate Brady’s gesture, even if Gronk isn’t buying Brady dinner.

24 responses to “Tom Brady stayed in game late to help Rob Gronkowski earn $500,000 bonus

  1. i was under the impression that if arians gives you a directive, you must take it or get the f outta there. (sarcasm)

  2. Good for Tom and good for Gronk, two great WINNERS!!!!! GO BUCS!!!!!!!! And Go GEORGIA tonight!!!

  3. hukdeep says:
    January 10, 2022 at 8:44 am
    The guy that’s “not a stat guy”, stayed in the game to pad his stats. Got it.

    Once again, in a long line of “once agains”, you miss the point.

  4. I knew he did the same the same thing for AB last year. i couldn’t google! There is a theory floating out there that last week Brown didn’t realize there was a week 18 and that is why he snapped, he thought incentives were impossible

  5. The guy that’s “not a stat guy”, stayed in the game to pad his stats. Got it.

    More like to pad the stats of a teammate. Try to keep up.

  6. A lesson Antonio Brown never understood, loyalty makes everything in life stronger. Whatever the relationship, when you display it, you’re rewarded with it.

  7. The broadcast showed Brady leap up, put on his helmet and tell Gabbert something ending in “Gronk.” Right away Brady got Gronk that 55th, and then he went back out. Brady takes care of his guys, just like he went out of his way to get Chris Evans in position to get his 1,000 yards last year and this year. I remember last year when he gave AB tiny tosses rather than handoffs so AB could hit his number too. If AB had kept his cool, Brady would have helped him out today, too.

  8. What a selfish player – totally not a GOAT. He is not the coach. He does not get to decide to stay in or not. Had he been injured on that play, the season would be over for that putrid team. This conduct is consistent with a player who has an over inflated sense of self-worth and who thinks (or knows) he runs the show.

  9. He was doing the same for AB last week, who needed 10 catches or something to hit some incentive and had 5 in the first half before losing his mind.

  10. I don’t know how to take it. I mean Gronkowski might be running into financial difficulties and needed the money. We know incentives are put into contracts not as motivation, but in hopes that the guy will sign a lesser deal and not meet those incentives. Coach pulled Brady for the Great Gabbert and Brady told him to kick rocks, he needs to get his bud a half mil. I mean, nice looking out for your pals, but somewhere in the skybox a guy in a tie was stewing over the $500k he just lost, and the HC looks like a buffoon for another week.

  11. He did not disregard an order as he is in charge – Tom Brady simply disregarded BA’s suggestion…..

  12. Also not sure if still the case but Gronk was on record for quite awhile about not touching is ‘NFL’ money and only living off his endorsements. Would be shocked if he has a financial hardship.

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