Under “modified structure,” new Bears G.M. will report to George McCaskey

Chicago Bears Introduce Matt Nagy
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The Bears aren’t firing team president Ted Phillips, even if they should. They are, however, subtly eliminating his influence over the football operation.

During Monday’s press conference regarding the termination of coach Matt Nagy and G.M. Ryan Pace, Bears chairman George McCaskey mentioned that the next G.M. will report not to Phillips, but to McCaskey.

“[Phillips] has persuaded me that, with the pending acquisition of the Arlington Park property and its evaluation as a possible future Bears stadium occupying much of his time and attention, General Manager should report to me,” McCaskey said. “In this modified organizational structure, General Manager will continue to oversee the entire football operation, including the head coach. The G.M. will report to ownership.”

That’s a subtle but significant change. Phillips is essentially being cut out of the football operation, with his responsibilities now focused on getting a new stadium built.

Phillips nevertheless will be involved in the search for a new G.M. and coach, with input from consultant Bill Polian. Which means that, as a practical matter, the Bears will hire a friend or crony (and definitely not an enemy) of Polian.

Ideally, the Bears would hire a G.M. and coach without Polian or any other consultant. If the organization doesn’t already have the knowledge needed to make key decisions like this, then ownership should fold the tents and sell the team. But the good news, if there is any, is that Phillips has had his influence over the football operation dramatically reduced, since the G.M. no longer will report to Phillips.

22 responses to “Under “modified structure,” new Bears G.M. will report to George McCaskey

  1. That’s too bad. The McCaskey’s are the reason they’re in this mess to begin with.

  2. Polian’s recipe for success in Buffalo and Indy – a Hall of fame quarterback

    He was lucky Peyton Manning stayed one year extra in College

    Wrong guy

  3. It’s 2015 all over. Fire coach and GM and bring in a consultant to hire the next one. McCaskeys are clueless

  4. This is as close as they’ll ever come to firing Phillips, he’s the adopted son. Has helped make them a ton of money so this is the best we Bears fans can hope for until/unless the McCaskeys sell the team.

  5. If the new guys don’t think Fields is the guy, then let him go. But I’ll still argue that Fields has a better chance to develop now that Nagy is gone than if he stayed around another year.

  6. Aaron Rodgers has been eerily quiet today. I guess the Bears have his tacit approval to move forward with this plan.

  7. phillips pulled the old bruce allen. hey bears fans, with your new stadium on the way you guys are now winning off the field!

  8. Same old NFL. Nothing says Old boy network like a process led by Polian. What a fraud.

  9. I watched todays press conference, George came off as a complete idiot.As a Bears fan I was excited for the future after I heard Ryan and Matt were gone. Then I watched George, and realize Bears will never be a winner.

  10. I believe that Fields is the real deal. But they need a bunch of guys who can help develop him. The problem will be do they have enough room under the Cap to get him an Oline? Do they have a coach and OC who will allow him to develop? Right now I think that the Bears obviously need to look at their whole scouting/drafting process. They have had more misses than successes. They have also had more misses that successes in who they cut loose and who they pay as far a free agents. Just look at the jettisoning of Greg Olson and how many great seasons he had – Kmet might be good but never will he be an Olson. And how are they going to keep the D together when all the cash is tied up in Mack?

  11. Phillips moved himself to a safe place keeping high paying job with little risk. Smart move by him

  12. Ted knows zilch about football and George even less so the new system is sure to work. Florio is so correct when he says that if you need all these flunkies to make a hiring decision you should just sell the team and clip coupons with the money as you are in way over your head.

  13. If you really want to understand how the Bears operate, listen to ESPN 1000’s Jonathan Hood and his “Letters to George”. Spot-on.

  14. I know the NFL has rules about diversity interviews but that the Bears have already sent out feelers to everyone but the Pope indicates how lost on football that both George and Ted are. George also comes across in his press work as frightened of his own shadow.

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