Vikings vow to “consistently contend for championships”

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Yes, “just good enough” is no longer good enough for the Wilfs.

In a statement announcing the firing of coach Mike Zimmer and G.M. Rick Spielman, team owners Zygi and Mark Wilf made it clear that the search process will happen internally, and that they’re committed to taking things to the next level.

“We appreciate Rick and Mike’s commitment to the team’s on-field success, their passion for making a positive impact in our community and their dedication to players, coaches and staff,” the Wilfs said in a statement issued on Monday. “While these decisions are not easy, we believe it is time for new leadership to elevate our team so we can consistently contend for championships. We wish both Rick and Mike and their families only the best.

“Our comprehensive search for a new general manager and head coach will begin immediately and will be led internally. We are determined to have sustained success and bring Vikings fans the Super Bowl championships they expect and deserve.”

The Wilfs have built a great stadium and an excellent practice facility. They’re willing to spend money on players. Now, they just need to find the right people to bring it all together.

And if they’re going to continue to not live and work in Minnesota, it would be helpful to have someone in charge of the football operations who brings to the office every day the same accountability that the regular presence of ownership would.

98 responses to “Vikings vow to “consistently contend for championships”

  1. Hahahaha! I’m so glad I was sitting down when I refreshed this home page! “To infinity and beyond!”

  2. I’m good with the Minnesota “just good enoughs” contending for a championship each year. They’ve been doing that for 51 years now. Now winning one, that’s a different story. SKOLOL

  3. The fanbase has spoketh.. Bring in a HC that knows how to get creative and pick up first downs please!

  4. we believe it is time for new leadership to elevate our team so we can consistently contend for championships.
    You bought the team 17 years ago. You failed.

  5. Highly unlike just based on statistics. Mike Zimmer fyoe coaches are hard to come by, most coaches are bad, not average, bad.

    The most likely scenario for the Wilfs is that they’re going to be having a lot of 2 & out seasons until they find another good one.

  6. Bring in someone who has previous nfl experience, ex-player for gm of you want to win Superbowls.

  7. It’s a good goal. They might want to start off with actually being in contention for winning their own division, and consistently showing up against the Packers, but overall it’s a good goal.

  8. Lets get it done!!! I for one have been a Vikings fan since 80’s and am tired of just good enough so, like I said “Lets get it done”. I hate to see anyone lose their job but I think it was the correct move. Little surprising about Spielman though. I am sure Zimmer probably has been fielding calls much like Spielman will end up in Detroit. Whoever comes in is pretty much set, all they have to do is shore up the defense and away we go. The year after that……well

  9. I hope so. I think a major problem this year was that Zimmer and Kubiak (OC) were never on the same page. This team had no offensive identity. Zimmer blamed Kubiak for not running, then they ran at the worst times. It was weird.

    I’m not sure who’s out there, but I’d like an up and coming OC as the HC hire. Someone fresh, that understands modern football and isn’t stuck in the old ways, but respects the game at its core. Football has changed, deal with it. Zimmer didn’t understand that. He’ll be a great DC somewhere, or take his $16M buyout and head back to his ranch in Tennessee with his hot girlfriend. Either way, I wish him the best. Skol!

  10. Who in the heck wants to come to Minnesota as a coach with Cousins as the QB? Talk about rock bottom….

  11. There is Brady, Rodgers and Mahomes. After that the only real promise across the league is in Burrow, Herbert and Allen.

    Unless you have a guy like one of those, little else matters.

  12. Isn’t consistently contending for championships what every team should be trying to do,every season? The Wilfs’ are clueless.

  13. I’m afraid the Vikings will hire one of the GMs fired JUST TODAY! the cycle of sadness will then continue

  14. Ya they didnt build that stadium completely with their own money, Minneapolis and the State kicked in money as well. I know it will not be a hairball type or college guy. Perhaps someone who is already on the team? First you get a GM then let that person find a coach.

  15. 32 teams contend for the brass ring every year.
    Being a team that actually wins one occasionally is the tricky part.

  16. Can they add “Consistently contend for championships” to the Viking fight song?

  17. The Vikings managing up be an embarrassment every year despite being Roger’s wife’s favorite team, is one of the more amazingly hilarious failures ever. The NFL will literally hand you wins and the Vikings refuse.

  18. Weird, so you’re saying a sludge roster, mediocrity and nepotism wasn’t the recipe for success. 🤣

  19. Unfortunately there isn’t much for “proven” coaches out there that have longevity of winning. This brings it down to just a couple of options and they had best move fast to seal this up so they can move on to the business of restructured contracts and trades that will be needed.

  20. Zimmer is a good guy but seemed to have lost the team on defense. Thank you and all the best.

  21. Ha!

    That’s like this time I was a teenager at the Chicago Bears Football Camp. Jim Miller was there giving us a speech. He said “I’m going to be here until I win a Super Bowl with the Bears”.

    There was audible chuckling from the teens. Okay, Jim.

  22. Poach Trent Baalke from the Jags. He’ll add to that championship tradition we’ve grown accustomed to.

  23. Zygi and Mark had this to say when they hired Zimmer.

    “We are excited to welcome Mike as the new leader of the Minnesota Vikings,” said Vikings Owner/Chairman Zygi Wilf. “He has a proven track record of success at every stop in the NFL and we look forward to him maintaining that consistency here in Minnesota.”

    “Fans will appreciate Mike’s intensity on the field and his down-to-earth attitude off the field,” said Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf. “We strongly believe he will help us compete for division championships each year and lead us to our ultimate goal of bringing a Super Bowl championship to Minnesota.”

  24. That shot from the game at Lambeau did Zimmer in. He looked like he’d rather have been anywhere but there out in the cold getting his butt whipped that night.

    He got his wish.

  25. Maybe Peter Carroll will get canned soon, they they could hire someone from the Bud Grant tree since that was the last time the Vikings were relative.

  26. That’s a great vow! But unless your previous vow was to consistently play mediocre ball and not go to a Superbowl, this new vow doesn’t mean a whole lot.

  27. Notice he didn’t say they will win championships, he said they will consistently contend for them.
    The Vikings organization has had problems for a very long time because they haven’t had the people in place who know how to build a championship team, and more importantly, develop a good QB.
    Kirk Cousins puts up lots of numbers, which in today’s game just about everyone does, but everyone knows that he is not in the same class as the elite QB’s in the league. Cousins can play a magnificent game, but always has one or two mistakes in a crucial time which makes everything else he did useless.
    But Cousins play on the field isn’t the Vikings biggest problem. The biggest problem is the amount of money they owe him and knowing their defense needs to be totally rebuilt.
    The Vikings aren’t winning anything as long as #12 is wearing the green and gold in Green Bay. They know it, and so do the Packers. And even after #12 leaves, they will still have to deal with the Packers before they win anything.

  28. I wish the Vikings and their fans all the success in the future. I feel bad for the many Viking Fan friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances that deserve and expect more. The Vikings have put together terrific offenses and defenses……but unfortunately, not at the same time. Best of luck.

  29. The rest of the league is officially on notice!! Can you imagine what will happen when a new coach and new GM is brought in and will inject a new attitude and hunger into that team?!! Minnesota already has the best long-ball throwing QB, the top two receivers, the best RB, the best OL in the league – all to go with the top defense and the best stadium (and the best fans!!)!! What coach/GM wouldn’t want to go into that situation?!! They will literally have their pick of who to bring in, and with them will come championships!!! This team is built to dominate for years to come!!!

  30. “Poach Trent Baalke from the Jags. ”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Oh….you were serious?

  31. As the late great Bud Grant once famously said, “fool me 62 times – shame on you. Fool me 63 times – shame on me.”

  32. Good for the Wilfs. All the speculation that Spielman would stay is over. Its time to get a good HC and coaches. It will be interesting to see who they pick. There are a lot of good candidates out there. Im glad to see Rick go with his trading down for sixth and seventh round draft choices and if they work, which most dont, they make Rick look brilliant. Im glad to think there could be an offense that doesnt go into stall mode with a lead. I hope they choose the right defensive players, the defense needs a whitewash. And please get rid of that lazy Pierce. He has played a handful of games in two years. All the players who are in Zimm’s doghouse; Mond, Davis etc. can now come out and have a chance.

  33. Spielman was a good GM. Signing Cousins and hiring Zimmer were bad moves and they cost him his job. Even with that he’s a lot better GM than most teams have…and I’m not a Vikings fan.

  34. Wilf is correct. The goal should be to contend for a super bowl. IF the team is in the playoffs every year, the fans are happy….and maybe they win a super bowl, eventually.

    Even teams with great QBs rarely go to the Super Bowl. Rodgers went once in 13 years, but the Packers are contenders in the playoffs almost every year.

    Cousins is serviceable. I don’t see any other QBs out there that are available. WIlson would be great, but why would he go to Minnesota? The Vikings need better coaches…..on offense and defense.

  35. Zim and Spielman were competent, but not great. Both are good men that had their moments and have respective strengths. However, they couldn’t get over the top and things were growing stale. A new regime is warranted, but there is no certainty here, and the Vikings had best choose the right guys, because there is no HOF QB on the roster to hide the faults of the coach and GM. It will be interesting if the same folks now trashing Zim and Spielman have short memories when and if they similarly trash their successors in future seasons (well, we know the trashing from out east will come regardless).

  36. Remember 8 years ago when a judge in New Jersey handed down an $84M fraud judgement against the Wilf’s going so far as to say Zygi Wilf used “evil motive” to defraud investors? Yeah, they appear to still be at it. This time they’re doing it to Vikings fans

  37. Get rid of cousins and his cap space if the Vikings actually want to win something. Dude is only good for stats. He will never win anything

  38. Just once I want team owner to make a vow for continued mediocrity. They can focus on being good, not great. Not always playing their best but always having a shot and just falling short. Continue to draft in the teens year after year where they find good players who leave after 5 years.

  39. Signed your franchise QB “so you thought” and never got as far as you did the year before he got there.

    Remember how happy you all were to get him ? He will always be KirT to us.

    Signed, the WFT

  40. Prove your commitment to contending – release Captain Mediocre immediately regardless of the monetary hit. As long as Cousins is QB, the Vikings will not contend.

  41. Translation. “Mediocre is no longer selling tickets and jerseys. Our bottom line is finally being hurt by the product on the field. We are committed to bring the fans money back into our billfolds by promising change. When the team reverts to what it always has been, we still will have 5 to 10 years before the fans start protesting again. We thank Zimmer and Spielman for all the money they’ve earned for us, but the gravy train stopped, and so we are moving on.”

  42. If that isn’t the perfect caption for Wilfism. They have accepted consistent mediocrity for so long they have no idea what success looks like.

  43. This is the quote: “we believe it is time for new leadership to elevate our team so we can consistently contend for championships.”

    There’s nothing in there about a “vow.” This is a goal to which every team should aspire. That goal is not being met so changes are necessary.

    Not sure what everyone is laughing at.

  44. Zygi, Baalke, and Kiffin . . . ladies and gentlemen, your new triangle of authority!

  45. This will be a great job for Super Bowl winning coach Doug Pederson. He knows how to win Super Bowls.

  46. Wasn’t that supposed to be the plan all along? Or did they just intentionally pay Kirk Cousins $30m a year fully guaranteed to be mediocre?

    Firing Day is my favorite date on the NFL calendar besides the draft. Nonstop laughs all day.

  47. It really does start at the top and most owners just can’t help themselves. They continue to do the same thing over and over. If you don’t let your head coach also control the gm responsibility, then your head coach and gm better be on the same page going in the same direction. If they have different philosophical visions on how to build the team, it will not work.

  48. With Minnesota getting new schemes, coaches and management, I could easily see a trade with the Browns where they swap Cousins for Mayfield with players or picks to make up the cap differences.

    Mayfield doesn’t like the offence or Stefanski, he gets a fresh opportunity. Cousins gets an offence he already knows and they both have a mediocre 2022.

  49. What is an owner supposed to say, “we’re looking for continuing mediocrity under a different regime”.

    But the Wilfs are owners that have invested in the team, which is more than can be said about their predecessors.

  50. I’m probably in the minority, but I still think Zimmer is a good HC. Spielman and Kirk Cousins are the problem with that team. They’ve got the pieces to be a contender, especially since A-Aron is either going to be out of GB or retired next season.

  51. Well what are they supposed to say?

    “We’d love to bring in a coach & GM that will lead us to consistent 9-8 teams and barely miss the playoffs?”

  52. Darryl Bevel would be my choice for head coach. A guy with a great offensive mind to turn Kirk into the next Case Keenum

  53. Consistently contend for championships? It’s been over 4 decades since you sniffed one… and lost.

  54. Some Vikings trivia. In ancient times the Vikings played in 4 Super Bowls, and never once held a lead in any of them.

    The more you know.

  55. The biggest mistake anyone could make is to come in and totally rebuild this team.

    Plug the whokes on secondary and D-line and this team is back in it next year.

  56. Cousins isn’t going anywhere. He’s got one guaranteed year left and he’s one of the best if not the best game-manager in the league. The biggest changes will be on defense. They have to unload a lot of underperforming, expensive weight.

  57. Speilmen should have no issues finding a job, as some Viking fans were saying he is a magician this whole time.

  58. As has been already stated, they could do better than Cousins… but their biggest problem by far is they have one of the worst defenses in the NFL.. literally can’t stop ANYONE. Never go anywhere like that

  59. stellarperformance says:
    January 10, 2022 at 4:39 pm
    Cousins isn’t going anywhere. He’s got one guaranteed year left and he’s one of the best if not the best game-manager in the league
    Cousins actually had a great year. And, he’s way more than a game manager, while getting blocking from one of the worst lines year after year. Go take a look at how many leads Cousins gave the team this year, only to watch the defense give the lead back.

  60. Spielman was in the same boat Jason Licht was in a couple years ago, then Tampa Bay acquired Tom Brady. This isn’t nuclear science. Teams with elite QB’s win. If Brady would have gone to Minnesota, Zimmer would be the Bruce Arians and Spielman would be Exec. of the Year. Sorry if I spoiled the end of the movie. I’ve already seen it fifty times.

  61. Hire Louis Riddick as GM and Doug Pederson as Head Coach. Riddick can work closely with cap guru Rob Brezinski. That’s my two cents.

  62. Except the Vikings couldnt win a Superbowl with Brett Favre in what some say was his best season as a pro and he was a 3 time MVP thats… They also couldnt win the Superbowl wit the most prolific offense in history at that time.

    A Elite QB can make a team good and sometimes even Great… but it takes 53+ guys to make a team a champions.

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