Will Jim Irsay stand pat with Frank Reich?

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
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Four years ago, the unexpected decision of Josh McDaniels to jilt the Colts forced the franchise toward Frank Reich. What impact will Sunday’s expected loss to the previously 2-14 Jaguars have on the organization?

As potential surprises go, it would have been far less stunning for Colts owner Jim Irsay to fire Reich on Monday than it was for Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to fire Brian Flores. The Colts had consecutive win-and-in opportunities, at home against the Raiders and then at Jacksonville. They blew both of them.

The low-water mark was Sunday’s loss, an uglier-than-the-score defeat that, coupled with the Steelers beating the Ravens, ended Indy’s quest for the postseason.

Irsay has very high expectations for his team. In October, Irsay promised two Super Bowl wins this decade. “As sure as the sun rises and the season’s change, it’s COMING,” he said. “Don’t you ever doubt that, EVER! YOU WILL SEE GREATNESS. BELIEVE AND YOU WILL SEE.”

On Sunday, Irsay saw the opposite of greatness. As one source with knowledge of the dynamics in Indianapolis told PFT, Irsay currently is “devastated.” He possibly had the “urge for a moment” to change coaches. However, G.M. Chris Ballard would likely be able to calm Irsay down and talk him out of it.

Reich, who has missed the playoffs in two of the last three years, is still trying to overcome the sudden and unexpected retirement of quarterback Andrew Luck. If, however, Reich served as the champion for the trade Carson Wentz (which ultimately cost Indy a third- and first-round pick), Irsay could have even greater concerns.

The Colts have talent. They led the league with seven Pro Bowlers. Ballard’s position should be more than secure.

As to Reich, who knows? Ballard may to spend some time talking Irsay out of making a change. Given Irsay’s sky-high expectations and Sunday’s bizarrely poor performance, it’s not unreasonable for Irsay to at least wonder whether a change should be made.

29 responses to “Will Jim Irsay stand pat with Frank Reich?

  1. Feels like they put every ounce of effort and emotion into the NE game and had nothing left.

  2. Would be a mistake to get rid of him. Be better to give him a stable environment to operate under but that isn’t how Isray likes to do things.

  3. This should be viewed as a blessing in disguise for them and a wake up call to find a better alternative then Wentz. Id replace him before Reich. Just average/above average QB play in one of the last two games and theyed be in the playoffs.

  4. Playing the Pats IS their Super Bowl….. glad they won it & we made the playoffs to contend for the REAL ONE!!!

  5. Irsay should have kept Manning and built a team around him like the Broncos did. Most likely they would have won another championship.

  6. Think of how much Andrew Luck’s retirement has affected the Colt’s trajectory as well as the AFC’s landscape.

  7. Reich is a good coach but he seems determined to go all-in on Wentz and that’ll be his undoing.

  8. The Colts had one of the greatest QBs of all time and won one SB, and have been living off that ever since. Maybe they should trade for Wilson, between the 3 he’s going to win and the 2 Irsay claimed they would be a legit dynasty. Instead of a building with a bunch of almost did it banners.

  9. I think they need to take a very hard look at Wentz in the offseason. He had a very good team around him, and most often than not, was not as productive as he could have been.

    I believe PFF looked at the hard numbers, and with his rushing contributions, Jalen Hurts had a better year in terms of wins above replacement than Wentz, and that was on a team with much less talent, especially on the OL.

    If wentz has an average game against the Raiders or Jaguars, they would be in the playoffs. That Wentz had one of his worst games in a must -win, it must be hard to swallow. Especially given the Jags do NOT have a great defense. THey sure played like one!

    I remember decades ago the Jets had a shot at the playoffs, if they just bean the Houston Oilers (yes, THAT long ago). And the Oilers had already clinched and had nothing to play for. The Jets showed up much like the Colts, no energy and got whipped badly. And that was a year they signed a ton of free agents, traded for Boomer, missed a ton of FGS in their last few games to lose….the loss I do believe it lead to them firing Bruce Coslet as head coach, and going with Pete Carroll, then Rich Kotite, then Parcells….it was not a good time.

    Frank Reich seems like a good coach with a good team, but if you don’t get consistent play from a QB, it is gonna be hard to win in this league. The only thing this proved is that the Wentz from that super bowl season is gone forever.

  10. More importantly, when will the Colts put up the banner for their December 18th victory and build a statue commemorating the “Patriot Special” play?

  11. Both Brian Flores & Frank Reich would be top candidates for other teams and would be snapped up ASAP.

  12. The smart play for Irsrsy is fire Wentz! Colts are a run 1st team so they could find a SMART Qb game manager in free agency. ( foles,etc) Also draft a QB IN THE 2nd round. Wentz was a gamble and you got snuckerd by the Eagles

  13. Leading the league in Pro Bowlers? Meh – it’s a popularity vote, not an endorsement of your roster by anyone who may really be in the position to know.

  14. Before they fire Reich they better have a surefire person to hire. Any coach who takes this job has a major QB problem. Oh, and Reich will be hired within 1 week of his firing.

  15. Andrew Luck was an overhyped guy who threw too many INTs. They never one bg with him, not sure what all the “what might have been” stuff is all about.

  16. You guys should read some of the Philly press about Wentz–
    “Selfish, hard headed, a know it all” just some of the things that were said.

    He’s egotistical, insecure, and injury prone. Pederson tried for years to tell him to change his playing style.

  17. Oh, please God, do it! My Broncos have a crying need for a good coach, and the options they’re looking at now aren’t pretty.

  18. Reich is a good coach. But he was the one pushing Irsay to trade for Wentz which could be his downfall.

  19. Firing Reich would be insane. Far more insane than firing Flores.

    I’m in the camp who thinks they signed the wrong QB – I’d trust Reich to get Foles to a consistent place more than I believe that Wentz has the extra level we haven’t seen yet.

    Overall they seem just fine as a team and I think they will be right in the thick of it again next season.

  20. Whoever brought Wentz onboard needs to go, be it Reich or Ballard. Just a terrible decision that has set them back a couple years.

  21. I think that Reich is a really good head coach. Irsay would be crazy to fire him. If anyone gets the axe for this, it should be Wentz, who folds every time there’s pressure or a little criticism.

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