Amazon eyes Marshawn Lynch for studio show

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The man who despised the media may now be joining it.

Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, whose reluctance to participate in press conferences eventually became a catch phrase, has been targeted by Amazon Prime Video to serve a a feature reporter and analyst for the Thursday Night Football package, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

Lynch would be part of a “more relaxed” studio show. For Lynch, that could be an understatement, especially as it relates to his affinity for speaking the way most adults do in normal conversation, with periodic use of “S” and/or “F” bombs. Appearing on the Manningcast during the 2021 regular season, Lynch used both.

Lynch has an engaging and authentic personality. He speaks the truth in a likable way. He’ll be good, if Amazon can convince him to do it.


14 responses to “Amazon eyes Marshawn Lynch for studio show

  1. Pair him with someone like Pat Mcafee whos funny and can be the more host type and maybe another personality to be the knowledgeable straight man who can hang and id watch that show in a heartbeat.

  2. I love it! Mr. Lynch is exactly what NFL studio shows need. Enough of these heavily madeup, ancient, overweight dudes in suits.

  3. I’m not the target audience so it won’t be watched. It’s that simple, people. Don’t like it, don’t have to watch; you don’t have to crusade to get it taken off the air.

  4. Flying home from Vegas in 2016. It was a Southwest flight. I saw Lynch seated in the aisle halfway down the plane. About 30 mins into the flight he goes to front of plane and chats up a stewardess. 2 mins later he came walking down the aisle with the peanut basket. He passed out snacks to the whole plane. It was pretty epic

  5. The thing people miss is that he is SO different from his media-speak (or not-speak as the case might be).

    The guy talks like most football fans talk. With passion, care about your team/player, and a total disregard for caring what anyone else thinks about him. He is flat out real. And does more for his community in his life than we all have collectively in ours. I’d love to see him paired with Macafee. That would be epic.

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