Andrew Berry has no concerns about Baker Mayfield/Kevin Stefanski relationship

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The relationship between Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and head coach Kevin Stefanski came into the spotlight multiple times during the 2021 season, but Stefanski downplayed concerns last week and General Manager Andrew Berry did the same on Tuesday.

Mayfield cited “internal things” as a problem this year and issues with play-calling were reportedly among those things, but Mayfield pushed back at a report indicating he’d ask to be traded if things didn’t improve and Berry noted that Mayfield “had his most successful season in this offense under Kevin” while saying he thins the two men will work together well in the future.

“I don’t have any concerns in terms of relationship or anything along those lines,” Berry said, via 92.3 The Fan. “I think it’s pretty natural to have discussions around scheme as you got into the offseason. Those discussions have happened and will continue to happen.”

Berry said the Browns “fully expect Baker to be our starter and bounce back,” although he didn’t rule out making other moves involving quarterbacks at some point this offseason. He also didn’t rule out a contract extension for Mayfield, but that doesn’t appear to be on the front burner at the moment.

8 responses to “Andrew Berry has no concerns about Baker Mayfield/Kevin Stefanski relationship

  1. Andrew Berry is a sharp guy, but I don’t agree with him. Red flags everywhere with Baker and Stefanski.

  2. I trust Andrew Berry to figure it out. His professional judgement and reputation is on the line. Saying there are red flags everywhere seems a little dramatic. Disagreement isn’t necessarily a red flag. There’s definitely room for things to improve all around.

  3. Baker has lost the locker room. To keep Baker they will need to ship OBJ’s loyalists. All the former LSU players, Jarvis, Delpit, Phillips, Greedy will need be to be let go.

  4. Watching Stefanski’s press conference yesterday, his short, curt answer that his relationship with Baker is “real good” plus his dour look is all you need to know. He protected Baker’s backside all year long, never pointing his finger when it was clear to all that QB play was holding back the Browns. And what does he get from Baker? Thrown under the bus publicly more than once. Yeah, Baker is done in Cleveland. No way you bring that guy back with both Stef and Berry entering their pivatol 3rd years and their careers possibly on the line especially with an owner who goes through coaches and GMs like we go through microwave meals. If they can’t get a Rodgers/Wilson/Watson, I think they will take an average guy at QB who is competent enough and a good soldier over Baker all day long. That guy would have gotten the Browns to the playoffs. Their roster is better than half the teams in the playoffs.

  5. This Browns season was the epitome of the “football is a game of inches” speech by Al Pacino. A botched punt against KC, the defense playing like swiss cheese against the Chargers, and heartbreaking losses against the Raiders and Packers really crushed this season. Baker played like garbage but was also hurt most of the year. Absent some blockbuster QB coming to Cleveland, Baker is coming back.

  6. AB is smart, he is not going to allude to anything, until they make a decision. There is nothing to be gained by him criticizing anyone. If they thing they can improve the team by shipping off Mayfield, they will. If they can’t, they will fully back Mayfield before the season starts.

  7. Since Cleveland regained a team their biggest win came when Stefanski was locked in his basement. I’m just sayin.

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