Bears request interview with Dan Quinn

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Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn’s strong work this year and past head coaching experience have led to interest from teams looking for a new head coach this offseason.

The Bears are one of those teams. Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that they have requested an interview with Quinn, who will be coaching the Dallas defense against the 49ers this week.

The Jaguars and Broncos have also asked for permission to interview Quinn. Quinn declined to speak with the Jaguars before the end of the regular season.

Quinn was 43-42 as the Falcons’ head coach before being fired five games into the 2020 season. He led the team to Super Bowl LI and was 3-2 overall in two trips to the postseason.

10 responses to “Bears request interview with Dan Quinn

  1. I like Flores better but this is guy is definitely worth talking to IMO. The slate of names being associated with the Bears today is MUCH better than the ones that were reported yesterday.

  2. This is the guy Pace wanted to hire in 2015 and ownership made him hire Fox, now they fire Pace and are going to potentially hire his choice from six years ago and I’m not the least bit shocked

  3. Jerry is going to throw stupid money at his assistants to keep them locked up for a few more years. Obviously there is no cap on coach salaries so he can over pay for the position and keep the staff together. He did it with Garrett for a few years before he became the HC.

  4. I’m sure Quinn will be hired away, if not this year, then next year. But why would he want to go to the Bears, just to be fired in 3 years because they won’t support him?

  5. As someone who endured his tenure in Atlanta, Quinn is a joker. A complete and total clown. Worst clock management decisions ever. He is all bluster and no results.

  6. Funny how both Dimitrioff and Quinn were canned in Atlanta, but now are getting interviews.

  7. Quinn will stay a Cowboy .. too many weapons on defense to give up. However you can have Kellen Moore

  8. Jerry always loses the good coaches and keeps the lesser ones.
    He should have fired Parcells and kept Sean Payton.
    He should keep Quinn.

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