Brad Holmes: Jared Goff played good football the last half of the season

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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The Lions won three of their last six games to enter the offseason with some positive energy.

Quarterback Jared Goff was a significant part of that surge, as Detroit won each of his last two starts. Goff missed some time while on the COVID-19 list and with a knee injury.

The quarterback finished the year completing 67 percent of his passes for 3,245 yards with 19 touchdowns, eight interceptions, and six lost fumbles.

But in his last four starts, Goff threw for 965 yards with nine touchdowns and two picks — good for a 103.3 passer rating.

In his Tuesday press conference, Lions General Manager Brad Holmes said he was proud of how Goff showed resiliency throughout the year.

“You talk about will, talk about grit, that’s why he fit from the very get-go,” Holmes said. “And the success he had late, it all came from that — because he had rough patches. He had some adversity that he had to fight through. And I give him all the credit in the world that he stayed the course. And some tweaks were made, some changes were made, some reinforcements and players emerged. But he played really good football.

“And it wasn’t a surprise that he played good football, I guess because of my history with him. I’ve seen him play some of his best football. So that wasn’t a surprise. But I was more proud [that] he showed that resiliency and mental toughness to push through. And he played good football the last half of the season.”

Holmes was the Rams’ director of college scouting when Los Angeles drafted Goff at No. 1 overall in 2016 — a role he held until Detroit hired him as G.M. last year.

Goff’s contract means he’s likely back with the Lions next year. But if he continues playing at a high level with head coach Dan Campbell as a play-caller, the Lions could be on the way to competing in 2022.

10 responses to “Brad Holmes: Jared Goff played good football the last half of the season

  1. This has been a complicated year for we Lions fans. Loved the trade for the draft capital it brought and Stafford had earned a right to go try his hand elsewhere. I thought Goff was AWFUL, said so here many times. I thought a juggs gun with a good remote control might be close to the same. All he could do was look to the sideline. I Talked a lot of bleep basically, thought I was surely right. Goff I owe an apology to. He was tougher than I thought, had more leadership and did things I think that a QB1 must do that so many don’t. He is not a joke as a QB, and I think is probably low starting grade in this league not high backup grade. He also is still not the long term answer, he’s just not that guy. But I think he may be a VERY GOOD transition qb who can help teach a talented rookie how to be a professional. If Goff is QB1 for my Lions to start the year because the draft wasn’t right for the position I believe he can handle next year. The one after that I expect to be in contention for “something” and by then I think we may need to hand off to the next guy if ready. But for now, my apologies Mr Goff.

  2. Goff is a great guy and had some good games this year, but teams underestimated them at the end of the year because they’re the Lions. When a good defense actually plans for Goff, he’ll let you down every time.

  3. In other words, someone please trade for him and his contract so we can draft a replacement

  4. Well he did play well at the end of the year. No reason to try to dispute that, just as there’s no way to dispute he was abysmal for the other part of the season. Obviously the now departed OC was a problem and having the HC call plays was part of the difference. Either way he was going to be the starter next year regardless, given his contract and experience.

  5. Goff was better than expected, as was the run game and o-line. Despite a bad record, I also feel the coach is better than expected

  6. I like that the Lions got back to running trick plays and making games entertaining. Goff’s contract dictated he’d be on the roster next year. I still think he needs to, at a Lions home game, get called for taunting someone on the defense. Detroit fans will love seeing that.

  7. There is no QB to take at the top of the QB so you can’t force it. Run with Goff again and try to get as many picks to keep building.

  8. Simple fact is that there is no better QB coming up out of this year’s draft. Goff is better than all the QB prospects.

  9. Defense and WR in the 22 draft.

    QB maybe in the 23 draft, assuming Goff isn’t a long term answer at all, which I think we all agree he is unlikely to be that guy.

    Goff throws an ugly ball, but when the play calling is good he can be quite effective. Having Josh Reynolds on the outside helped open up the playbook and made the defense account for something the Lions didn’t have in the first half of the year… an outside WR with the trust of Goff.

    I assume they sign one WR in FA and they draft one in their first 4 picks, while concentrating remaining resources on improving the LB core and pass rush on defense.

    Having a healthy offensive line, secondary, and Hock will go a long way next season with the expected additions and little FA departure. Expect a Lions team in 2022 to resemble an actual NFL franchise for the first time in a while.

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