Dolphins request interview with 49ers OC Mike McDaniel

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
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After firing Brian Flores on Monday, the Dolphins could potentially turn to an offensive mind for their next head coach.

Per Tom Pelissero of NFL Media, Miami has requested to interview 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel for their vacancy.

McDaniel has worked alongside Kyle Shanahan for much of his career, dating back to his time as an offensive assistant with Houston back from 2006-2008. They were also together at Washington, with McDaniel serving as an offensive assistant and receivers coach. McDaniel was then the Browns’ receivers coach under Shanahan as offensive coordinator in 2014 before heading to Atlanta with Shanahan as an offensive assistant from 2015-2016.

Shanahan brought McDaniel with him to San Francisco where McDaniel was the run game coordinator from 2017-2020. Starting in 2021, he was promoted to offensive coordinator after passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur departed to become the Jets’ offensive coordinator.

McDaniel does not call plays, with Shanahan having that responsibility for the 49ers.

San Francisco finished seventh in yards and 13th in points scored this season.

12 responses to “Dolphins request interview with 49ers OC Mike McDaniel

  1. Glad Miami is taking a look at the offensive side of the ball. As for the comment above saying Flores earned one more year… why? So he could have the team under performing in the beginning of the year only to have them flip and go on a team inning streak towards the end? Let’s not act like Flores had this team as a yearly championship contender. If finishing around .500 is what you’re looking for then awesome. But I think this fan base like all of them are looking for playoffs and contender status. Hovering around .500 is a death sentence in this league. Heck Flores couldn’t even tank right his first season.

  2. Flores never came close to building an NFL-caliber coaching staff or creating an environment that was going to help develop a young quarterback (especially, if most of the Deshaun Watson chatter was coming from him). All of the coaching turnover, each decision worse than the one before it and ultimately landing on co-offensive coordinators show Flores was in over his head.

    You know the old saying, when you have two offensive coordinators, you really have none…….

  3. 1. Hire someone with experience as a head coach please (because the last ones have been bad).

    2. If you can’t, and wish to repeat the cycle again, hire one who actually calls the plays (unlike Philbin).

  4. Ross couldn’t pick a coach with a crystal ball to see the future. Last coach with NFL wad coaching experience was Jimmy Johnson. Time to give up on first timers, it hasn’t worked

  5. They want an OC who doesn’t call his own plays to be HC? Sounds about right for the Dolphins unfortunately.

  6. I am waiting for the “The Dolphins request interview with Brian Flores” article

  7. This would be too big a gamble coming off the Flores firing, especially if he doesn’t even call the plays. For me, it’s either Bieniemy or bust as far as first timers go. He seems to be the only OC who could potentially make that next big step. But, if we’re talking people with experience, I’d say Pederson and McDaniels have to be 1a and 1b. If they’re sticking with Tua, they obviously have to get someone offensive minded. Leftwich and Daboll have obviously never been head coaches, and would be too much of a risk also. I’m sure Daboll has come a long way since 11 years ago as OC for the find, but he was only there one year. And for Leftwich and Daboll, we all know who their qb’s are, so there’s that.

  8. There’s something “ironical” about the Dolphins having to request permission to interview a guy they fired before (Daboll).

    However, his stop along the way since then with Tua will carry quite a bit of weight……

  9. The last thing the Dolphins need is ANOTHER rookie head coach.
    Will Ross ever learn from prior mistakes?

    Pederson, Jim Harbaugh, Garrett, Quinn, etc…

  10. Wow. As a 49ers fan, good luck with the interview. Fan of McDaniels and no offense but dude is super awkward sounding in press conferences. For a team who’s already had Adam Gase I think they should look elsewhere.

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