Dolphins request interview with Dan Quinn

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn’s dance card is filling up.

According to multiple reports, the Dolphins have requested an interview with Quinn. Miami fired Brian Flores on Monday after three seasons on the job.

Miami is the fourth team to request an interview with Quinn. He passed on the chance to interview with the Jaguars during the regular season and has also landed on the radars of the Bears and Broncos.

It’s unknown whether Quinn will go forward with any or all of the interviews at this point. His more immediate business is getting the Dallas defense ready for Sunday’s home game against the 49ers.


8 responses to “Dolphins request interview with Dan Quinn

  1. Quinn Loves this Very Young Very Talented Defense! He is going Nowhere! Imagine how scary next year’s defense is going to be now that they are no longer rookies! See the leap in Diggs from his rookie year!
    Quinn Loves teaching and being a HC is Not teaching.
    Besides the Cowboys facilities are the best in sports!

  2. I, too, don’t think Quinn is going anywhere. If the ‘Boys lay an egg against the Niners, McCarthy will be fired and Quinn (assuming the Niners don’t hang 50 on them) is the logical successor. If the Cowboys go deep or all the way, Quinn will have plenty of offers after that…

  3. Yeah if I’m the Fins you avoid this at all costs. You just fired a defensive minded HC. We need someone with some offensive philosophies that can come in a build a scheme around Tua to see if he can take his game to the next level. If not, scrap Tua and either get someone disgruntled in a trade or let Grier mess up another high pick.

  4. Has anyone noticed one name being absent in all these interviews? It shouldn’t be that big of a surprise though. I haven’t heard one bit about Josh McDaniels getting even a sniff of an interview. I guess teams figure why bother since even if they hire him he’ll go running back to daddy at the last minute.

  5. If he goes Dallas benefits and Miami learns the hard way.
    Quinn’s success has been the players brought in before him and a powerful high scoring offense that makes the opposing O 1 dimensional. As soon as scheme matters in Dallas, his inability to do that will shine once again.

  6. The reason why Quinn looks awesome is simple. When the O was doing its job the D was barely on the field. When the D is on the field for longer periods you can see what doesn’t happen. They can’t get to the QB and the coverage downfield breaks down… They can barely stop the run most of the time. Yeah I think they’re better but they aren’t a top 10 D.

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