Giants fire Joe Judge

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
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Joe Judge is out after two years as head coach of the Giants.

The Giants fired Judge this afternoon.

Judge went 6-10 in his first season and 4-13 in his second season. Despite a widespread perception that Giants owner John Mara thought highly of Judge personally, the results just weren’t good enough.

And perhaps just as important, Judge was widely criticized for his handling of the end of the season, when the Giants lost their last six games, all by double-digit margins, and Judge was mocked around the league for a post-game rant in which he insisted that he had instilled a winning culture.

Now the Giants have fired three consecutive coaches after just two seasons each, with Judge following the same fate as Pat Shurmur and Ben McAdoo. They’ll start looking for a new head coach and hope he can last longer.

120 responses to “Giants fire Joe Judge

  1. Calling two consecutive QB sneaks from his own 5 on 2nd and 9 and then 3rd and 7 while behind probably didn’t help his cause much either

  2. Shocked that Mara did the right albeit obvious thing. Hopefully now he will see that the common denominator is HIM and he should stay the hell out of the process. Hire a new GM and let him hire a coach. Good riddance Joe. Safe to say this was your first and last head coaching job.

  3. one of my best friends bday is today and he bleeds Giants blue…..he said he got what he wanted!!!

  4. The second worst thing Judge did was hire Garrett as the OC. The worst thing he did was fire him, and leave Freddie Kitchens in charge to manage double digit scoring efforts in only 2 of 7 attempts – maybe the worst run of offense I can remember. A perfect example of the compounding of bad decision making, for which he is now being held accountable.

  5. John Mara’s statement notes the new GM will head the search for the next coach. So it looks like Mara and Tisch do indeed want a “new” George Young who will be fully in charge of football operations.

  6. So, Giants fans I’m over in Michigan so I can’t attend the parade for this firing but where is it starting and ending so I can watch it on tv? Even as a Lions fan you guys have it pretty rough over there right now, better days.

  7. But he had built such a wonderful foundation from which to build his empire!

    The NFC East mourns a true, standout coach who never produced a talented and well coached team. Dallas mourns particularly well because that pads their record. Now if Washington can find a defense, Dallas could find itself with a Dakota problem.

  8. Here comes the Judge , here comes the judge, the judge is coming so here comes the judge . RIP Flip Wilson.

  9. Oh rats! Signed by the rest of the NFC East. This guy was one of the biggest frauds coaching an NFL team I’ve seen in a LONG time.

  10. All I want from the next Giants coach is to show up each day in pads and a jersey and during clutch moments on gameday the players and staff have to physically restrain him from trying to enter the game.

  11. My guess all the GM interviews ended early after they asked if they had to retain Judge. Otherwise, why not fire him yesterday, or even during the game.

  12. What were they possibly weighing that took an extra day to come to this painfully obvious decision?

  13. They had to do it to get in line for the most qualified replacements and to land a GM early so they could take part in hiring their HC. Judge was a dead man walking and a questionable hire to begin with. It is a culture issue with the Giants and they need the right hire at GM to make progress. And if they latch into the next HC talking about how they are going to make Jones successful, they are going to make the wrong decision.

  14. The Giants need a grand gesture at GM and HC. For the current iteration of the NFL fanbase, the Giants heyday is in the distant past. Is Big Blue still considered one of the elite organizations?

  15. Great. Now stop hiring Coach Bots. Find a human, leader of men like the last three guys that took us to the Super Bowl

  16. yaz67 says:

    January 11, 2022 at 5:47 pm

    Who exactly would want the Giants job? Two years and you are out
    2 bad years in a row where you get worse or show no improvement in the 2nd year would/should get you out pretty much everywhere, that’s not exclusive to the Giants.

  17. 1onceuponatimeinthewest1 says:
    January 11, 2022 at 5:48 pm
    Here comes the Judge
    All Rise! Lol

  18. breakdownsbryan says:
    January 11, 2022 at 5:52 pm
    All I want from the next Giants coach is to show up each day in pads and a jersey and during clutch moments on gameday the players and staff have to physically restrain him from trying to enter the game.

    Vrabel’s taken. Get Flores!

  19. Hey Joe…..Special Teams Coaching Position soon to be open in New England….Any Interest?

  20. What took so long till Tuesday? Great news for Giants fans!! He really sealed it with that 2 QB sneaks to give the kicker more room.

  21. As a Chef ,I always enjoyed it when my students out did me later in life, means”I DID MY JOB RIGHT TEACHING THEM”.
    Nothing can be a greater feel than “knowing you made someone else something”.

    BILL B. it ain’t all about you, “give a person a fish,feed them for a day…. teach a person to fish, feed them for a lifetime”.
    You just gave them a fish,nothing more.

  22. I have a lucky Yankees hoody I wear on Sundays. I missed my first game in forever because I was saving it for Black Monday! It only half worked yesterday. Grrrr…

    So, I wore it again today…IT WORKED !

  23. Hey Giants fans, you had only had to deal with Judge for 2 years, us Lions fans had to endure the Quinn/Patricia (patriot way)that put this team farther down the drain then Millen did.

  24. Might have literally talked himself out of a job over the past two weeks with the bizarre press conferences.

  25. Pile into that clown car and hit 95N for a few hours to Foxboro, Joe. Pats special teams this year have been a dumpster fire.

  26. I really like Brian Flores and I believe he has a great coaching career ahead of him. That being said I pray to God he doesn’t go to the Giants.

  27. They will hire Flores, and get the same guy – arrogant, thinks he smarter than everyone, can’t get along with anyone.

  28. People are calling for Flores in NY? Another Belichick disciple? A guy with interpersonal issues that was canned cause he couldn’t get along with the owner, GM and players? Yeah, going to that well again oughta work. . . .

  29. Thank goodness. Him still being employed for some reason made me so mad for some reason. And I’m not even a Giants fan. Now do Matt Rhule who is just as incompetent.

  30. Damn, he got fired right after Aaron ripped him on McAFee’s show.

    The Giants were like: “The MVP is clowning our coach. Let’s go ahead and terminate Joe.”

  31. Complete reset …need a new Qb too. Jones is not that good, has a bad neck now, and was sold on his abilities by the Mannings. Do your research this time .

  32. bluenoser12 says:
    January 11, 2022 at 5:37 pm
    There’s about to be a Special Teams opening in Foxborough (or one would hope!)
    What about Mullet Goon Steve?

  33. datastrategist says:
    January 11, 2022 at 6:35 pm
    Watch the Patriots win another Super Bowl after rehiring Judge and Flores.

    Only if they bring back Tommy

  34. Once again proof why you DO NOT hire Patriot assistants as HC’s, they all lived off the Brady train for years.
    The train has left the station.

  35. Getleman, gone. Judge, gone. Jones, next. Everyone knew Dave was out and no one wanted to work with Judge, but it took them this long to show him the door. Gints just seem to be a step behind.

  36. (While cleaning out his office) “Mr. Judge, Coach Saban on line 1.”

    Alabama is the coach rehab clinic for broken head coaches. Kiffen, Sarkisian, and O’Bien all went there “to be fixed.” And found great jobs elsewhere. There are probably others. The Clown is from the South so it’s a perfect fit.

    Bye bye you arrogant unskilled tone deaf Clown!

  37. 1) hire Pete Carroll as GM Let him hire the right coch and run this team the right way!
    Bring in Mariota to compete (start) at QB

  38. I think without the end of season rant, he might’ve been OK. But between that and the meltdown in the last five games, the writing was on the wall. That rant showed he was not confident in his own leadership or plan. If he was, he’d just say they have a plan and process and he remains committed to it. That’s what Nick Sirianni did with his roots and flower speech. It was mocked, but he has the team believing it. As soon as Judge went on that rant, the writing was on the wall.

  39. Whenwill the rest of the NFL learn that they shouldn’t hire any of Belichick’s coaches. Belichick hires them because they fit into the way he coaches…..and they do what he wants.

  40. They’ll probably hire two more clowns to continue the clown show. The Giants can’t be trusted.

  41. It is all about perception. While people clown on him clapping his hands, Jason Garrett has a winning record as an NFL HC (including winning Coach of the Year — and winning playoff games) and developed two Pro Bowl QBs (neither high round draft picks) both as an OC and HC. That’s rarified air in this biz. NYG averaged 9 PPG after his departure. Maybe, just maybe, NYG fired the wrong guy (first). I get it, JG won’t get a chance for awhile.

  42. It only made sense to fire Judge,… What GM doesn’t want his own personnel ? Why waste a year for the obvious ? I don’t follow the Giants. Just a football fan.

  43. Joseph Osso says:
    January 11, 2022 at 5:35 pm
    My prayers have been answered….

    257 23 Rate This
    If I had a dollar for every Giant fan that said this even during the Eli era…. lol

  44. I’m an old Giants fan and have mixed feelings here. I liked Joe Judge and think he could have been successful if he got some talent on the offensive and defensive lines. Lack of talent there was not his fault.

    But now that he and Gettleman are both out, let the rebuild begin. Hope the Maras take their time and find a good GM who is able to work the salary cap, able to recognize talent at the collegiate level, and obviously able to play-well-in-the-sandbox with whoever ends up being the next head coach.

  45. Why did they hire him in the first place? What had he done to earn that job? I blame the owners for hiring guys like Judge, McAdoo and Shurmur in the first place. Get a good GM and get the hell out of the way.

  46. heynow16 says:
    January 11, 2022 at 5:58 pm
    Brian Flores, come on down.
    Tell us all how many more wins Flores had through three years with the Dolphins than Gase. Inherit a 7-9 team and after three season go, 9-8. Wow! Tua hurt? Imagine. Anyone that watched college football knew Tua was fragile.

  47. The same guy keeps hiring guys, then firing those same guys. The problem in NY is the owner. He just doesn’t know enough about NFL football to be making decisions for a billion-dollar organization. He’s not riding solo in that fraternity.

  48. So all you people throwing stones at the Giants for keeping Judge, maybe you should have been a little more patient. Things don’t have to move on YOUR timeline.

  49. I am amazed at the level of pathology in those so obsessed with Belichick that they would project the failure of the teams they support onto him because he doesn’t reproduce his winning record onto subordinates that were hired away.

    Guys, I think you would get more comfort from a binky.

  50. Wonder what Belichick saw in Joe Judge to recommend him to Mara. Allegedly BB told Mara that Judge is better than the last guy you hired as HC. As a Pats it is a bit sad to some see these guys fail miserably. It’s going to be hard for Judge to even get a chance to interview for a HC opening. Hopefully Brian Flores gets another opportunity with the Bears.

  51. Nobody who roots for the Patriots considered Joe Judge HC material at the time the Giants hired him away. I would venture to guess most of us had no idea who he was.

    So don’t blame Belichick or the “coaching tree” if another team is dumb enough to hire New England’s water boy for a job he’s not qualified for.

  52. I’d fly to NY/NJ, buy tickets to Bears @ Giants and streak across the field if the G Men hire Matt Nagy!

  53. GInats should look at Jeff Ireland for GM. He’s worked as head of scouting and drafting for Mickey Loomis for seven years, is relatively young, and both Loomis and Payton think the world of him. Saints have done very well not only with drafts but with finding hidden value in undrafted free agents over the years (one reason why they were able to keep afloat despite this mess of a season). I really do not want to see him go, but GM of the Giants is a plum job, and he seems to be ready to take the next step

  54. People clamoring for Flores apparently don’t realize that there’s a reason why he was fired.

  55. Do the right thing. Hire Jim Tomsula IMMEDIATELY before he hits the interview circuit 😎😂

  56. Is this third straight HC they’ve canned in two years or less? Short leashes these days.

  57. Amazing they’ve fired three consecutive coaches after 2 seasons. Joe Judge after two seasons 10-23. Chuck Noll after two seasons 6-22. Bill Walsh after two seasons 8-24. Jimmy Johnson after two seasons 8-24. It was a good thing John Mara wasn’t running those three dynasties. We’d have three fewer NFL dynasties to talk about.

  58. They probably were gauging league wide interest in their GM opening, and each and every potential candidate said “not interested ” when the possibility of Judge remaining was discussed…

  59. It’s adorable that there are Giants fans that think the same GM that hired every other garbage coach and destroyed the careers of promising players is going to all of a sudden know what he’s doing this time. It’s New York football tradition at this point to fix a dumpster fire but taking the trash out and replacing it with a tank of fuel.

  60. Jason Garrett was in Dallas 7 years too long. What’s great about having a winning record if you only turn that into 2 playoff wins. Dak and Zeke carried JG into his coach of the year win. Then JG sits them on the bench for 2-3 weeks and they looked terrible in their game at Lambeau.

  61. But no one believe anything will get better. Too many years of too many bad decisions.

  62. theimmaculatedeception says:
    January 11, 2022 at 5:57 pm
    Can Parcells just do it over Zoom?
    Love this for the times we are in!

  63. billco6192013 says:
    January 11, 2022 at 5:52 pm
    Please get a proven coach . A winner

    If only it was that simple.

  64. Amazing they’ve fired three consecutive coaches after 2 seasons. Joe Judge after two seasons 10-23. Chuck Noll after two seasons 6-22. Bill Walsh after two seasons 8-24. Jimmy Johnson after two seasons 8-24. It was a good thing John Mara wasn’t running those three dynasties. We’d have three fewer NFL dynasties to talk about.

    After their THIRD seasons.

    What would a 3rd season look like with this guy? 6 wins, at best?

  65. Wonder what Belichick saw in Joe Judge to recommend him to Mara. Allegedly BB told Mara that Judge is better than the last guy you hired as HC. As a Pats it is a bit sad to some see these guys fail miserably.

    Didn’t get the right QB, and Barkley may never recover from that injury.

    And was he wrong about Judge being better than Pat Shurmur? Not entirely, at least.

    If Judge is a good coach, he’ll get another crack at it. Firing coaches is one of the things this League does best.

  66. Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs. Those gameplans were the products of a sick mind.

  67. Pretty easy to sniff out this was initiated by the GM interviews, otherwise it would have been done Monday. Ownership probably came to the conclusion they won’t get a quality GM who is eager to work with this guy. It blows my mind that in the NFL they can hire a head coach with no head coaching experience anywhere.

  68. Rule 1 for all BB proteges: You can’t act like BB without any wins or successes to back it up. Joe Judge acting like that came across like a Saturday Night Live skit. It really is remarkable how all these guys can coach with BB yet come away with no idea why he’s successful. It’s like they think impersonating him is going to be enough.

  69. So if he can make 5m sitting at home for 3 years or make the same 5m working, I’d sit on my ass at home. Invest/save and never work again.

  70. It looks like the front runner for the GM position is a fellow by the name of George Costanza. He has been with the New York Yankees for decades and is said to be the man behind the success. It is an odd choice, considering that he has no football experience.

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