Lamar Jackson: Greg Roman has been great for us, but I don’t know what’s going on upstairs

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The Ravens missed the playoffs for the first time since quarterback Lamar Jackson joined the team and there were several factors in why the team slipped to an 8-9 record this year.

Injuries left them shorthanded at several spots, the defense was not as effective as its been in past seasons, and the offense didn’t score enough points. Baltimore was held to 21 points or less in nine games and Jackson was slumping before he suffered a season-ending bone bruise in his ankle.

In a press conference Monday, Jackson said the team has “to be more consistent in the passing game” while throwing his support behind offensive coordinator Greg Roman despite this season’s struggles.

“Greg Roman has been great for us,” Jackson said, via Jeff Zrebiec of “He’s a great coach. We’re glad he’s here, but I can’t get into that. I don’t really know what they have going on upstairs. I don’t talk about stuff like that, but he’s been good for us though.”

The 2021 season was Roman’s third as the team’s offensive coordinator and there hasn’t been any official announcement about the Ravens’ plans for a fourth year on the job.

16 responses to “Lamar Jackson: Greg Roman has been great for us, but I don’t know what’s going on upstairs

  1. Roman needs to go. Absolutely no creativity on offense and defenses have no problem predicting what is coming at them. Ravens need an OC that uses the weapons more effectively.

  2. You need a different QB if you want to be more consistent in the passing game… Apparently Lamar is oblivious to the fact he is the weak link in the passing game.

  3. He just led them to the third ranked rushing offense in the league with a mediocre o-line that lost their pro bowl left tackle, top 3 running backs and Lamar for 5 games to injuries. Bateman showed a lot of promise and they may have finally hit on a first rounder receiver, Andrews developed into an all-pro type at TE. Could the passing game improve, sure- and if it does they are competing for Super Bowls- I don’t understand what fans expect, absolutely ravaged by injuries and we were competing down the stretch for playoffs, he’s a good O coordinator.

  4. The Ravens were unique….and then they weren’t. But let’s not forget their defense was decimated by injuries far more than most teams. Yes injuries are part of the game but common sense says theirs was extreme.

  5. Jackson needs to come clean as to
    Why he missed so much practice and game time…..

  6. Die hard Ravens fan here. Greg Roman’s offense is way too predictable, they need some imagination and firepower. The passing game is weak, much of that is Lamar Jackson’s fault because he is inaccurate with his passes far to often. Jackson should be a wide receiver or a running back, as he is very gifted running the ball, but is pedestrian at best as a QB.Look at the current teams that are favorites going into the playoffs, what is the one thing they all have in common? Great QB play! Take Rodgers out of Green Bay and the Vikings could have won the division.

  7. School is out on the ravens offensive scheme. Might as well bring back Ricky Williams and run the wild cat all year until everyone figures that out too. Gimmicks don’t play for long and same goes for the ravens while offence.

  8. Could the problem be that Jackson’s accuracy has turned this team into a one dimensional offense?

  9. How long of a hall pass does Lamar get? At some point aren’t all these excuses silly? The o line, receivers, play calling, blah blah blah. You Ravens have always told us Lamar is the GOAT and MVP and does things no one else in history can do. Ok, so you’re now in year 4 of this gimmick offense, with another disappointing season and missed playoffs, and your hero Lamar was one of the worst QBs in the entire league by every offensive metric (throwing, completion %, turnovers, scoring per game, QBR). You’ve tried to make him a passer and it was a huge fail. Time to pull the plug on this before it gets really ugly.

  10. This is only their second losing season since Harbaugh took over. They will come back next year and be right back in contention and people will right back here doing their same tired-old thing against Lamar. Its not getting real, it is getting boring.

  11. The HC puts his offense in a tight spot by going for two to win the game several times this year, because he cant trust his defense…then you blame the OC?!

    Complete disfunction.

    The fact they were even competitive with their third string QB and running backs they picked up off the street is a true testament to the OC.

  12. This team went from 8-3 #1 seed to 8-9 six straight losses and out of the picture. In those 6 losses the offense put the team in a position to win 50% of the time. The last 2 games they had a lead more than 5 points in the 4th quarter, once in the last 4 minutes of the game. As fans we are afforded the luxury of being right 100% of the time. A luxury not afforded the players and especially the coaches. My point is this, while this team was decimated by injuries it still competed and was in position numerous times to put games away and failed. Although more points would have solidified these chances, the Defensive Coordinator sat back, mouth closed, letting the heat fall on Roman, All the while his defense could not stop a drop of milk with a roll of paper towels, when called on to do so………. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not Roman………

  13. The Ravens issues revolve around not having any pass protection on offense, and not having any pass rush on defense. It’s that simple. The 2021 Ravens overachieved for the first 11 games despite all the injuries. But then they couldn’t overcome that fact any more. All you arm chair GMs need to sop this nonsense with Greg and Lamar. They have won a lot of games together. And they will continue to do so, as long as the lines are shored up.

  14. I’m not saying that John Harbaugh is showing stubborn loyalty to an unproductive OC, but let’s just say that Owings Mills is kind of an Amityville situation where Greg Roman may be looking in the mirror and seeing Matt Cavanaugh as the lightning flashes.

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