Panthers stressing need to fix offensive line

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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The Panthers didn’t make a coaching or General Manager change after losing their final seven games of the 2021 season, but they know they need to make some changes to the team they’re putting on the field in 2022.

Quarterback gets a lot of attention after trading for Sam Darnold failed to solve the team’s issues at the position, but head coach Matt Rhule and General Manager Scott Fitterer spent a lot of time talking about a different area at their postmortem press conferences on Monday.

The Panthers allowed 52 sacks and seemed to be starting a different combination of offensive linemen each week, so it wasn’t a great surprise to hear the two men make offensive line improvement a top priority of the offseason.

“Our focus is on building that offensive line,” Fitterer said, via Darin Gantt of the team’s website. “We have to get stout up front, both lines, offensive and defensive line. But we’re not going to be blind to other spots either. We’re not going to be blind to defense, we’re not going to be blind to the quarterback position. But we absolutely know we have to fix the offensive line. We can’t have all this leakage. That’s going to help the quarterback play.”

The Panthers also have to hire an offensive coordinator and that hire will join the moves made to address the offensive line in determining whether the Panthers stay the course again after next season.

8 responses to “Panthers stressing need to fix offensive line

  1. Recent developments within this franchise indicate everybody in management should be fired. An upgrade to the OL is the least of the problems. It’s the curse of Dave Gettleman.

    Whatever they had in mind: SCRAP IT! If Sam Darnold is your idea of a QB, the battle is already lost.

  2. Lots of teams need to upgrade their O lines. It used to be there were not enough QB’s to go around. It seems there aren’t enough linemen in today’s game.

  3. I don’t care how great of a quarterback you have if you don’t have a good offensive line they will suck and just for an example of that look at last years Super Bowl.

  4. So, based on him saying “We’re not going to be blind to defense”, I’m guessing they’ll draft a LB 6th overall this year. Oooh or another CB we can’t have enough CBs.

  5. The Carolina Panthers are a sinking ship and nothing that Tepper, Fitterer, or Rhule can do will stop this Titanic from foundering. Rhule needs to go and the sooner the better. Carolina fans have had enough of the losing and no apparent improvement is being shown. Sam Darnold was a huge bust for the Jets and the Panthers and they do not have one decent QB on the roster. Amazing incompetency being shown in Charlotte by The Three Stooges.

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