Report: Dolphins request permission to interview Vance Joseph

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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Vance Joseph’s name hasn’t come up much for head coaching jobs since his two seasons in Denver, but he will get a chance to interview in this hiring cycle.

The Dolphins have requested permission to interview the Cardinals’ defensive coordinator, Albert Breer of reports.

Miami fired head coach Brian Flores on Monday after Flores went 24-25 in three seasons.

Joseph, 49, joined the Cardinals as an assistant coach after going 12-21 with the Broncos. The Cardinals have finished 11th in 12th in points allowed the past two seasons.

He began his coaching career in the NFL in 2005 as an assistant defensive backs coach with the 49ers. Joseph worked his way up from there, spending time with the Texans and Bengals before becoming the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator in 2016. The Broncos hired him as head coach the following season.

17 responses to “Report: Dolphins request permission to interview Vance Joseph

  1. Miami fires a coach who went 24-25 .. so that they could interview a guy who went 12-21.

    That’ll inspire the fan base 🙄

  2. Looks like they’re trying to get the Rooney Rule interview out of the way. We had Vance Joseph before and our defense wasn’t that great with him as DC. The only thing positive is he is a legitimate coordinator where as Flores was a positional coach who “called” plays in NE. I’m sure the gameplan and scheme were put together by BB and he was just the one in charge of relaying the plays. Flores is a locker room guy like Dan Campbell. Players love him but he’s not the one to put together a gameplan or assemble a great staff. This isn’t college. You need more than a rah rah guy.

  3. They aren’t even trying to hide the fact they’re just doing this to satisfy the Rooney Rule. No way is he a legit candidate.

  4. Funny PFT havent heard Hairballs name mentioned for anything. He aint getting the Raiders job, they have their coach. Not one team has him on their list so where did all the Hairball info come from, Hairballs agent?

  5. Flores was legit in new england. I was quite impressed with him and sad to see him go. He was orders of magnitude better than MattyP.

  6. Flores is a better coach than Joseph. It was dumb to fire him. Whoever takes the job at Miami is dumb because the Fish stink from the top down.

  7. Because he’s on a team that’s in the Playoffs!

    If I were the HC/GM I’d say no way, I wouldn’t let that be a distraction during his trying to prep the team for a Playoff game.

  8. I love John Elway, but hiring Vance Joseph over Kyle Shanahan set our franchise back a decade.

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