Will a team fire its current coach for a shot at Brian Flores?

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Although he’d be wise to pick his next destination carefully, former Dolphins coach Brian Flores could have immediate options for a second act. Beyond the five current vacancies (other than the one in Miami), there could still be more.

But this isn’t about potentially undecided teams that could still fire, for example, a David Culley or a Joe Judge. This is about the possibility of an owner who had planned to keep the team’s coach deciding to swap out the current coach for Flores, if Flores can be landed.

It’s a possibility that Simms and I tripped over while discussing the stunning decision by owner Stephen Ross to fire Flores after the Dolphins’ first back-to-back winning seasons since 2002-03, an accomplishment marked by sweeping the Patriots. Of the teams that still have coaches, will one dump its coach for Flores?

Possibilities, as it relates to non-playoff teams without vacancies, include the Jets, Browns, Ravens, Colts, Texans, Chargers, Giants, Washington, Lions, Falcons, Saints, Panthers, and Seahawks.

I’d be most curious about the Panthers, and possibly the Seahawks. Maybe even the Jets, given Flores’s success in the AFC East.

It’s a delicate spot for Flores, to be sure. If he’s approached about possibly replacing a coach who would be fired only if Flores will take the job, would he agree to that? Some coaches insist that they won’t talk about a job that isn’t already vacant. But if a job will be vacant only if it will be filled by Flores, it won’t be vacant.

It’s something to watch in the coming days. No one expected Flores to be in the mix. Now that he is, will someone move quickly, before he takes a head-coaching job elsewhere?

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  1. Miami defensive coordinator Josh Boyer was the one responsible for most of the success while Flores was there. Plus Fitzmagic was the one who carried the team on his back last year.

  2. Rumor has it Flores wanted to work with Watson. Would he stay in Htown if Flo was his coach? He also knows Cicero.

  3. Can the guy from the Chargers, he messed up that Raiders game unforgivably.

    The time out plus going for it on 4th down from his own 18 early in the game? Good grief.

  4. He didn’t deserve to be fired but that’s a long way from saying he’s so good teams are willing to fire people to get him. He does some things quite well but struggles in other areas. He always had a lot of turnover on his staff and the overall quality of his assistant coaches was clearly in the bottom half of the league. In particular if your team was struggling offensively he’d be a risky hire given he never got the Dolphins rolling on that side of the ball.

  5. He would probably do a great job with the Chargers. Get rid of Staley–the guy who relies on analytics instead of common sense. Flores is a darn good coach. First back-to-back winning seasons in almost twenty years and they fire him? Ridiculous.

  6. I believe Flores will end up with Seattle. Dark Horse would be the Colts, altogether both of those teams “technically” don’t have a QB that they are committed to. I hope he does well. Loved him down here in Miami.

  7. I would love it if the Jets grabbed him, but it just ain’t happening. Though the johnson’s will salary cap money on free agents and such, they are as cheap as any team when it comes to paying staff or injured players! Now way they would eat Saleh’s contract and pay out another one.

  8. Flores would not be a bad hire. Teams should definitely take a long look at him.
    Getting fired by Stephen Ross isn’t really a black mark.

  9. Flores should be in a position where he can choose his next owner very carefully. He’d be wise to avoid a fickle team that might fire him if some new hot commodity becomes available.

  10. Maybe the Chargers should . But why include the Saints on the list , Flores isn’t better than Sean Payton .

  11. If you like pulling your hair out on game day, go for it.

    If you like the idea of trying to run out the clock in the 1st quarter, as soon as you get a lead, go for it.

    If you like a coach who humiliates his players, go for it.

    If you ever thought Ryan Fitzpatrick was a good QB, go for it.

  12. Miami cleaned house for Flores. If you werent part of the solution you were gone. Fitzpatrick was shipped out because he didnt want to play a swiss army knife in their defense. I think that worked out well for him. You saw the constant growth. It was strange to let him go. The only really bad things he did was sit Fitzpatrick for Tua and never ever stick with an OC. Its hard to judge a coach by 2 seasons. Let them have 4 and judge them as long as they arent a complete mess. The Flores firing was so strange. If he gets another chance, he may ship out anyone that wont buy in year one. Let him, but dont kill him after the second season.

  13. I was surprised that he was fired. I get it, but everyone seems to be forgetting the mind-numbing slow starts, both seven game losing streaks, his highly questionable personnel decisions, and his inability to put a staff together. This is what doomed him here.

  14. Teams that hire and fire coaches every three or four years never have sustained success! Patience builds winning franchises! Steelers, Patriots, Ravens, Saints, Chiefs etc. If you can’t give a staff time to build a winning culture you will never have long term success!

  15. I liked Flores but there was no improvement on the offensive side of the ball. Everyone wants to blame Tua but has anyone watched Miami’s offensive line play?? Tua had to get the ball out of his hands quickly because the line could not hold water in a cup. NO QB would be successful behind that line.

  16. Even as a Bills fan, I can’t feel any schadenfreude on this one. Flores did a great job considering the lack of talent he was working with, particularly at quarterback. I admit: I’m glad he’s no longer in the division. Plus, I bet this would be a dealbreaker for Deshaun Watson, if he was still considering going to Miami.

  17. Don’t get all of the hate for firing him. He really did not accomplish much. The best part of the team was the D and he was not the reason for that. Should have fired both him and Grier but letting Flores go isn’t like you are losing a top notch coach. That just shows how desperate Miami fans are when average makes them happy.

  18. It’s still being called “stunning” here, but everywhere else has largely moved on to reporting how he was difficult to work with/for internally.

    Bosses will hire someone difficult if they deliver the big prizes. Otherwise, they want someone who will work well with others and not create problems.

    Flores did some good stuff but ultimately never saw the playoffs and ended up with a losing record. To an owner, that’s not going to be worth the headaches.

    Personally, I still don’t get his QB flip-flopping approach. It never seemed to help in the end.

  19. Yeah you can take the Lions off that list. Players and fans would revolt against the organization if they did something like this. For once the Lions are actually doing almost everything right, but its the Lions so guess i could see it🤦‍♂️

  20. asterisk says:
    January 11, 2022 at 12:33 pm
    Or Bill can take him back & the Pats get 2 more wins easily & a 1st round bye next season.

    You are not incorrect. Media though Matt Patricia was a genius D-coordinator. Defense was embarrassed in SB vs. Philly. Flores took over same group and Defense carried them to the SB vs. Rams. I hope he is back in NE. If not, Minnesota would be a great landing spot

  21. It seems as if Saleh, Douglas, et al. are really starting to build something with the Jets. I think Flores could be great with a lot of teams, but I don’t see it with Jets. Plus, doesn’t Bill hate you for life if you coach the Jets?

  22. “Maybe even the Jets, given Flores’s success in the AFC East”

    I guess going 9-9 in the AFC East for the past 3 year counts as success, sure why not

  23. While FLores will be in demand, the notion of so many teams jumping in to fire their coach to hire him is a bit of a stretch. I mean, he worked for Bill, he is NOT belichick!

    While I know its the Jets and their owner can do any number of insane stuff, firing Saleh and his staff–who seemed to be well liked and got better as the year went on, would be nutty. Saleh did not pull an Urban Meyer or a Bobby Petrino, and they continued to play hard given as injuries piled up on the jets.

    For Flores, his first year was suppose to be a massive disaster as the Dolphins cleaned out, traded their left tackle for even more picks, and were SUPPOSE to more or less tank to get a top flight QB. The only mistake Flores made was being a little too good and wining 5 games, so they had to draft Tua and not Burrow.

    Now the Giants, given the dysfunction inside and the recent comments/rants from their head coach…might want to think about why Judge needs another year.

  24. >>I’d be most curious about the Panthers, and possibly the Seahawks. Maybe even the Jets, given Flores’s success in the AFC East.

    It would be expensive for the Jets to fire Salah after 1 year. They would have to eat his contract.
    And Pete Carrol also has a big buyout clause.

    Its unlikely either is fired.

  25. IMO the Dolphins gave Flores a ten year contract because the organization was in such a bad state. They completely screwed up by not bringing him back next year. But it’s ok. As a Pats fan I look forward to not being swept by the Dolphins in 2022.

  26. I thought Flores had the team going in the right direction and you could see the progress – after years and years of inconsistency and generally awful decisions and play. Nothing I saw indicated that he had lost the team as they appeared to continue to play hard and improve. He’s still young as a head coach and still has plenty of upside and potential to learn and improve. I think the Dolphins just set themselves back 2-3 years by moving on from Flores now. Give him a solid GM and 4-5 years and I think he’ll any of these teams listed and give you a consistent winner.

    I agree though – having the Saints on this list is absurd…

  27. I don’t know a lot about Flores, but I do know he inherited a terrible roster, but still won 4 or 5 games the first year, then had back-to-back winning seasons for a franchise that has not been consistently good in decades.
    So…will a new coach who will inevitably want to put in his “system”; hire his own assistants; build a roster with “his guys”, be any better in the next 2 or 3 years, than Flores would have been? I doubt it.

  28. “given Flores’s success in the AFC East.” Huh? 0-6, with 5 blow out losses vs Buffalo isn’t much success.

  29. Looks like you will need to clean out your scouting department too because hes going to take that over and smear your rookie QB, hire HS coaches and turn the offense back to the 1990’s. Literally. Chan Gailey was his biggest offensive idea.

  30. Maybe the Texans. I don’t really know why anyone else would. The Dolphins put together a nice win streak versus a very soft schedule. Tua wasn’t handled well last year and many don’t think he has been developed properly. They beat the Pats twice which is nice but other than that what did they do? Flores can coach but the outrage seems to be disproportionate to the reality.

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