Aaron Rodgers: Fractured toe should be 100 percent by next week

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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Aaron Rodgers has been dealing with a fractured toe since coming off the COIVD-19 list back in November.

It hasn’t impacted his performance much, as Rodgers completed 70 percent of his passes for 2,221 yards with 20 touchdowns and one interception in the eight games since his return.

And that interception was in his first game back, Green Bay’s 17-0 victory over Seattle.
But with the playoffs arriving, Rodgers said Wednesday that his toe should be just fine by next Saturday or Sunday’s game. He also noted that he hasn’t received a pain-killing injection for the toe in weeks.

“That’s been the most encouraging thing. Got through last week without doing one,” Rodgers said in his press conference. “It was just a pretty standard shot in the toe — very painful, but numbing agent. So that helped me get through the games. The whole goal was to be able to not have to do that and it’s been a few games now without doing that.

“So, I’m feeling good, practiced today. [I’m] close to 100 percent. I think I should be 100 percent probably by next week.”

Rodgers, who is widely expected to win his second consecutive MVP award, completed 69 percent of his passes for 4,115 yards with 37 touchdowns adjust four interceptions in 2021, good for a league-leading 111.9 passer rating.