Dennis Allen, for some reason, continues to get no sniffs

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Nearly 25 percent of the NFL’s teams are looking for coaches. The dance cards are filling up. And there’s one very noticeable absence.

Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen continues to get snubbed.

I’m always a little nervous about articulating opinions like this, because so many in the media prop up certain candidates for inauthentic reasons, whether it’s representation by the same agency, a calculated desire to enhance access, or boosting the interests of a friend.

I don’t know Dennis Allen. I’ve interviewed him twice, maybe three times. Those happened back in the 2012-14 window, when he served as coach of the Raiders. When I last interviewed him in early 2014, I asked him how close he thought he came to getting fired after the 2013 season. I could tell he didn’t love the question.

He probably feels differently about this question. Why hasn’t he gotten serious consideration for a second act? He has, in seven seasons with the Saints, turned the defense from a glaring liability into a driving force.

This year alone, the Saints finished seventh in total defense, and fourth in yards allowed per play. Last year, the Saints were fourth in total defense.

The team showed continuous improvement defensively since he inherited the 31st-ranked defense in 2014. His first year, the Saints again finished 31st. Then they climbed to 27th, 17th, 14th, and 11th before finishing in the top 10 each of the last two years.

Along the way, the Saints have gone 4-0 in the regular season against Tom Brady‘s Buccaneers, outscoring them 47-3 in 120 minutes at Raymond James Stadium — including a 9-0 shutout during which Allen ran the defense and subbed for Sean Payton, who was out with COVID.

I’m not saying Allen should get hired. But he should at least get an interview. Somewhere, somehow.

Last year, Allen was one of the candidates to interview with the Eagles. This year, his name has yet to even come up.

As the saying goes, dysfunctional teams do dysfunctional things. And good teams aren’t the ones currently looking for new coaches. Does part of the proof of their collective dysfunction come from the fact that none of them are looking at Dennis Allen?

Yes, he failed in his first stint with the Raiders. So did Mike Shanahan.

12 responses to “Dennis Allen, for some reason, continues to get no sniffs

  1. It’s not for “some” reason.

    When your coach acts like an 18 year old frat boy on the sideline all game long all unprofessional, there is no way he is head coaching material.

    That’s why no one wants to touch Dennis Allen.

  2. Well you also have to ASK for the job, let them know you are interested. Maybe he is content as is.

  3. Vikings had a chance to trade Thelen last year. Now your stuck. What a gong show in Minny. Oh, don’t get used to JJets sticking around — he’ll be in another city when his rookie deal is done.

  4. Good. Rather keep him in NO for the foreseeable future. He’s coaching the best defense in the league.

  5. Maybe it’s because the Saints defense plays dirty. Always looking to hurt the opponent. Kinda like the bountygate never stopped. He’s the coach of that crap.

  6. Give him an excellent salary increase and keep him in new orleans. A bit of of post Brees offensive roster stability and the Allen/Peyton combo will continue to be a formidable duo for superbowl contention.

  7. Articles like this make me wonder why no one mentions Lane Kiffin with NFL top jobs (if you get it, you get it)

  8. It couldn’t possibly be that (a) he’s already one of the highest paid assistants in the league at $7.5 MM (b) taking a HC job inevitable means taking over a gong show, and he’s been there and done that with the Raiders (c) practically speaking, he’s guaranteed a job in NO until Sean Payton retires, and is the most logical successor to Payton, (d) some are better coordinators than head coaches (see Wade Phillips) and DA is self-aware enough to understand this,(e) he actually likes working for the Saints, Sean Payton and (f)even with all its problems, NOLA is a pretty awesome place to live (if you have money, which he does)

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