Jim Irsay: This bad taste will fuel and motivate us even more

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The Colts went into Week 18 as two-touchdown favorites to beat the Jaguars and advance to the postseason, but a funny thing happened on the way to the playoffs.

The Jaguars pushed the Colts around all day en route to a 26-11 win that joined other results in assuring that the Colts’ season ended short of the postseason. Indianapolis had also lost to the Raiders in Week 17, so it was a doubly disappointing end for a team that had picked up some promising wins over the course of the season.

On Wednesday, Colts owner Jim Irsay released a statement to fans about the bitter end to the season.

“When we started 0-3, we knew the rest of this season would be an uphill climb,” Irsay said. “We all were hopeful we could dig our way out of the hole and reach the playoffs, and we should have. But we ended our season in perhaps the worst way possible and missed our chance to compete for history. The buck stops with me, and this experience makes me even more determined to bring Indiana a contending team. We are already working toward the future, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to put us in a position to win next year and for years to come. As always, thank you for your support of the Colts in 2021. This was a rough way to end our year, but this bad taste will fuel and motivate us even more for next season. I promise you there are some exciting days to come.”

Among the questions for the Colts to answer in the future is whether Carson Wentz is going to be the long-term quarterback. Head coach Frank Reich stopped well short of saying that this week and the issue will continue to be front and center after Wentz’s poor play contributed to the surprising end of the Colts’ season.

10 responses to “Jim Irsay: This bad taste will fuel and motivate us even more

  1. On the bright side, they can celebrate their victory over the Patriots some more, after all that was their Superbowl.

  2. Carson doesn’t use failure as motivation. He blames everyone else, doesn’t take constructive criticism, and will only want to go somewhere that will tell him he has no responsibility. Like what the Colts did this year.

  3. I hope he keeps giving updates like this every year. It’ll be funny when it comes down to two seasons left in the decade meaning they’ll have to win back-to-back Super Bowls to fulfill his prediction.

  4. Even more? Even more than knowing that beating the team with the worst record in football is all it would take to get you into the playoffs?

    If that’s not motivation enough, I’m not sure motivation is the issue.

  5. I don’t know, I think Wentz has the skills and physical attributes for the position, he just doesn’t seem to have the confidence. He’s like Matt Stafford but without the IDGAF attitude when he throws.

  6. Colts HAVE to get another QB right away….Wentz is a anchor for whatever team his been on.

  7. Carson Wentz threw for 3,500 yards, 27 Touchdowns. 7 ints. QB rating of 94.6..The Colts started off 0-3 and if not for the ENTIRE team not playing well the last 2 games and bad coaching by a usually well prepared coach with Reich losing the last 2 games the Colts would’ve finished 11-6 and a birth in the playoffs. QBs get the glory for winning a TEAM game, they also unfairly catch the blame for losses.The Colts ate a few pieces from being a SuperBowl contender next year. It was Carson’s first year in Indy. Give him another year. Trust me franchise QBs don’t grow on trees. He’s still the best QB in his division with the best RB in the NFL (sorry King Henry)

  8. ALL NFL teams are the same… ALL say the same exact things and ALL fans buy it. “We have to do better and we will.” Things like that….. only to find out year after year it’s the same things over and over. WHEN fans start talking with their wallets the owners will start listening until then they don’t have to change or do a thing and won’t. You have to hit them where it hurts….MONEY.

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