Joe Judge rebounds with pizza and beer

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Maybe Joe Judge really did want to get fired.

A day after the Giants gave the second-year coach his pink slip, Judge had a bunch of pizza and beer sent to his house, via

With a five-year, $25 million deal and only two years of it completed, Judge will be getting $15 million over the next three years to not coach the Giants. Thus, regardless of whether he wanted out or not, Judge will get paid well to not coach the Giants. So, yes, it’s a proper occasion for pizza and beer.

If he gets back into coaching, he’ll now have to decide whether to essentially work for free. The Giants will get a dollar-for-dollar credit for whatever he makes elsewhere.

He may think that he needs to get back on the horse in the hopes of eventually getting another chance to become a head coach. Chances are he won’t. Hired as a guy who was largely unknown in 2020, Judge will have a hard time getting another shot — especially if he goes back to being a special-teams coordinator.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s one of the consequences of crashing and burning the way he did, capping his tenure with bizarre rants and a goofy quarterback sneak on third and nine in a meaningless game. No matter what he does in coaching, he’ll have a hard time living down the latter days of his tenure with the Giants.

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  1. I don’t know man. I’m no expert, but I feel like it takes 3-5 years to build a bad program into a competitive program. I always respected Judge. I wonder where he’d be in years 3-5? Maybe just as awful but maybe he’d turn things around. Hope he enjoys the brew and za tho….

  2. A lot of people like Joe Judge and failing to win in N.Y. is widely viewed as a failure by the organization. When a team fired three consecutive coaches after only two seasons, it’s the organization that is seen as incompetent.

  3. Imagine being so bad at your job that they pay you millions to leave it. That’s a tough blemish on the ol’ resume.

  4. $15 million for 3 years of nothing. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do with all that time when I didn’t have to fill it with worrying about money. I’d definitely drink better beer than that though ..

  5. Can’t feel sorry for somebody who is going to be paid 15M without working. Perhaps that was the plan behind the QB sneaks…

  6. We have negative evidence that Joe Judge is a good head coach/coordinator-picker at the NFL level.
    That said, the fortune of a head coach and his coordinators is very often determined by the talent/success of the quarterback. Look how Brett Favre’s success spawned so many head coaches: Andy Reid, Gruden, Mouch. And maybe Holmgren picked his assistants well, at least in Green Bay…

  7. Maybe he invited all his former assistants he had run gassers. “Sorry guys!. No hard feelings, right!?”

  8. Joe Judge- Winner of the 1st annual Doug Pederson “Lose your job on the last week with a dumb unnecessary coaching decision” award.

  9. Judge the Fall Guy for Gettleman’s horrible FA’s and draft busts… Which led to Judges melt down in December..

  10. $15 mil is not a bad way to achieve the Peter principle. He could work for free for the next 3 years or not work at all for the rest of his life. Nice choice to have.

  11. These contracts are idiotic. Give a guy a contract that says you’re the guy until you’re not then when you’re not you don’t get paid. The owners don’t give a rip about how much they’re paying because they aren’t paying for it…. the fans are.

  12. My wish is that Judge and Flores return to the Patriots. Not too optimistic about Flo. He should get another shot, hopefully out of the AFC.

  13. Joe Judge will be back coaching in no time. All this noise about what he did recently is just noise. The New York situation was a puzzle with no solution. Too many missing pieces. But perfect for the media to blow up into a federal case. The only thing that makes sense is firing him so the GM can build his own team. The quarterback will be next. 15 million is a small price to pay. Remember the Joe was so impressive in his interview process that the Giants hired him on the spot. They knew if they let him leave he would be hired by the next team to meet him. I curious to see who will be next in line.

  14. NY Daily News beat reporter Pat Leonard posted the pizza and beer was for a party hosting the staff members who lost their jobs… Judge’s way of saying thank you.

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