John Mara: I kept thinking we hit rock bottom, then it got worse

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Giants co-owner John Mara spoke with the media on Wednesday to discuss the team’s attempt to change course in the wake of firing head coach Joe Judge and announcing the retirement of General Manager Dave Gettleman in the last two days.

Judge was the third straight head coach the team has fired in or after their second season on the job and the Giants have now gone 61-100 since winning Super Bowl XLVI after the 2011 season. The end of this season saw the team get blown out on a weekly basis while Judge alternated between ranting about how the team quit under his predecessor and running consecutive quarterback sneaks near his own end zone in the season finale.

Mara, whose family has owned the Giants since long before he was born, was asked if this was the lowest moment he’s felt in association with the team.

“Honestly, I would have to say yes. Yes it is. I kept thinking during the season we had hit rock bottom, then each week it got a little worse,” Mara said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.

The role of Mara and other members in his family has been seen as part of the problem with the Giants, but Mara said personnel decisions will be made by the team’s incoming hires. He also said he understands that the organization needs to win back trust by making the right decisions about the future of the franchise.

“I want to go through a complete process and interview as many people as possible,” Mara said. “I don’t want to rush into anything. We’ve made that mistake in the past.”

The Giants have said they will select a G.M. first and the early list of candidates is made up of people outside the organization and without a history with the team. That’s a marked change from the past and likely a necessary step for the Giants to start winning back that trust.

43 responses to “John Mara: I kept thinking we hit rock bottom, then it got worse

  1. Mara was fooled by a cartoonish, tough-talking fraud when he hired Judge. His judgment is clearly bad. Expect more of the same with the next hire.

  2. I believe Mara hit rock bottom when his organization actively attempted to cover up Josh Brown’s domestic abuse allegations.

  3. Hire a GM from a team that is top contender. Stop hiring a friend of a friend.we need a proven winner.

  4. When you’re the most incompetent owner in the NFL… you’re always at rock bottom.

  5. I doubt it’s rock bottom yet. Things can only get worse and what coach is going to go there for a rebuild when he’ll be fired after two years?

  6. Three years from now, when they are in the playoffs, the Giants will look back and thank the Bucs for the humiliation on Monday Night that was the beginning of the turnaround.

  7. I wonder how much input Gettleman had in choosing those coaches? Perhaps his leaving solves a significant part of the problem as to why they keep banking on loser head coaches.

  8. They should call John Schneider, give him full control, and guarantee him and his chosen coach at least 4 years.

  9. Isn’t that “12-step” methodology? You have to hit rock bottom before you can head back up.

  10. They need to stop hiring no name coaches and a bring in someone with a winning track record like some guy named Coughlin. However, as an Eagles fan, I wouldn’t mind if they hire another newbie who falls flat on his face…

  11. Bucs messed up when the fired Gruden.

    Giants messed up when the fired coughlin.

    That was their problem

  12. The Joe Judge hiring was baffling even to Patriots fans none of whom had ever heard of the guy even when he was on New Englands staff.

  13. When the KC Chiefs were in a similar place, Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt hopped on a plane and personally recruiter and hired Andy Reid. Mr. Hunt went out and did it himself. I wonder why other NFL owners like John Mara don’t do the same thing.

  14. Mara hit rock bottom when he hired a career special teams coach as head coach. Careful John, you’re creeping towards Snyder territory

  15. 61-100, that’s just an average Orioles season record! Get back to me after you’ve gone 15 years with a losing record. And that, is also after going wire to wire in first place the year before

  16. He didn’t realize his hiring mistake when Judge made coaches runing gasers during his first year?!

  17. Haven’t been the same since they benched Eli to artificially protect his .500 career regular season winning percentage. The football gods are watching, always watching.

  18. Was he talking about the season or Judge’s press conferences? Because those last couple came across like parodies. It was like Judge was trying to get himself canned.

  19. Teams need to stop assuming that if a coach was an assistant in New England that they must be good.

  20. New York football Giants fans thought Ben McAdoo was rock bottom…then Joe Judge said “Hold my beer!”

  21. Gettleman sucks and Judge wasn’t ready to be a HC. How you hire a head coach who’s never been an OC or DC, let alone a head coach is super risky, especially in a place like NY. This ain’t Ohio, son.

  22. If the Giants held off, Belichick might consider bringing Matt Patricia as his coach and his son to coach the D.

  23. Mara and Tisch will hire the GM, the GM will recommend the coach. No one has anything to do with the Giants this time. Talking to GM candidates from successful teams. Entirely different process. I think Judge was Bellichek’s revenge for two Giant Super Bowl wins.

  24. Mara & Tisch know nothing about football. Their absentee ownership doesn’t work in today’s NFL. Want proof? Look around the league. The best teams year in and year out have ownership that’s invested in their franchise. I’m not talking about Jerry Jones type of ownership but Clark Hunt and the Chiefs, Steve Biscotti and the Ravens, Pat Bowlen and the Broncos (RIP), Robert Kraft and the Patriots, the Rooney’s and the Steelers and so on.

    Hiring a football “czar” to run an NFL team no longer works in today’s game. Ownership needs to be as accountable as the team President, GM, staff and players.

  25. But at least he made sure taunting became a point of emphasis , which is really important -when this is your priority it’s no surprise your team will crash and burn.

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