Report: Dolphins request interview with Leslie Frazier

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The Dolphins have requested an interview with Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, Albert Breer of reports.

Miami fired Brian Flores on Monday.

The Bears also have requested to talk to Frazier, who has spent the past five seasons as Buffalo’s defensive coordinator.

Frazier has head coaching experience, taking over the Vikings as interim coach in 2010 before getting the full-time job from 2011-13. He went 21-32-1 and made the postseason once in his tenure in Minnesota.

The Dolphins also have requested interviews with Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel, Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph.

14 responses to “Report: Dolphins request interview with Leslie Frazier

  1. With the in house issues I don’t see why any first group candidate with options would go there for an interview. Guys hoping for their first job after years or maybe the guy who isn’t necessarily ready ala David Culley do. The Coordinator who can’t get a look otherwise and sees it as can’t turn down. But above the HC position is just a rats nest so why know you’re going to a place with the timer already started on leaving in 2,3 years unless a miracle happens. Miami has made of mess of things unnecessarily right when they were headed in the right direction. Then they fired the guy who did that. Other candidates must see this as well and wonder we’ll what’s is the line for judging the position in Miami?

  2. Going from Brian Flores to Leslie Frazier’s Cover 2 is a major downgrade. Did Miami not watch any tape of when Frazier was HC of the Vikings?

  3. Leslie Frasier. Great DC, terrible HC. I hope whoever becomes the vikings head coach rehires Leslie as our defensive coordinator.

  4. Not particularly impressed with the candidates so far. Too many DCs. We just got rid of a defensive minded coach. Maybe some of these guys could put together a decent staff but I’m not sold. The offensive side of the ball is where our shortcomings lay. Tua needs someone who can put together a decent scheme/gameplan with the pieces we have. The draft picks have mostly dried up from the rebuild so this is the roster we’re pretty much rolling with. Duke Johnson should be our number 1 with Gaskin spelling him. Move on from Parker and his injuries. Give Tua one more year with someone who can actually coach him and if he can’t produce it’s time to move on. I’m not upset they fired Flores but I am upset Chris Grier somehow still has a job in the organization.

  5. We need an offensive minded coach. A good defensive HC can hire a good OC but all goof OCs get plucked as soon as they show any promise. Miami needs to put an offense back on the field, its what the best teams all have in common. They score points.

  6. LOL. They fire Flores and now they’re thinking of hiring this guy.

    I agree with the first poster. The front office–especially the owner–is a mess and if they fired Flores for losing then what’s the point of going to Miami? Better get a huge, guaranteed contract like Joe Judge did so you can afford lots of pizza and beer when you get fired.

  7. Maybe Miami wants to interview Frazier based on the fact that the Bill defense embarrassed them, twice, just this year. They also beat them twice the year prior. It you can’t beat them, make their employees an offer they can’t refuse. Weaken the opponent while making yourself stronger…As a Bills fan, I don’t like this, but it’s a logical move. The Bills do have the #1 defense in the league.

  8. Leslie Frazer was last a HC in 2013. He has been a very good DC in Buffalo for the last 5 years ( This year the Bills Defense finished # 1) Although I’m sure he will be a good HC, I don’t think the Dolphins are the best spot for him. The Dolphins job would be better for Buffalo OC Brian Daboll. Daboll was the OC at Alabama when Teams were “Tanking for Tua “.
    He was able to look at Tua’s stregths and get the most out of him. He has also helped to develope Josh Allen. Frazer would be a better fit with the Bears or Giants.

  9. The Dolphins need someone other than Ross selecting the coach. Every head coach that Ross has hired has ended their tenure with a losing record!

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