Video of Antonio Brown’s shirtless exit becomes an NFT

Antonio Brown Single Release Party
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The NFT craze continues, with one of the craziest moments in recent NFL history now available for purchase.

Via, the original fan footage of Antonio Brown‘s shirtless exit from MetLife Stadium after he was cut during the Week 17 Buccaneers-Jets game will go up for auction on Thursday.

The video, viewed more than 11.5 million times online, was shot from the stands. estimates that it could generate a winning bid of $1.5 million.

Many don’t understand the reasoning behind paying for the original digital version of something that can be seen anywhere and everywhere. As it has been explained to me by someone who far better understands the situation, ownership of an original video or digital artwork in a virtual online wallet is no different than owning the original Mona Lisa. Millions can buy and own a copy. But there’s only one original.

As to the AB video, there’s only one original. And someone is going to be buying it at auction, with bidding that starts tomorrow.

20 responses to “Video of Antonio Brown’s shirtless exit becomes an NFT

  1. Yeah but you can not replicate 100% the mona lisa. You can replicate the image, but not the paper it was painted on, or how the paint has aged, or the fact that the paint is on the canvas because the artist put it there.

    I just watched the AB video and it will be 100% EXACTLY the same as the NFT, duplicated perfectly pixel by pixel.

    The Mona Lisa comparison just doesn’t cut it.

  2. If you tell people it has value and enough believe it than I guess it has value. Sort of like Beannie Babies.

  3. If AB would have behaved and got his incentives he would have been able to afford that. 🙂

  4. Just what we need, another reason for the first thing people do is pull out their phones at anything/everything. Hey look, that person is getting beat to death, I’d better film it so I can be rich and famous.

  5. AB still thinks “there is no such thing as bad publicity. He’s about to find out he was wrong. In this case it’s the rare No publicity is actually way better then bad publicity! He was at one time the best WR in the NFL. It looked like he was on his way to a HOF Career. Such a waste of talent for this dum dum. Tomlin should’ve won coach of the year numerous times for keeping AB in check.

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