Buccaneers tweak Ndamukong Suh’s contract to allow for postseason incentives

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh fell just short of playing time benchmarks this season that would have made him eligible for numerous postseason incentives.

So, according to Field Yates of ESPN.com, the Buccaneers changed it.

Suh’s contract stipulated that if he played at least 65 percent of the team’s defensive snaps this season and the team improved in several defensive statistics, he would get a $200,000 bonus and become eligible for additional postseason incentives. Suh appeared in 64.18 percent of the team’s defensive snaps this season, falling just short of the needed threshold.

The Buccaneers amended the contract to qualify him for the postseason incentives given the team did improve in the necessary statistical areas and Suh fell less than 20 snaps shy of reaching the playing time mark.

Suh will get $200,000 for each postseason victory the Buccaneers have, which makes him eligible for a total of $1 million in incentives.