Colts GM Chris Ballard: No excuses for getting our ass beat in Jacksonville

NFL: SEP 12 Seahawks at Colts
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Colts General Manager Chris Ballard says the Colts can’t accept the results from Sunday’s season-ending loss in Jacksonville, when Indianapolis needed only to beat the worst team in the NFL to get to the playoffs, and instead went home with a loss.

“I won’t sit up here and make excuses at to why we got our ass beat in Jacksonville, because that’s what happened. We got our ass beat,” Ballard said today at his season-ending press conference.

Ballard said he and head coach Frank Reich have high expectations and know that they fell short this season.

“Don’t like to lose. It’s not acceptable. And we won’t accept it,” Ballard said.

Ultimately, Ballard acknowledged, a GM is judged on his record, and he’s the GM of a 9-8 team that didn’t make the playoffs and “embarrassed ourselves” in the final game of the season. Ballard said he’ll evaluate everything in his attempt to put together a Colts roster that won’t miss the playoffs in 2022.

22 responses to “Colts GM Chris Ballard: No excuses for getting our ass beat in Jacksonville

  1. Hey Colts fans remember last off season when you were saying Ballard is the best GM in the league??? Maybe this coming draft use your 1st round pick on the best QB available. Oh, that’s right you traded it for Wentz.

  2. The Jaguars broke the Colts and did so with their fans dress up as CLOWNS, I swear even the Twilight Zone Tv show couldn’t make this stuff up.

  3. Gonna be a long hard offseason. If they solve the QB issue with an upgrade, they will be scary. Roster is solid outside of that spot.

  4. Remember when Wentz’s agent got the hack media to go around on every show saying players wanted to go to Philadelphia specifically to play with Carson Wentz?

    Seems like forever ago.

  5. A perfect storm of stupidity on the QB and the head coach that didn’t have his team’s attention for two critical games. You’d think that after the first essential loss before the last one, that the team would have had the riot act read to them.

    Or, the team could be a collect bunch of spiteful dogs who really need to be taken to the pound.

  6. There’s a 30 minute behind the scenes wrap up by Colts media making the rounds today that is absolutely exquisite. Treat yourself.

  7. Imagine being the guy who traded a first and third for Carson Wentz and paid him $20+ million.

  8. How does this guy still have a job? He signed off on getting Wentz correct, he’s the GM in charge of personnel. Time for another almost banner and a long offseason.

  9. Can’t blame the results on Ballard. He’s put together a talented roster. You lose like that because you don’t have leadership in the locker room. Reich is overrated as a coach and we know how bad Wentz is based on how the Philly situation went down.

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