Cowboys brace for potential invasion of 49ers fans

NFL: JAN 09 49ers at Rams
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The Faithful travel well. Very well, as the Rams learned in Week 18.

Well enough that America’s Team is bracing for an invasion of 49ers fans on Sunday afternoon.

Sports Business Journal recently crafted an item collecting various stories regarding the subject of San Francisco partisans getting tickets to the first playoff game between the two teams since the 1994 NFC Championship.

Owner Jerry Jones, as noted in the item, has downplayed the possibility of a 49ers takeover of the stadium, but Joseph Hoyt of the Dallas Morning News points out that, for the 2014 regular-season opener, the 49ers won at AT&T Stadium with a crowd that “looked almost as red as it did blue and white, and at certain points sounded so.”

Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram points out that it’s simply good business for Cowboys ticket holders to flip the seats for a profit, even if it mean more 49ers fans at the game. As Engel notes, no one knows better than Jones the basic realities of business.

And, frankly, the transactions usually enrich Jones. With the NFL coordinating the online scalping operation — and with a very real possibility of the entire process landing on a league-controlled blockchain apparatus, no transaction of tickets will happen without the NFL getting a cut.

In other words, when blue turns red at AT&T Stadium, the only color Jones eventually will see is green.

14 responses to “Cowboys brace for potential invasion of 49ers fans

  1. My ticket to this game is more expensive than the nfc championship game two years ago. But beating Dallas in the playoffs will be worth it. Go Niners!

  2. I was at that 2014 season opener and the ratio of Niners fans to Cowboys fans wasn’t even close. The entire stadium was a sea of red and the Cowboys we’re booed loudly when they took the field. Cowboys fans should be worried.

  3. If AT&T Stadium is a sea of red jerseys it’s because Dallas isn’t a football town. If that’s the reason why it happened in LA, then that also must be the reason when it happens elsewhere.

  4. Dallas Cowboys fans, the ones who live near Dallas, are probably the least passionate fans in the league and often times, the team itself reflects that.

  5. I always get a chuckle when announcers spout the tired old, ‘their fans travel well.’ I guess no one gives any thought to the concept of THEY ACTUALLY LIVE THERE! You CAN be a fan of a team and not live in its area. Trust me!

  6. Set ablaze the campfires alert the other men from inland. They’re coming over the hills. They’ve come to attack. They’re coming in for the kill. There’s no turning back. Invaders. Marauding.

  7. Crazy how all the SF fans only turn out when they’re above a .500 record. I remember their home stadium being half empty a few short years ago. Faithful indeed.

  8. Bay Area people got money. And Dallas/ Texas folks obviously need the money. Simple as that.

  9. It wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t a single Cowboys fan in the stadium on Sunday. The Cowboys are going to win. And no, I’m not a Cowboys fan. They’re simply the better team.

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