Eric Weddle: Raheem Morris asked if I’m fat and out of shape, I said no, Rams signed me

NFL: DEC 29 Cardinals at Rams
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Veteran safety Eric Weddle announced his retirement two years ago, but his decision to come out of retirement this week and play for the Rams was surprisingly easy.

Weddle told reporters today that Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris called him this week and asked him, “You’re not fat and out of shape, are you?”

The 37-year-old Weddle answered that he’s neither fat nor out of shape and actually works out just as hard in retirement as he did when he was an active player. With that, the Rams signed him.

When Weddle last played for the Rams, in 2019, Morris was not on the coaching staff. But Weddle said he has known Morris since the 2007 Senior Bowl, when Morris was the defensive backs coach for the North team, which Weddle played on. Weddle said he and Morris have a great rapport, and Weddle is confident that he will know the defense well enough to be ready to play Monday night against the Cardinals. Weddle said he expects to play and wouldn’t have signed if he didn’t think he would be active for the game.

It’s highly unusual for a player to show up off the street after two years off and play in a playoff game, but Rams safety Jordan Fuller is out for the year with an ankle injury and Taylor Rapp is in the concussion protocol, which could leave the team without both of its starting safety. There aren’t many great options available in January, and Weddle, if nothing else, is in shape.

8 responses to “Eric Weddle: Raheem Morris asked if I’m fat and out of shape, I said no, Rams signed me

  1. He’s there to prevent the deep ball. It would not be a good move against any other playoff team but the Cards are trotting AJ Green out there

  2. This guy was a beast. The fact that he is already 37 years old makes me feel old. Where has the time gone?

  3. Glad I’m not the guy who’s he’s replacing….they dragged an old guy who’s been in retirement for two years to replace you.

  4. Cards @ Rams is easily the most unwatchable game of Super Wildcard Weekend. Neither deserves to advance

  5. fits the pattern of LA wanting names 1st. I predict the Cardinals are going to go after him hard. I guess we will see who is right

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