Frank Reich warned Colts last week: Jaguars think they can beat us, and they’re right

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Colts lost in the most stunning upset of this NFL season on Sunday, getting knocked out of playoff contention by a Jaguars team that had the worst record in the league. You might think no one saw it coming, but Colts coach Frank Reich did.

The final episode of the in-season Hard Knocks that the Colts participated in showed Reich leading the first team meeting of the week leading up to that Jaguars game and warning the Colts that they’ve always struggled in Jacksonville and couldn’t afford anything less than their very best.

“We’ve taken three really good teams down to Jacksonville and lost even when their records are poor,” Reich told the assembled players. I promise you this: They’re sitting in their meeting right now, thinking they’re gonna beat us. Thinking they can beat us and ruin our season. And you know what? They’re right. We’ve got to acknowledge that we know that’s right. They can beat us. If we don’t prepare, if we don’t give our best right now, if we don’t prepare our best this week, we can get beat. We’re in a do-or-die situation. Win-and-get-in situation. The stakes are the highest the stakes get in this business.”

That warning failed to stop the Colts from playing their worst game of the season, and seeing the season end in shocking fashion.

32 responses to “Frank Reich warned Colts last week: Jaguars think they can beat us, and they’re right

  1. Hey Frank, story going around that Doug Peterson told you to stay away from Wentz. YOU didn’t listen either.

  2. If I were font office executive from ANY team I would hang up on the Hard Knocks producer the first time they call. It is no less a curse than the Madden cover and it always profiles a fundamentally dysfunctional team.

  3. Sounds like a standard motivational speech when you are playing an inferior opponent rather than Reich being smarter than everyone else.

    I think if you would poll most of Jacksonville and Houston’s opponents you would find similar speeches.

    Judging by the results maybe he should’ve started breaking some furniture or something as the Colts clearly thought he was joking based on their play.

  4. Way to scare your team coach. Nice motivating technique. Should have said let’s go beat the clowns instead

  5. thats what happens when you think your super bowl is beating the patriots….bunch of rubes…. they even hung a banner for beating the patriots in the regular season … pathetic

  6. I’ve been in plenty of locker rooms where the technique of telling your guys that “the inferior team in the other locker room thinks they can beat you” didn’t work. And it seems to work less and less on younger guys.

  7. That’s what happens when you give the reins of the offense to Carson Wentz. He doesn’t care because he still gets to cash his paycheck. People made a lot of excuses for him last year saying it was because Philly was bad. Now we see that Wentz is the problem after all. Reich gave up a lot for his pet and his pet has let him down. It may even cost Reich his job.

  8. I laughed so hard this morning watching this. 53 men with Peyton Manning faces.

  9. Coaches coach….but players have to execute. NONE of Indy’s key players stepped up in that game. Sure Wentz and Reich are getting the lions share of the blame, but it’s a team sport and this team got its *** handed to them.

    Hindsight is 20/20. I’d say most reporters and fans in Indy thought they got a great QB this summer.

  10. Let’s ask the question everyone wants to know… Do they get a banner?

  11. hopefully, the league has kind of figured out that NDSU is not the best place to look for quarterbacks….

  12. Darius Leonard claimed they were “locked in”. LOL

    Leadership matters. Wentz is absolutely not a leader and that teams likes to pump its own tires, which is a huge red flag, because they’re not as talented as they think they are.

    They have some nice OL players, good RBs, and LBs, but they’re weak in the secondary, DL (beyond Buckner), WR and QB.

  13. touchback6 says:
    January 13, 2022 at 10:11 am
    Darius Leonard claimed they were “locked in”. LOL


    You claimed the Colts would not be able to run on the Pats defense! LOL….LOL!

  14. This franchise doesn’t appear to have the guts to make the decisions and exert the consistent level of play necessary to contend on a regular basis in the NFL. We limp out of the gate and rather than stop the madness and bench Wentz (preserving the 1st round pick) we merrily role along, side by side. Ballard goes after no younger, healthy offensive linemen and dang, who showed up the last couple of weeks of the season? No one. Reich is for all I know a good man. He was assailed by the press and fans alike regularly throughout his tenure on his reckless play calling (specifically on 3rd & 4th down). The first thing Irsay says following the season is that Reich will return (which is not a bad idea) but said nothing about who would be calling the plays on offense. Somebody stop him…PLEASE! Can’t imagine for a moment Reich, Ballard, or Irsay read this. Perhaps it is time they do. Save me the dribble about injuries whatnot, an OL refresh sure seemed to work for KC. Wentz might get them to the playoffs, sadly, that would be our next step.

  15. If Reich was that concerned why didn’t he stick with the run-heavy gameplan that had been working for them? It sure looked like they were passing more early in the Jags game, presumably to try and build some confidence for Wentz for the coming playoffs they ended up not qualifying for. It looked like nobody on the Colts, Reich included, approached that as a must-win game.

  16. I don’t think Reich is a bad coach but they did crap the bed really really bad considering that making the playoffs was a layup in relative terms. Whoever gave away high picks for Wentz, on the other hand, should be looking for a cardboard box in the building.

  17. Wince and the team choked. Maybe they were just tired trying to stay with the Titans for the division but they should have won that game in Indy. Wentz just isnt a big game QB …

  18. Even during possibly the worst stretch of the Jaguars franchise history, the Indianapolis Colts haven’t won a game in Jacksonville since 2014.
    It wasn’t a warning or a motivational tactic.
    It was a statement of fact.

  19. Frank wanted Wentz to be the hero by giving him control over the game against the Jags, Frank put the game in Wentz’s hand and took it away from Taylor who carried the Colts team all season. The only reason the Colts scored the TD was that the CB dropped the INT. Frank Reich could win with Rivers at QB what made him think that he could with Carson Wentz?

  20. As the owner of the horseshoe said “the hungry have to eat”…

    I guess the Jaguar was hungrier than the horse.

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