Futures of Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley will be up to new Giants G.M., coach

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A report in December indicated that the Giants would bring head coach Joe Judge and quarterback Daniel Jones back for the 2022 season, but the final few weeks of the regular season led to a change on the coaching front.

Judge was fired on Tuesday after going 10-23 in two seasons with the team and co-owner John Mara said on Wednesday that part of the reason for the move was General Manager Dave Gettleman’s retirement. Mara said the team wants to give the next G.M. “the flexibility to bring in the head coach that he wants” for next season.

Mara was asked what the changes mean for Jones and he suggested that same flexibility would be in place when it came to dealing with the quarterback, running back Saquon Barkley and the rest of the roster.

“In terms of Daniel or Saquon or anyone else you want to ask me, that’s going to be between the general manager and the head coach,” Mara said in a press conference.

Jones is headed into the fourth year of his rookie deal and coming off a neck injury that will likely influence any decisions about his fifth-year option and overall future with the organization. Barkley is heading into that option year with a salary of just over $7.2 million and any future commitments from the Giants will likely wait until the team sees if he can come anywhere close to returning to the level of play he reached in his first couple of NFL seasons.

16 responses to “Futures of Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley will be up to new Giants G.M., coach

  1. Move on from both. Already ripped the band aid off from the horrible HC, it’s time to do the same for guys who can’t consistently produce/be on the field.

  2. Instead of drafting Quenton Nelson and Nick Chubb the Giants took Saquon and Will Hernandez…

  3. Cut Barkley loose. He has underperformed his whole career. Jones might have been worth another look but the neck injury makes it obvious that the Giants must move on.

  4. Daniel Jones may not be the solution, but he is not the problem either. If surrounded by good players and good coaches, he will be a good (not great) QB. No need to waste a draft pick or trade for an unproven talent. We don’t need another experiment running the offense. There are bigger problems to fix with this team.

  5. If I’m the gmen, unless there’s a fantastic qb available, I’m using those early picks to build the O line. Neither Jones nor Barkley have ever touched the ball without a defender in the backfield during their tenure with that organization.

  6. I haven’t watched a lot of Giants games, but they ones I have- they have been miserable.
    Their team stinks, so its really hard to judge if these guys are decent. I think Saquon would be good with a decent O Line, Jones I am not sure about. I feel bad for players when they get drafted to garbage teams, because they aren’t going to do a whole bunch, even if they have the talent.

  7. People need to stop with the comparison of Saquon to Nick Chubb. Every team passed on Chubb in the first round because he was a running back coming off having his leg surgically repaired. Chubbs success is because he went to a team that put an emphasis on not putting too much on his plate so when he does get the ball he’s always fresh. Had the Giants drafted him, he’d probably be out of the league by now since the Giants have Saquon doing the work that Chubb and Kareem Hunt are doing combined in Cleveland.

    Barkley will do fine once he’s in a situation where he’s not expected to be his teams entire offense.

  8. Jones’ injury is troubling. But he has at least shown flashes on an offense that couldn’t score 10 points after he was injured.

  9. They wasted a number 2 and a number 4 for both of these dudes. Some guys think they’re the smartest guy in the room and they end up taking a RUNNING BACK with the 2nd overall pick.

  10. I’d definitely cut Jones loose, and probably Saquon too. Neither can stay on the field. Jones just isn’t a franchise level QB. He’s a middling starter at best. Even though I’m an Eagles fan, I hope the Giants don’t hire another goofball coach like Macadoo or Judge. They were just weird.

  11. what Jones has going for him is the low cost, last year of his rookie deal. And option for 5th year. So could be controlled for 2 more years at low money, before his price goes potentially up if he can prove himself. Giants are going to have to blow things up in general, given they currently only have about $3.5m in available space under projected cap for ’22-23. Think those top 2 picks have to go o line. Fix o line. Bring in affordable young RBs who want a chance to play.

  12. Trade Barkley if you can get value for him.
    As for Jones, you need a QB and he’s under contract and probably has little trade value.
    Go with him until you can draft a new QB

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