Joe Judge expresses gratitude for time coaching Giants

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Joe Judge likely wasn’t expecting to be relieved of his duties as head coach of the New York Giants after only two seasons. Ownership was hesitant to make another change at head coach after brief stints of Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur in the position as well. But a 4-13 season that was capped off by a six-game losing streak of double-digit defeats sent the Giants back to the drawing board yet again.

Despite the abrupt end of his tenure with the Giants, Judge is still grateful for the experience in New York.

In a statement released to Art Stapleton of, Judge thanked Giants’ ownership, his coaching staff, the players, and the fans for the support over the last two seasons.

“As I reflect on my tenure with the Giants, I want to express how truly grateful I am for the opportunity to be the head coach of the New York Giants. Thank you to the Mara and Tisch families, to the organization and incredible support staff and to the fans — proud, loyal fans who rival any fanbase in sports with their passion and devotion. It was a privilege to represent these people during the past two years. Thank you for showing up week-in and week-out to support our team.”

Judge thanked his coaching staff for the work they did alongside him the last two seasons. He also thanked the Giants alumni and the players he’s coached in New York over the past two years for their efforts and support.

“On behalf of me and my family, we leave New York with the utmost gratitude for the community, the organization, the people and the team. Thank you,” Judge said.

10 responses to “Joe Judge expresses gratitude for time coaching Giants

  1. You are what your record says you are. 10-23. Six straight double digit losses to finish 2022. Not remotely competitive. Thank you, Mr. Tisch. Good luck, former Coach Judge.

  2. But a 4-13 season that was capped off by a six-game losing streak of double-digit defeats sent the Giants back to the drawing board yet again.

    While the losing streak hurt, I think it was even more the offense’s futility. Over those 6 games, the Giants scored 9, 21 (two 4Q garbage TDs when it was 37-7), 6, 10, 3, and 7 points… and the opponents never scored less than 20 during that time. You’re not winning any games scoring 10 or less points for an extended period of time.

  3. I wonder if / how often a teams paid for 3+ coaches at once. Lol

  4. Remember how high and mighty the giants fans felt after Joe’s rant about the eagles final game? Most giants fans thought their team was trending upward and the eagles were going to be in the basement for years to come. It’s one year later, and, well. . . . .

  5. “And I’d like to thank the Mara family for letting me keep the Giants baseball cap, the t-shirt, the sweatshirt, and also the umpteen bazillion dollars they paid me to crash the Titanic that is the New York Giants into the iceberg that is the rest of the NFL.”

  6. It’s not often an unqualified position coach get’s offered $25 mill to coach an NFL franchise into the ground. The Mara’s stupidity has set him, his children, and grand children up for life and for that he thanks you.

    Was Mara certain that he got the hire right because he did his due diligence or just because Belichick recommended him? Bill is good at getting his people paid and usually setting franchises back years.

  7. That’s three consecutive coaches the Giants fired after only two years. Joe Judge will get an opportunity to coach with a different team. He didn’t get an opportunity with the Giants.

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