Joe Montana documentary has landed on Peacock

Quarterback Joe Montana on the run against Dallas Cowboys defender Jeff Rohrer (50), August 22, 1987  Photo ran 08/23/1987, p. 57
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Wit the 49ers and Cowboys reuniting in the playoffs this weekend, 40 years after The Catch, it’s a perfect time to take a trip down memory lane.

Streaming on Peacock is a documentary that looks back at the career of 49ers quarterback Joe Montana.

Montana led San Francisco to four Super Bowl wins. He retired as arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.

Present for the game played at Candlestick Park in January 1982 was the kid who would become the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. He plays on Sunday in the slot before Montana’s old team takes on the Cowboys.

It’s the first postseason game between the 49ers and Cowboys in 27 years. From 1992 through 1994, they faced off in the NFC Championship three straight times.

8 responses to “Joe Montana documentary has landed on Peacock

  1. I have many great memories of football games over the last 20 years, but I wish I was alive for the Joe Montana era. Just watching highlights of his doesn’t do justice to how easy he made the game look at times.

  2. I don’t always comment on the greatest QB of all-time.

    But when I do, its this guy.

  3. As a Raider fan growing up in the Bay Area it was either Raider fan or the hated Niner fan but when Montana came along and the 9ers started winning and playing Dallas in the playoffs that was really the real suoerbowl, them and the Giant games would be incredible to watch or attend at Candlestick park. Joe was so cool and was so clutch with no worries at all. Joe was the GOAT and a real nice man that would stop and talk to his fans and be one of the guys.. I hope this weeks game brings back the rivalry and the new fans can see how tough football was back then…Go Raiders but i have my eye on this game.

  4. Millennials never saw Montana. lol

    This, I look forward to because Montana was retired when he made a documentary about himself.

    Brady’s? Not so much.

  5. With all due respects to both of these great quarterbacks, in my opinion, they are co-equal GOAT’s.

  6. I was lucky enough to live in San Francisco during the Niners’ heyday. Maybe it’s heresy, but I loved watching Steve Young as much as Montana.

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