Report: NFL fines Amari Cooper for COVID-19 protocol violation

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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The NFL fined Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper $14,650 for violating the COVID-19 protocols for unvaccinated players, Todd Archer of ESPN reports. That is the maximum fine for a first violation of the league’s COVID-19 protocols.

Cooper and teammate CeeDee Lamb sat courtside unmasked at the Dallas Mavericks’ game against the Golden State Warriors on Jan. 5. Lamb is vaccinated. Cooper is one of two Cowboys players who are unvaccinated.

Cooper missed two games with COVID-19 in November. While that exempts him from daily testing for 90 days, he still must follow a different set of protocols as an unvaccinated player.

According to the NFL’s 2021 regular-season protocols, “A player who is not fully vaccinated is prohibited from attending a professional sporting event unless he is seated in a separated seating section, such as a suite or owner’s box, is wearing PPE, and there are no more than 10 people in that separate seating section.”

Cooper defended his actions last week on 105.3 The Fan.

“I just think there’s risk all across the board,” cooper said on the radio, via Jon Machota of “Even if I stay home, I don’t live by myself. I have people who stay with me who have to go out to their job and stuff like that. There’s a book, ‘The Tipping Point’ that talks about how things spread, like diseases in the environment. You can stay at home, but if you stay with somebody else, obviously they go out to their job or drop the kids off at school or whatever, just by them doing that, they’re coming into contact with probably over a million people just because of the person they come into contact with comes into contact with a whole bunch of different people, and so forth and so on.

“When I do go somewhere, I mean, I was pictured not wearing a mask, but that’s because I was eating and drinking. I don’t know how to do that with a mask on. So I just think there’s risk all across the board. I don’t feel like anybody is staying home, you know what I mean? Am I supposed to just sit in the house all day? . . . I don’t really understand how to be extra careful because just by us going to practice every day, being around each other, we have teammates on our team who have kids. They take their kids to school who are around hundreds of other kids, who are around their parents when they go home, so forth and so on. So I don’t feel like we can be safe in the environment that we’re in. I feel like the only way we can be safe is if no one goes out and everybody is quarantining for an extended amount of time. But the environment that we’re in, where we have to go to practice, see each other, and then be around our families, there’s not really any safety in that, in my opinion.”

32 responses to “Report: NFL fines Amari Cooper for COVID-19 protocol violation

  1. Lol all these people keep being like “What am I supposed to do?”

    Just get the vaccine, christ. Not a single NFL player that got vaccinated had a serious side effect. What is the risk? Just bizarre, but not surprising.

  2. Raiders were smart to dump Cooper years ago. Not that bright off the field and disappears for weeks at a time on it.

  3. He’s unvaccinated, chances are high that nobody else in his family or circle of such are vaccinated either.

    The superspreader Coopers. The Tipping Point: Millions Dead.

  4. He tested positive in November, he shouldn’t have any protocols for a minimum of 3 months.

  5. I’m always interested in what books athletes are reading, sounds like Cooper is well-read, regardless of your opinion of his stance. Kudos.

  6. Me. Cooper, you could reduce your risk in any number of ways. So could the folks that come in and out of your house. Not coming in and out so much or not going to an inside sporting event with no mask are two possibilities that come to mind. There are other possible ways. Let me think…

  7. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but I fully support Amari Cooper’s actions, I am completely on board with his approach I also use the approach it’s called FREEDOM!

  8. MNGoon says:
    January 13, 2022 at 5:43 pm

    The NFL is a clown show.


    This goes waaaaaaaay beyond the NFL.

  9. Just get vaccinated. It makes no sense. No one is taking your freedom away. That is something the right made up to stir the pot. Also, it is about protecting others. While you are young and healthy and this may not harm you that much, there are others around you who may not be as lucky. It is all about protecting others as much as ourselves. We used to be a country that did that. Not to mention you can still infect your team and put them into the protocol while you are trying to make a playoff run.

  10. Get vaccinated and go on with your life. It’s easy, safe and free.

    Israel has a greater than 90% vaccination rate. They are seeing 4 people dying from COVID a day. IF the US had the same vaccination rate, we’d be seeing less than 140 deaths a day. Instead, we are seeing over 1800 deaths a day…that’s 13 times as many people dying.

    If we were all vaccinated, we really could treat it like the flu and go on with our lives.

  11. So the NFL sees a video of Cooper without a mask at a basketball game, but they do not notice Aaron Rodgers giving 12 weeks of press conferences without a mask. Makes you go hmmm.

  12. Suspend him (!) in early February if the Chiefs and Cowboys make the Super Bowl. It’s the right thing to do.

  13. The worst part of Covid in the nfl is it has revealed just how many good players are absolute morons. It’s made the game a lot less fun to watch

  14. Big dummy scared of a shot no wonder he drops so many passes the NFL needs to suspend this clown .

  15. I notice many of the comments about “doing the right thing” always coincide with what that commenter wants somebody else to be doing.

  16. dvdman123 says:
    January 13, 2022 at 11:27 pm
    No suspensions? Oh wait I forgot it’s playoff time.
    and he plays for the Cowboys. Jerry wouldn’t stand for it. If his name was Tee Higgins and he played for the Bengals he would probably be suspended

  17. I agree that he has his own opinions. Unfortunately he works for a team and a league that has rules. If he doesn’t want to follow the rules he should be fined. What other job in the world could you ignore work rules and not be punished?

  18. stuckinfl says:
    January 13, 2022 at 9:17 pm
    So the NFL sees a video of Cooper without a mask at a basketball game, but they do not notice Aaron Rodgers giving 12 weeks of press conferences without a mask. Makes you go hmmm.
    But wait. ARod was “immunized”. At least Cooper didn’t lie about his status.

  19. When you belong to a Union that negotiates the rules for the employee,… if you violate the rules like Cooper did,… you have almost no leverage to fight the penalty. You can’t have your cake,… eat it too,… and expect to lose weight eating it. Just pay the fine and shut up.
    You’re NOT a victim.

  20. So when the players union wants to cancel the offseason b/c team facilities aren’t Covid proof just remember incidents like these. The NFLPA is more of a joke than it has ever been. I am sure JC Tretter is laughing on a beach somewhere.

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