Bears complete interviews with Brian Flores, Jeff Ireland

NFL: JAN 09 Patriots at Dolphins
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The Bears interviewed Jeff Ireland for their General Manager position and Brian Flores for their head coaching job Friday, the team announced.

Ireland becomes the fourth G.M. candidate they have interviewed, following Glenn Cook, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Champ Kelly. Flores and Doug Pederson are the two coaching prospects the Bears have interviewed.

Ireland is assistant G.M. of the Saints, a role he has had since 2015. He was General Manager of the Dolphins from 2008-13.

When he was 12 years old, Ireland served as a Bears ball boy. His grandfather, Jim Parmer, worked for the team as a scout (1972-77) and director of college scouting (1978-85).

Flores lost his job with the Dolphins earlier this week after three seasons as the team’s head coach. He went 24-25 with winning records each of the past two seasons.

Flores previously spent 15 seasons with the Patriots.

15 responses to “Bears complete interviews with Brian Flores, Jeff Ireland

  1. I remember when Ryan pace was hired by the Bears, and sites like pro football talk did these glowing stories about how much of a football genius he was, and now he’s gone after total failure on the job, and then we’re gonna have to read more stories about other geniuses who we get fired in 3 to 4 years because they failed also

  2. The Bears management theory: “May the cheapest man win.” Remember, George still reports to Virginia who is 98 y.o.…And Ted will be tied up trying to copy the “Titletown District/Experience” in Green Bay at Arlington Park- Year round attractions including the Bears Hall of Fame minus the Super Bowl experience.

  3. No dog in this hunt, I’m a Rams fan, but I would hire Brian Flores in a Chicago minute.

  4. I’ve been a Bears fan for 40+ years. I have no faith the McCaskeys “get it right” this time either.

  5. If they were smart they would interview Nathaniel Hackett from Green Bay. But then again how much is the sucess from Hackett and how much is from Lafluer and Rodgers.

  6. As a Lions fan I hope they don’t sign Flores I think he’s perfect for that job and organization.

  7. Once Rodgers leaves GB, the division will be a battle between underachieving Chicago, and up and coming Detroit. Meanwhile, the Vikings gonna Vike.

  8. Brian Flores should be the next HC of the Chicago Bears. Just hire his assistant coaches for him though.

  9. No on this mentality! Ireland was a ball boy and his grandfather was a scout for the Bears and that is part of their problem. Who cares, are you smart and bold enough to say your way of running this obviously doesn’t work, let’s try something different. Hire someone from outside the organization who can offer a new and hopefully better idea about how to build a team than you have currently. Phillips is like an adopted son and you hire somebody as a GM with ties to the past and you get the same results. They need to stop the ‘family’ nonsense already. And not another ‘wonder boy ‘ from NO! The last one worked out so well ……. Frustrating to be a fan of this team sometimes.

  10. It’s impotant that Brian Flores makes the right choice as he’s being courted heavily. He appears to be the top choice among a few openings. Choose wisely Mr. Flores

  11. What position gets filled first the HC or the GM? I always thought the GM was supposed to hire the HC, so in this case I’ll bet the HC gets hired first.

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