Colts want to sign Quenton Nelson to extension, don’t want him at left tackle

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Colts General Manager Chris Ballard wouldn’t commit to quarterback Carson Wentz‘s return during a Thursday press conference, but he had no such hesitation about another offensive starter.

Left guard Quenton Nelson had his fifth-year option exercised before the season, so he’s under contract in Indianapolis for one more year. Ballard made it clear during the press conference that the Colts plan on him remaining in the fold well past the 2022 season.

“Quenton’s a Colt,” Ballard said, via Joel A. Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “We want him to be a Colt long-term. When we do the contract, we’ll work through that.”

In addition to knowing that the Colts want him around for the long term, they also know that they want him to play guard. There’s been chatter about moving Nelson to left tackle in the past and the team still needs a lasting answer at the position, but Ballard asked “why would you move a great player to left tackle” while saying it wasn’t something the team has on the table heading into the offseason.

10 responses to “Colts want to sign Quenton Nelson to extension, don’t want him at left tackle

  1. You would move a great guard to tackle if you can’t find a tackle and the great guard would be a great tackle. You just don’t want to pay him left tackle money. Let’s not make this about anything other than that Ballard.

  2. Even if there are thoughts about moving him to left tackle you dont let that be known until after the contract is signed. Nelson’s agent rightfully and smartly would claim he should be paid as one of the top left tackles which would be much more expensive than signing him as the best guard.

  3. Fantastic player, but signing him to extension after a season where he had lingering injuries to his foot is not a wise move.

  4. Hands down best Guard in the NFL today. That said, he’s going to ask and is arguably worth LT money. If anybody is going to raise the bar for Guards it’ll be Nelson. Rightfully so.

  5. Irsay must have lost a lot ot money in 2020. All kinds of cap space and not spending money.

    When Joe Thuney asked for Tackle money”, BB drafted Owenu and wisey moved on from a Guard at 17 mil. No knock on Thuney as a future HOF Guard with 2 rings and maybe more to come, but it would be dumb for Indy to pay Nelson 17 mil per and move him. You are better off trading him.

    This is poor management.

    Indy should have seen this coming, but now they have lost leverage.

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