David Culley: I’m disappointed, but it’s part of the business

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The Texans fired head coach David Culley on Thursday after one year on the job and a common response was that Culley should have had more time on the job given how little chance the Texans had to win with their 2021 roster.

Culley went 4-13, which matched the number of wins that the Texans managed with quarterback Deshaun Watson in the lineup the previous season, and the Texans pointed to
philosophical differences over the long-term direction” of the franchise as the reason for the move. Culley made no mention of such issues in his first comments after the firing.

“I’m disappointed, but it’s part of the business,” Culley said, via Aaron Wilson of SportsTalk 790. “I understand and I move on. . . . I enjoyed every minute of it. Learned a lot, a lot of things in that coaching manual I had to go through that weren’t in there, but that’s okay. Always something new happening that was a learning experience for me, but for the most part I just kind of used all the experience that I’ve got working with all the different head coaches, all the situations they’ve been through. You’re judged every year. Basically, you’re judged on wins and losses, and if you judge it on wins and losses I’m not happy with four wins at all. I expected to get more than four wins and felt like we should have got more than four wins. This is a bottom-line business, and I wasn’t happy with the number of wins we got.”

The Texans have not started interviews with candidates to replace Culley yet. When they do, their list is expected to include coaches with ties to General Manager Nick Caserio from his time with the Patriots.

18 responses to “David Culley: I’m disappointed, but it’s part of the business

  1. They hired Culley to be a one-year interim coach because there was so much ambiguity surrounding the franchise last year that they had no idea what direction to go. No one saw Culley as a head coach candidate so they figured he would be easy to fire. At least he got some experience and a nice salary.

  2. He shouldn’t be too disappointed. He cemented employment until he decides it’s over.

    To emerge from a train wreck without a scrape while saving a few a few lives and then to be fired…well, that’s comical. He’ll have plenty of job offers.

    If I owned the team, he’d be the only guy I would NOT fire.

  3. I can’t help but admire the way Culley has handled himself. Maybe he’ll get a chance at a less dysfunctional franchise somewhere else down the road.

  4. Really good guy, but not an NFL head coach. He openly admitted to the media he doesn’t understand situational football, makes poor in-game decisions repeatedly, admitted week 18 the Texans should’ve passed more and gone up-tempo (Texans had the worst rushing attack in the NFL yet still ran the ball a ton) earlier in the season, wanted everyone to know he had NOTHING to do with the comeback against the Titans in week 18, and also admitted he had no idea what to say to his locker room at halftime. He even said in his introductory press conference his dream job is to coach High School football in Tennessee.

    Like I said, really good and likeable guy. Go enjoy retirement, take your dream job coaching HS, and enjoy the millions you got for being the sacrificial lamb for one season.

  5. A good man who deserved better. But I guess that’s what we should expect from such a dysfunctional franchise

  6. I know it’s one of only 32 coveted jobs, but anyone with any cache/options/brains would RUN from that job

  7. It was a set up to fail, I’m sure Coach Culley you’ll be employed soon, and you’ll be much better off away from the Texan organization

  8. I think the Houston ownership and management should be ashamed of themselves. I feel sorry for the fans of the Texans, having to root for a team owned and led by such ingrates.

  9. Did Caserio overlap with Flores in NE? I’d guess that’s the hire, or at least he’ll get an offer. Culley was put in charge of the team expected to win ZERO games this year. He did a fine enough job.

  10. “They hired Culley to be a one-year interim coach ”

    They gave Culley a 5-year contract with 2 years guaranteed. It sounds like they were intending on keeping him for at least 2 years.

  11. Hopefully he gets a shot with a team that’s less of a dumpster fire train wreck. He seems like a classy guy and a good coach.

  12. Culley isn’t exactly a victim here.

    I don’t remember details, but he had a guaranteed 4 year contract somewhere around 4.5 million a year and he isn’t a 30 year old guy looking to work for another 30 years.

    Who among us wouldn’t work for one year, get fired, and still collect in the neighborhood of 16+ million toward the end of our careers?

  13. First of all, he was only hired to show they’re not a racist organization. Second, I bet the next coach will have ties to New England Patriots.

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