It’s a Playmakers podcast Friday


In only two months, Playmakers will debut. For those of you who have preordered it, it debuted weeks ago. Sort of.

The Playmakers podcast was launched as a way to give those of you who ordered the book months before its release something tangible, until the book arrives. I do it every Friday, in the style of the old-school #PFTPM rambling monologue that eventually answers some of your questions.

This week, there is much on which to ramble. Whether there will be any good questions to answer is up to you. You can submit questions via Twitter or right here.

To receive every episode of the Playmakers in your preferred email inbox, just upload your proof of preorder at the Hachette website. Which means that you first have to preorder playmakers.

To do that, here’s the Amazon link. It also can be purchased from Barnes and Noble. And you can order it from Books-A-Million. Or via Or if you’d like to preorder through an independent bookstore, is the place to go. A signed copy can be purchased from Premiere Collectibles.

Again, it comes out in only two months. And I’m already starting to obsess over whether people will buy it or not or hate it or not or whatever. So if you’d like to ensure that I’ll be able to properly focus on what will be a busy offseason of NFL news, information, and analysis, preorder the book. Please.

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