LeSean McCoy: Players like playing for Byron Leftwich because he helps us hit contract incentives

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
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Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich has been mentioned as a candidate for multiple head-coaching vacancies this offseason. If he gets hired, players may want to play on his team for one specific reason: Contract incentives.

That’s the word from former Buccaneers running back LeSean Mccoy, who said on the I Am Athlete podcast that in McCoy’s 12-year NFL career, the only coach he ever saw make a specific point of helping players hit their contract incentives was Leftwich.

“That’s the first team I ever played on where Byron Leftwich . . . in like Week 13 or 14, he said, ‘Anyone got any incentives in your contract? If you do, let me know, I’ll try to get you your paper, because I’m all about that,'” McCoy recalled.

Leftwich said late in the 2020 season that he wanted receiver Mike Evans to get 1,000 receiving yards, and McCoy remembered that a year later, saying that Leftwich made a specific point of calling plays for Evans because he knew how much the 1,000-yard mark meant to him.

“We played Detroit, the year was over for real, we’re good, playoff berth and all that. Mike’s out there trying to get 1,000 yards. I say I love this type of coach. I respect it,” McCoy said.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has also made a point of getting the ball to Rob Gronkowski this season and Antonio Brown last season to help them reach their contract incentives, and McCoy said head coach Bruce Arians approves of it. Keeping good players happy has been part of building a winning culture in Tampa Bay.

22 responses to “LeSean McCoy: Players like playing for Byron Leftwich because he helps us hit contract incentives

  1. Byron might have wanted you to leave that tidbit under wraps until after he gets a head coaching role.

  2. Hey, how about getting your chow in the previous 15 weeks of the season?
    The next reality TV show about nfl players – “The lives of the Rich and Entitled.”

    By that train of thought, we all need to lay an egg for 50 weeks and then do our job the last 2 weeks before our annual review.

  3. McCoy is always saying the quiet part out loud. He should keep some things to himself.

  4. To bad AB couldn’t figure that out. Nope, he had to have a fit about who was getting targeted and quit on the team Then blame it on his ankle. What a jerk

  5. This isn’t the kind of coach you want then. Especially one that LeSean McCoy endorses. Money isn’t a reason to put players safety at risk if the season is in the bag and you’re waiting on the playoffs. If you can’t take care for your family with $4.5 million dollars that you would with $5 million then you’re just a greedy human being.

  6. The strikes me.. in a bad way really. What is he prioritizing? Does any fan care if a player hits his financial incentives? Is that how we’re going to watch games, maybe keep a clipboard tracking different players’ progress toward their incentives?

  7. That is great leadership. Yes it is a team sport, but these player sign individual contracts. Keep your people happy.

    I wish my job had 500,000 incentives. We may work harder that way.

  8. “What about winning, doesn’t that mean something? Isn’t this a team sport?”

    Last I checked, Tampa won the Super Bowl last year and the #2 seed this year.

    This seems like basic good management to me. You listen to what your team wants and try to work with it, within reason. It builds communication, loyalty and trust. Leftwich was a player not long ago and clearly still has his finger on the pulse of the locker room.

    The only thing I’d watch out for if I were him is that now that this is public knowledge, late in the season opposing defensive coordinators may take a look at contract incentives and know where the ball is going.

  9. That’s great. However, if I’m the GM or Owner, I’m not wanting to hear this made public. No more than admitting we are “tanking” to get a better draft pick. I, as a rich owner, would also make it a point to seriously consider waiving incentive requirements for players really close to meeting their individual goals at the end of the season.

  10. imaginethat says:
    January 14, 2022 at 8:24 am

    That all sounds great, so long as its not at the detriment of team success in any way.


    I would say winning the Super Bowl definitely counts as team success.

  11. Nice work, Shady Loose Lips McCoy, you just did your homey a real solid by letting that cat outta the bag.

  12. So he’s more player than management. Good for perspective employers to know. Byron’s gonna make sure to spend all your money on his buddies.

  13. Those of you whinging about this missed the part where he said they had ALREADY CLINCHED A PLAYOFF BERTH.

  14. If only they loved football and not the money, like those selfish college players who sit out bowl games they don’t get paid for.

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